Before the war

Baba says, ‘claim your full inheritance from the Father before the war takes place‘.

Looking at the current state of the world, it doesn’t take convincing that destruction is just ahead. It is in fact going on everywhere, in different ways. At a macro level, some countries are war ravaged, some places are suffering from drought, then there are some where there is domestic unrest due to religion, corruption or something else, then, there are natural calamities, and illnesses, sometimes. on the scale of a pandemic. On a micro level, relationships are getting more and more complicated, trust is a rarity, and pure, selfless love is all but lost.

But sadly, even if though people generally understand that destruction is just ahead, they don’t know what they need to do. But you know, He reminds me. The first lesson I learn on this journey is the answer to who I am- I am a soul, not the body. The last lesson is the realization of that truth, where I am an embodiment of that awareness. The journey in the middle is where I let go of everything else that gets in the way, where I become a conqueror of attachment. To become a complete conqueror of attachment, to realize myself fully as I truly am, is to claim my full inheritance.

Baba says, ‘claim your full inheritance before destruction takes place.’

I cannot control events or the scenes of the drama. The cycle, as Baba reminds me, is constantly turning, the drama continues to play out. Things happen suddenly. Everything might be going well one day and then suddenly, someone in my family falls ill; suddenly, the business goes under and I lose all my savings; suddenly, the company I work for shuts down; suddenly, there is a pandemic. If I am getting my happiness, my worth from people, from job titles, from a bank balance or anything else that can be taken from me, I am setting myself up for sorrow. Once the situation occurs, I cannot expect to be stable at that point if I haven’t had practice over a long period of time leading up to it. The time when the situation hits, when the war breaks out, so to speak, is when I need to already have my weapon handy and know how to use it; that is not the time to learn. So Baba says, ‘Children, consider yourselves to be souls. In order to become pure, remember the Father. Do not attach your hearts to any bodily beings or things. All your attachments should end completely‘. 

The more I practice soul consciousness, the more I embody the knowledge that I, the soul am separate from this body, that I am an actor playing a part in this unlimited drama, that these other souls are my co-actors, the easier it will be for me to brace myself when the situation comes. Else, I will be caught up in emotions, experience feelings of loss, sorrow, betrayal, suffering and all the rest that comes with identifying as a body or a role.

Baba especially remembers the mothers and explains to them very sweetly: ‘don’t forget the days of your childhood. Today, you are laughing whereas tomorrow, if you forget the Father, there will be tears. You definitely have to claim your full inheritance from the Father‘. To forget the days of childhood is to be caught up in the consciousness of a householder- ‘my home’, ‘my family’, ‘my children’. A child is free from bondages, it is free from the burden of roles or responsibilities, it simply follows the parent. In the same way, Baba says, you have to let go of your attachment to the household including the deep attachment to the children. That has to be removed. You should only be attached to One. However, look after them as a trustee. You say that everything has been given to you by the Father. Therefore, continue to look after them as a trustee. Consider everything to belong to Him and follow His directions alone. Become engaged in His task.

When you are soul conscious, you are the child and are able to remember the Father and remain cheerful and carefree. It is when you become body conscious that you become a householder and the happiness disappears, He points out. The more you remember the Father, the more happiness you will receive. Remember, He says, that you have come here to become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Always keep the aim in front of you. It is the father’s duty to sustain the children. It is the children’s duty to study. You study in order to be able to stand on your own feet. To stand on my own feet is to be liberated in life.

Simply, remember the Father and claim your full inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life in a second, He says. But I have to do this now, before the war, before that situation comes. I have to fill myself with all the powers and become a self-sovereign, one who is firmly seated on my seat of a detached observer, one who is stable in my self-respect of being a child of God, one whose only attachment is ‘mine is the One Father and none other’. All the strings of attachment have to be broken, only then can you claim your full inheritance, He teaches. If there is attachment to even one thing – either a person or a possession or a comfort or a title, it will pull you toward it and you become subservient to it. That is not the quality of a sovereign, that is being a subject. To claim the full inheritance is to win the war, it is to be a sovereign, to be liberated in life.

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