Stay in faith, the foundation is being laid

Baba says, ‘I am now laying such a strong foundation of self-sovereignty that no one can shake that foundation for half the cycle‘. No one can snatch away your kingdom.

If you ever visit a construction site, it can be quite unnerving. It looks messy! Especially if it’s rained a couple days and the roof isn’t done yet, it looks like a dirty swimming pool, plywood floating, workers track mud all over the floor, trash piled up and wet. It looks more like a disaster site, disorganized, things all out of place. But when I know what’s going on, I never say: ‘let’s stop building, this will never amount to anything’. I know this is all part of the process. I cannot have a beautiful house without rain, without mud, sheet rock dust….without the mess. Similarly, I might have some things I’m struggling with in my life, it seems out of place, but let me realize that I am under construction.

Sometimes, it’s not a small house, it’s a huge skyscraper that’s being built. The rule of construction is: the taller the building, the deeper the foundation has to go. I can’t see the foundation, it’s underground, it’s hidden, but it is the most important part of the construction process. If they were to try to build a tower but didn’t put in the adequate time to put in a proper foundation, it wouldn’t last.

There are times, we know we are supposed to be going up – I have that promise in my heart, that thing God whispered to me at night, spoke to me through the Murli- but it feels the opposite. It feels like we are going down instead of up, like we are not growing, or seeing any good breaks. Let me realize that God is working on my foundation. He is working on my character, on how I treat people, on how I respond to adversity. We don’t like these times, but they are extremely important. Like the building, the higher I have to go, the deeper the foundation has to be. Let me not be discouraged when things are not happening on my timetable; God knows what He’s doing. Let me keep passing the tests. Those times when things are not changing but I keep a good attitude…that’s making me stronger; those times when I’m being good even when others are not being good to me…that’s making my foundation go deeper. These are signs that I am being prepared to go higher. But God won’t release the promise until He knows I can handle it. It wouldn’t be a blessing if He gave it to me before I was ready. It would be like if someone was designing a 80 story building for me but only poured the foundation for 40 stories; it might be easier and faster, but it would be a huge disservice. Let me not fight the foundation work, let me not get sour because things aren’t moving as fast as I’d like. Let me realize that something is happening that I cannot see, my foundation is going deeper, I am being prepared to go up higher.

Sometimes during construction, they have temporary walls built in the middle of the room, to brace the main ones. If I were to visit the site then, I’d think: why is this wall here, it’s clearly out of place! But the builder did it on purpose and he knows it’s temporary. In the same way, God as our Builder will allow things we don’t understand, it looks like a mistake but He has a reason for it. Once it’s purpose is served, He will remove it. Maybe it’s a job I’m working at, maybe I feel it’s not really using my skills, I have so much more in me that I want to use to serve….it feels like a mistake, like I’m falling behind. But God doesn’t have me there as my final destination, He has me there temporarily for a reason…to teach me something. Let me trust Him when I’m under construction, in the messy places, when it seems like a mistake. Sometimes, God has to take me backward before He can take me forward, He has to dig deeper before He can take me higher. If I stay in faith, I’ll see how it will all work together for my good.

Along the way I will make mistakes, there will be disappointments but one of the worst things I can do is to go through life being against myself – focused on those failures, mistakes and disappointments. Let me be mature enough to be at peace with the construction process. Maya will do everything possible to remind me of all that I’ve done wrong, try to convince me of how I won’t reach my destiny. Instead of believing those lies and going around guilty, with no enthusiasm, let me turn it around: thank You Baba that you are still working on me! I know that my foundation is being poured. It’s messy right now but it’s all part of the process. I know that You will still get me to where I am supposed to be.

God does not work with souls because they are ‘perfect’. He works with souls who have the blueprint -this is the same soul that claimed a kingdom previously from the Father and has come to claim it once again. Where I am now maybe messy but that’s not as important as where I am going. Mess just means under construction. Let me allow God to make me and mold me, let me stay pliable. It’s okay to be under construction but it’s not okay to not make any progress. Let me not allow the mess to become permanent, let me keep growing, keep coming up higher. Each time I do the right thing, it gets a little easier the next time. Let me do my part, let me be willing to change and God will help me come up higher.

What is destined for me in the drama has to come to pass and what’s more, God Himself is my Architect. What that means is that unless I make it hard for myself, chances of failure are zero! If it’s messy, it just means the work is still in progress. What He has started, He will finish. Where there is faith, there is always victory.

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