It is the Father that is teaching you

Baba says, ‘You should have the intoxication that the Father sits here and teaches you.’ He is making you into the emperors of the world.

Baba is the Creator of heaven. We are His children, so surely, we should be in heaven, not in hell. But that’s how it feels sometimes! Those days when no matter what I do, how much I try, things go wrong anyway. A slip here, a mistake there, or someone being against me, it’s like I can’t catch a break. I feel bogged down by it all. Am I going backwards?

Baba reminds us that we weren’t created to go through life overcome by problems, bogged down by obstacles, struggling to make it, in mediocrity. He created us to reign, to be victorious, not the victim. I teach you Raja Yoga, He reminds me.

I may have circumstances that look like they will never change, they look permanent but they are in fact, temporary. I know this because God is my Father, my Teacher and my Satguru. In this study of Raja Yoga, those chains of dysfunction, of those tough sanskars that have been holding me back all these years are being broken, walls are coming down, the doors to the new world are being opened. In this study of Raja Yoga, there is a turnaround happening where it is now my turn to reign, to be liberated, to step into abundance.

Baba says, I am making you a king of kings, an emperor. God is deliberate about the words He chooses. He didn’t just say He has blessed me, He said I am becoming an emperor. In saying this, He is constantly reminding me that I am supposed to reign. I am not supposed to live in fear, in anxiety, carrying heavy burdens of worry that Maya sends my way. I am created to defeat Maya, to succeed, to excel, to leave my mark on the world. This is what is in my destiny as God’s child. Yes, for half a cycle, Ravan and Maya have been reigning over me through people, situations, circumstances etc. but that, Baba says, is about to change. I am about to reign over what has been reigning over me. What God has promised me has to happen, nothing can change it or stop it. What He started, He will finish.

And true to His style, the change will come sooner than I think. Yes, it looks impossible right now to change that sanskar or overcome that obstacle but the beauty about God’s way is it’s not going to take as along as it looks. ‘You must have the intoxication‘, He says, ‘that it is God that is teaching you‘. God never fails! When it appears least likely, when there is no sign of anything changing, when it looks like nothing is improving, that’s when God does His best work! He does things at unpredictable times, it will be unusual, uncommon, out of season, and as always, I don’t see it coming. God doesn’t do things on a normal schedule – what should take years or even a lifetime will happen in a fraction of the time, He will speed things up.

I go wrong when I believe I am fighting this war against Ravan alone, that I am on this journey alone. Let me remember that I am not alone and I am not meant to be alone. The Highest-on-High, the Almighty Authority, the Purifier Himself is with me. He is my Father. I am the King’s son. I am receiving sovereignty not because of my incredible talent or my education or my looks or my strength or my expertise or because I am ‘perfect’. If that were true, none of us would stand a chance! I receive sovereignty as an inheritance simply because of Whose child I am. My Father is the Creator of heaven and therefore, I become the emperor of heaven.

I haven’t missed my chance, I haven’t made too many mistakes, no obstacle is too big to stop my destiny. Why? because of Who is teaching me. He knew I was going to make that mistake before I made it, He knows my whole story throughout the whole cycle. He is God and He is doing something unusual in my life at this auspicious confluence age, it is the time when He is here to do something unprecedented. He is equipping me, empowering me, closing the wrong doors and opening the right ones.

Yes, Maya is going to come at me with all her strength but that’s a good sign – she does that only when she is certain that there is a great calling over my life. There may be trouble at work, bondages at home, people being against me, that illness that looks unsurmountable. ..Let me remember Who is with me. My Father has not forgotten about me. I don’t need to fight- try to manipulate things at work or pay people back or try to get in someone’s good books etc. This is a test, I have to pass this test by doing the right thing when it’s hard, by keeping a good attitude despite the circumstances. When I take this one step of courage, I will then see what God has been up to behind the scenes. Let me realize that I am not falling behind when things are hard, I am being prepared.

When it’s my time, not a second too soon, not a second too late, things will suddenly fall in place, circumstances will suddenly change. Sometimes there are people conspiring against us but when it’s time, those same people will conspire for me. I don’t have to try to make it happen, God will ensure it gets done. He will catapult me forward, years ahead, in a fraction of the time. God is not looking for ‘perfect’ people that do no wrong, that are rich and famous, that have all the resources; He is moved by those, so-called, ‘ordinary’ children that have an honest heart turned toward Him.

Let me remember Who my Father and Teacher is and what He is telling me about my destiny. Others may teach me to become a doctor or a lawyer but it is only the One Father that can make me into a sovereign, into a king of kings. He even gives me the faith to believe in those moments when it feels out of my range- that word in the Murli, that class I stumble upon or that person I bump into that tells me exactly what I needed to hear, to feel hopeful again. Let me not be discouraged by what’s not happened yet, let me not worry about the ‘when’ and the ‘how’, let me stay focused on what He is telling me. There is just one word: Manmanabhav! It means: Constantly remember Me alone!, He says, and, spin the cycle of self-realization. When I do, I see what He sees, hear what He tells me. And right now, He is telling me that it’s my time to reign.

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  1. Sushil Rudra says:

    Nicely presented. Thanks

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