I am worthy

Baba says, ‘worthy children are honest with the Father and claim the throne‘. It is only by following shrimat that you receive the Grandfather’s inheritance.

Shiv Baba is my Father and also my Grandfather. His inheritance is to become the master of heaven! Since He is the Creator of heaven, He would surely make me- His child – the master of His creation. He believes I’m worthy by the mere fact that I am His child. He says, ‘when a child is born, he automatically becomes the heir’. When people don’t have children, they adopt and make the adopted child, the heir.

But things go awry when I am not aware of who I am and Whom I belong to.

When I lose awareness, I become body conscious. Then, I base my value or worth on how someone is treating me, how perfect of a life I live, how successful I am. The problem with this of course is that when they hurt me or disappoint me, I feel de-valued. When I base my worth on achievements, how much I make, the title behind my name- then when they get taken away, my value goes down as well. Sometimes, I don’t feel good about myself due to mistakes I’ve made, because I feel I’m not where I thought I’d be. So now I feel insecure and inferior. In other words, I am basing my value on my performance.

The Father says: I only come personally in front of my children and give them directions. Only my children would understand them. He is the Creator and He gives new knowledge.

He gives me knowledge of who I am- I had forgotten this. His direction is that my worth should be based solely on being a child of God. This is why His first direction is: ‘Remember Me alone’. What someone says or does, how they treat me doesn’t change my worth, mistakes I’ve made are what I did, not who I am. Owning a bigger house or an expensive car does not make me any more valuable. I am just as valuable in a small apartment with no title as I am when I am CEO – no more, no less. Because my worth comes from Whom I belong to– my Father is the Highest-on High God, the Creator of the new world. I have royalty in my blood!

But Ravan works overtime trying to de-value me- he tries to get me to believe what others say and feel inferior, he gets me to compare my life to others – when I catch up to them, when I move into that neighborhood, when I perform perfectly…then, I’ll feel worthy. Baba says, ‘The Father knows that all of His children now belong to Ravan and this is why He has to come once again and adopt you‘. He comes and once again gives me the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belong to. He reminds me of my elevatedness. No one except the Father can give the inheritance, says Baba. Nothing I achieve/possess will make me worthy, I am worthy right now! I am worthy because of who my Father is!

Baba asks: ‘are you worthy? or are you still trying to become worthy?‘ To be worthy is to be surrendered in my intellect. To be surrendered means to believe that I am a trustee, a child of God, that’s it. That’s where I get my identity, energy, my enthusiasm, my worth from. I constantly remain in the awareness of being a soul and remember the Father. In other words, I follow Shrimat. If I still believe that I need to prove my worth through accomplishments in Ravan’s world, then that is a clear sign that I am not surrendered. It is also dishonesty– even after belonging to the Father, while taking the Father’s sustenance, I remain faithful to Ravan. Then, because of my mind being caught up in that world, I cannot remember the Father or His attainments or the inheritance.

In some cases, too much thinking changes the result, points out Baba. I start out believing I am worthy but then I think some more – but what about those mistakes I made…, but so and so doesn’t like me or approve me…., and just like that the answer changes. Baba says, ‘the children’s intellects do not have as much faith in themselves as the Father has. Just as you have faith in the Father and in the study, in the same way at every moment and in every thought do everything with faith in the intellect‘. Let me accept what the Father is telling me.

Am I still in a ‘proving my worth‘ mode? Am I still trying to prove to my family that I’m important, prove to my co-worker that I am talented, prove my critics wrong about something? Am I still trying to outperform, outdress, outdrive, outsmart others? It takes a lot of energy to compare, compete and impress. As soon as I prove myself as worthy by one person’s definition, it will be time to impress someone else. If I don’t know who I am without them, then when they leave, I will be lost. It’s as if they take me with them because my identity was caught up in what they made me to be. Then, I’ll look at someone else to tell me who I am. It is a moving target! This life of hustle and proving and striving is not the life of someone becoming the master of heaven, it is not the life of someone who already has the rights, who already owns! It’s what human-beings of the iron age do.

Baba says, ‘Only He teaches Raja Yoga. Human beings can never teach Raja Yoga. Only the Benefactor of the world makes you into the masters of the world‘. Because only He makes me stand on my own two feet. He makes me whole and complete i.e. He changes me from human into deity. I don’t need people to tell me who I am, people will inevitably let me down! Let my Father tell me who I am. He is telling me I am worthy, that I am His heir. Let me believe what He is telling me. Let me quit letting people control my destiny. My value comes from my Creator. Let me not give away my power, let me not put my worth into someone else’s hands. Even good, well-intentioned people have their own issues to deal with, they cannot always keep me satisfied, validated, secure. It’s not their job. I have to take responsibility to follow Shrimat. I have to remember who I am and Whom I belong to. This is living with honesty.

He handpicked me! He chose me before I chose Him. Shiv Baba says: I have adopted you children through Brahma in order to give you your inheritance of unlimited happiness. This adoption is so wonderful!‘ When He adopted me, I was born into a new life, a new family – God’s family! I now belong to Him. Let me listen to Him, only He knows who I am. When I base my worth on what He says about me, it will lift me up. I will have a spring in my step, a sparkle in my eye. I will experience that He is proud of me, that I am the jewel of His eye. He always celebrates me. He remembers me, but I won’t feel it unless I too remember Him. Remembrance begets remembrance.

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