I am peaceful only when I know the Father

Baba says, ‘The act of establishing peace in the whole world is that of the Father alone‘. Because of not knowing the Father, they have become orphans.

In the golden age, there was peace and happiness in the world. That was heaven, the land of purity! Where there is purity, there is peace and happiness. Now, it is Ravan’s world, it is hell, it is the land of impurity. Not just a little impurity but it is the iron aged world of complete degradation.

Body consciousness has made everyone impure, says Baba. Having forgotten who I am and Whom I belong to, souls are caught up in trying to find their identity and belonging in falsehoods – in many ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. Where I look at limited, temporary things as mine and limited roles as I, there is bound to be anxiety and fear. When I look to people or a job as my source of identity and belonging, there is bound to be peacelessness – what happens when that source is cut off, or leaves? Who am I now and where do I belong?

‘Because of not knowing the Father, souls have become orphans’, says Baba.

As long as I don’t have identity and belonging, I am an orphan. As long as I am an orphan, I cannot be peaceful. I will continue to search, strive, want and need. I will be on my own fending for myself, constantly stressed and anxious. But when I recognize God, I belong to Him. He comes and reminds me of who I am and gives me His own introduction- you are a pure, peaceful soul and you are My child, He says. When I accept that, instantly, I go from being an orphan to a prince! I also learn a couple of key things- that peace is my original religion, it is within me, not outside! And I learn to rely on my Father.

I learn that God is my Source, not the person or the job. Now, my perspective shifts! Now, the person may still leave and I might no longer have the job title but I don’t get anxious about having lost my source of identity and belonging. My Source is just fine! He is still on my heart-throne and I am on His. When He is my Source, He is my every relationship.

Yes, the salary might have come through the employer but it came from God – He is my Boss! My work contract might have expired, the economy is in shambles, I lost a close family member but these are circumstances, they are not my source. The Source is still my Father and He is in charge of my life, He is my Protector, He is my Benefactor. I trust Him to take care of things that I cannot on my own. I don’t try to do life alone, I partner with God. I rely on Him. When I do this, I don’t get anxious, I enter a place of rest. When I am at rest, I am at peace.

But when I don’t recognize God, when I don’t belong to Him, I take on all the burden upon me. I try to do everything on my own strength- I try to play up to people, I compromise on my values to win favors…I am constantly hustling, trying to beat down a door, getting discouraged when it doesn’t happen my way etc. Hustling doesn’t bring peace, it steals my peace.

When I am God’s child, I recognize His favor in every area of my life- those lucky breaks – that job I got even though I wasn’t the most qualified, those people that helped me at the right time…they don’t even know why they helped me….their intellects were touched, how I escaped that accident without a scratch etc. He is part of my life, He is my Provider, my Benefactor. I am never alone. Baba says, ‘even in famine, my children will have bread and lentil (dal and roti), they will never go hungry‘. When I know this, I am not worried due to the economy, I have my Father’s guarantee. He is the One causing doors to open, removing obstacles from my path. I don’t know it but He knows what I need and when. He is KaranKaravanhaar, He is the One getting everything done.

Let me not imprison myself in the jail of Ravan with the questions of ‘when’ and ‘how’. I don’t need to figure out how God will do something or when. He is not required to disclose His plans to me. If He did, I wouldn’t need faith! Let me show Him that I trust Him, let me be at rest. He has not forgotten me, He knows and sees everything. Let me learn how to walk in faith, how to work with Him, how to trust. I am learning important things during the tough times, let me learn them well. I will need them for what my future holds.

God wants me to be happy, peaceful, successful, prosperous. That’s the whole promise of heaven! and He gives me this as inheritance in hell! i.e. now. I don’t have to work for it, I claim my inheritance. Let me recognize the Father, let me remember Him throughout the day- while walking and moving around, while eating and doing the chores. Let me never make myself alone. Let me remember the experiences with Him, let me invite Him into my situation, speak with Him, keep myself unblocked. This is how I show my faith. This is how I hold His hand.

If I can do this, I will see wonders! I will see Him move mountains, make things happen that I could never have. People are limited – even the best intentioned can only help me so much. But God is my eternal Father, my eternal Source. He is Unlimited, He is the Almighty, He is not bound by people or circumstances. He knows what, how and when. By holding on to His hand I will therefore definitely go across. Let me stay in faith and rest. Let me experience my original religion.

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