Become merged in the Ocean

Baba says, ‘become merged in the Ocean by your churning and become an embodiment of experience‘.

Those who are experienced, Baba says, constantly move along with the authority of their experience. Experienced people can never be deceived. They wouldn’t allow themselves to be disturbed by anyone or to get upset by hearsay. They remain constantly full of the treasure of their experiences. Such souls, Baba says, are constantly powerful, ‘Maya-proof‘, and ‘obstacle-proof‘. They become like Angad– they can shake others but cannot be shaken themselves.

I become experienced when I churn the points of knowledge. Then you won’t have to labor, He says. You’ve heard plenty of knowledge, you speak a lot too and yet, why do you experience yourselves to be weak as you move along? Why do you experience everything to be hard work? Why do you think that something is difficult? It’s because you don’t churn it after hearing it, He points out. Just as it is essential for your body to have the power to digest after eating, the power to churn is just as essential to make you souls powerful. By using your churning power, the knowledge that you receive from the Father moves from being just points to becoming your own experience. Just as with the power to digest, the energy of the food becomes strength for the body, in the same way, when you churn every point of knowledge, that knowledge becomes your own strength, He explains.

For instance, the first point of the soul is, “I, this soul, am the master”. When you churn this after hearing it, you are able to become an embodiment of it. That awareness makes you powerful. “I am a master!” This experience makes you powerful. This is the specialty of your churning power, He says. Similarly, take the point of the knowledge of the drama. Rather than simply speak or hear the point of the drama, while moving along, experience yourself to be the hero actor of this drama, He teaches. This is how you use your churning power to become an embodiment of experiences, He says.

When you feel spiritually unwell, check to see which experience is lacking, He teaches. Check whether you lack experiencing yourself to be a soul, whether you lack having a relationship with the Father, whether you lack experiencing the depths of the knowledge of the drama, whether you lack experiencing specialties when forming relationships with others, or whether you lack experiencing your form of all powers. Then, fill that gap by using your churning power, He says. You cannot become powerful by just remaining in the audience or even by simply giving lectures. To be powerful is to go from simply reciting the knowledge to becoming an embodiment of knowledge. To be an embodiment of knowledge means to be an embodiment of experiencing that knowledge. You have to increase your experience and the basis of that is churning power. Those who churn automatically remain absorbed in their churning. When you have the stage of remaining absorbed in your churning, you don’t have to work hard to have yoga, but you will experience yourself to be constantly connected in yoga. You won’t have to make any effort. To be absorbed in this stage means to remain merged in the Ocean of Love.

Remain merged in the Ocean in such a way that you cannot be separated, He says. For this, free yourself from laboring and to free yourself from laboring, stop being extroverted, He teaches. There is an entire ocean of experiences; there aren’t just one or two experiences, but countless experiences. Don’t just bathe in a small pond of experiences by having one or two experiences, He says. You are not the children of a pond, you are the children of the Ocean and so become merged in an ocean of experiences! Previously you frequented many ponds, that is, the religious gurus or religious founders or great souls. You have already drunk enough water from those many ponds. You have now removed yourselves from those ponds and become merged in the one Ocean.

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