Protect your zeal and enthusiasm

Baba says, ‘Brahmin life means constantly to celebrate a festival, constantly to maintain your enthusiasm and give souls enthusiasm with your every action‘.

The basis of the flying stage is your zeal and enthusiasm, says Baba. No matter what kind of task it is, whether it is that of cleaning or washing dishes or giving a lecture or sitting in meditation, there has to be zeal and enthusiasm. In other words, zeal and enthusiasm are not something that the task brings me, it is what I bring to a task, no matter how big or small. It is my natural nature, independent of anything outside. Baba says, the wings of zeal and enthusiasm of an elevated soul in the flying stage would always be flying.

But often, while flying in zeal and enthusiasm, I become tired. Something becomes a small or a large excuse to disturb me – that sanskar that keeps rising from the ashes despite my efforts, that co-worker with a critical attitude, that project that didn’t work out as expected. This, is a critical time because when I am vulnerable, Maya attacks with thoughts such as: this is too hard, maybe I was better off in the old world.

Baba says, ‘remember who you are and remember the Father‘. The Father’s love is the life-giving herb that revives me back into consciousness, returns to me my zeal and enthusiasm. Every day at Amrit Vela, emerge the variety of points of zeal and enthusiasm for you to keep in your awareness that day, teaches Baba. If it is always the same point- I am a point of light, Baba is a point of light, we have to return home and come into our kingdom, then that’s boring. Human beings need variety. And so, from each day’s Murli, note down the variety points of zeal and enthusiasm to keep in your awareness, He says.

Yes, the Father is a dot and I am a dot, that’s true but in addition to being a dot or a zero, at the confluence age, you are also a hero actor, Baba reminds me. Because of being a hero, I play variety of roles throughout the day, throughout the whole cycle. What is the part that I, the zero, play through the cycle, what part am I playing now, with whom am I playing the part, for how long do I have to play this part, what part do I play after this? Keep this variety form in your intellect and churn, says Baba. Similarly in your remembrance, maintain variety- sometimes stay in the seed stage, sometime in the angelic stage, sometimes have a heart-to-heart conversation and sometimes bring in front of you each jewel of knowledge you have received from the Father, He says. At whatever time you want, meet the Father with the love of whatever relationship you want. The only caution is that you only remember the Father, and the attainments and treasures from the Father. There should only be the Father and you, this is the line of safety, the canopy of protection, He teaches.

In fact, it is when I have inadvertently stepped outside this line of the canopy of protection that I experience the attacks of Maya. As long as I’m inside, Baba says, I will be ignorant of such terms as ‘effort’, ‘obstacles’, ‘disturbance’ etc. because Maya has no access to me when I am in the Father’s heart. Just as in a jungle, when there is a light, even the king of the jungle, the lion, cannot go there, he runs away, so too the Father’s heart is such light and might. No form of Maya can come in front of that and you become safe from laboring, He teaches. You took birth easily, you found the Father while sitting at home without any wandering, and you also receive sustenance every easily each day through the Murli and the Father’s company. Simply experience it, He teaches, don’t come to a stop, that is, never allow yourself to be bored.

This does not mean storms won’t come, they will but I don’t have to allow myself to be blown away by them. Yes, there will be that event that happens suddenly, that sanskar that caused damage to that relationship but instead of dwelling on the weakness, on the mistake, on what happened, I have to get quicker at turning it over to God. Maya specializes in ‘shock and awe‘ where she tries to distort my perception into believing the problem is bigger than it seems, the battle too hard and not worth fighting such that I will quit. My job is to beware of this and quickly step back inside the line, quickly turn over whatever it is to Baba. To give means it is no longer mine. The very next moment, I have to with determination remember the many experiences I’ve had with Baba, how He was there for me during that crisis, how He got me through it; I have to remember all the good things about me, the specialties. While Maya will try her best to make it seem like I have no specialties and only towering weaknesses, let me realize this is the shock and awe at work. Let me remember what God is telling me– I am His child, the light of His eyes, every one of the Father’s praise is my praise. Sure, I made a mistake but that does not change who I am!

Sometimes, I write to Baba about what happened, I tell Him about the weakness but I don’t hear a response. Let me not be fixated on Baba responding a certain way. He is not going to sit and discuss the weakness with me, He will not indulge me in self-pity, He will not do the kinds of things human-beings do. Once I give Him the weakness, He simply replaces the weakness with power, happiness, zeal and enthusiasm. He has moved on from the weakness already and is taking action to get me out of the pit I am in. He has thrown me a rope, let me grab it. If I am fixated on a specific kind of response, I will fail to recognize what He is giving me and stay down. Every day, in the murli, He is giving me exactly what I need, let me simply receive with a clean and clear intellect. His love and remembrances are for me personally, let me dare to believe and not mix what He is telling me with false thoughts of: ‘but I am bad, but I am weak’. No, I am not; I am what He is telling me I am -strong, powerful, courageous, a child of the Almighty Father.

Sometimes, I’m fixated upon outcomes. I do something and it doesn’t work out as I had expected and I think: ‘the Father’s promise is that He will always be my Helper, but Baba did not help in this service and so I wasn’t successful. Why did BapDada not help me?’ and then I proceed to answer my own question with: ‘Perhaps I am not worthy, perhaps I am not meant to do this project. I am weak’. I have these waste thoughts. Baba says, ‘once you’ve surrendered the service to the Father, do the task with an open heart. It is now His responsibility. Don’t say, ‘ I did it and so it wasn’t successful’. Where did the ‘I’ come from?’ The Father is Karankaravanhaar, He is the Doer and the One who gets everything done. His ways are His ways, not mine. Let me not measure success by my yardstick. Instead, let me stay open and tune in, then, I will see what He is doing. Don’t make success distant with the word ‘I’, says Baba. It is the Father’s service and so He will definitely do it. Therefore, keep the Father in the front. Do not keep yourself in the front.

Don’t sow weak seeds and lose your zeal and enthusiasm, Baba teaches. Always remember that BapDada, the family, the drama, the present time of the confluence age are all on your side. All four sides around you are powerful, so don’t shake! You are loved by BapDada, He has taken your responsibility not just for now, but for all time. Just don’t make the mistake of taking the responsibility upon yourself and you’ll find that success will be at your feet.

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