Balance of dharma and karma

Baba says, ‘keep a proper balance between your dharma (religion) and your karma’. You will then have a divine and an elevated intellect.

In today’s world, both dharma and karma are remembered as being special. Both are considered essential but those who believe in dharma separate themselves from those who believe in karma. Those who believe in karma say: ‘don’t speak of dharma, we need to act’, whereas those who believe in dharma say that they are renunciates of karma.

But this is the special confluence age, Baba reminds us and so Brahmins combine dharma and karma. Dharma means dharna or to imbibe divine virtues. Complete dharna or dharma means to be an embodiment of knowledge, of remembrance and of all the divine virtues. Put another way, to combine dharma and karma means to combine karma and yoga, that is, to be a karmayogi. It is to perform action while in the awareness of who I am, Whose I am and what I am here to do. Then, the action will be automatically elevated.

But often, Baba points out, that we either have dharma or karma, but not both- when I perform action, I become engrossed in it and forget to stay in remembrance and when I am in remembrance, that is all I can do, I cannot seem to combine it with action. That is like the path of isolation that sanyasis follow, says Baba, but this is the family path. Here, I do have to perform action and I learn to do it while situated in the consciousness of being a pure soul, connected to the One Father such that the action is based on virtues, it is righteous. When you perform an action in remembrance, Baba teaches, even an ordinary action becomes extra-ordinary, it become elevated. It brings happiness and lightness rather than tiredness to the self. It inspires others.

So, pay attention, Baba says, to ensure that there is a balance between your action and your religion. Only when both the pans of a balance (scale) work accurately does the balance have any value, otherwise, it has no value. Here, the balance is the intellect. Those who have an accurate balance of both aspects i.e. karma and dharma in the intellect are called those with an elevated intellect, a divine intellect and a sharp intellect. Otherwise, it is an ordinary intellect, teaches Baba. Then, your karma and dharna are both ordinary because they are based on body consciousness, it is based on some form of selfishness, on wants and desires. When I am in remembrance, I am soul conscious, I am seated on my seat of self-respect, of being a child of God. Then, I already have everything I need, I am full, content. And so I perform the task with love, with lightness, without any expectations. I am already happy, I am not dependent on the outcome of the task for my happiness. I simply perform the task and leave, I don’t wait for praise or applause. This, Baba says, is the angelic stage, the elevated karmayogi stage.

Then, He says, your balance, that is, your intellect will never be ordinary, it will always be divine. Don’t bring about equanimity in being ordinary in your dharma and karma, rather, let there be equanimity in being elevated. So, dharma and karma should both be equal in being elevated. Such a soul, Baba says, is called a dharamatma (righteous soul), a mahan-atma (great soul) or a karma yogi, it is the same thing.

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    Beautiful! Thanks!

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