I have come to remove your tiredness

Baba says, ‘I have come to remove your tiredness’.

I had been wandering for half a cycle looking for identity and belonging. I was looking in all the wrong places and therefore kept coming back empty. I was tired and worn out. I called out to the One to liberate me from my tiredness. He came. The Father says, ‘I have come to serve you by removing your tiredness’. I have just the balm to relieve you of that soreness of mind and body, He says but I can only avail of it when I visit Him. Just as I have to pay a visit to the physical doctor when I am sick, in the same way, I have to pay a visit to the Spiritual Doctor.

The way I visit Him is through remembering Him. I don’t give you any difficulty, He says. There, you at least have to make your way to the doctor’s office, wait for your turn, pay a fee. Here, there is none of that. I have full access, 24/7, to the best Doctor, the most skilled for no charge.

Most illnesses are in the mind, they then manifest physically in various forms. No wonder, people go looking for ‘peace of mind’. They go looking for it often on the mountain tops- something about standing up top and looking over the vista calms, even if temporarily, it’s as if I’ve escaped the day to day. The highest point, Baba reminds me, is the supreme abode. And so BapDada says, ‘do service and then come and sit with the Father’. It is the most peaceful, calming place there is, it’s very name is the ‘land of peace’. Don’t do this just as a holiday once in a while, do this multiple times every day, He teaches. Just as when you are tired, you sit down in silence for five minutes and that makes a difference, in the same way, every now and then, come and sit with the Father.

Just as you make a plan for service, so also, make a plan for remembrance, He says. There has to be a balance. And the remembrance has to be deliberate, meant to fill myself with whatever is lacking.

For example, there is remembrance for service as well but it’s not the same as remembrance for the self. If there is a big program I am part of, I might participate in a collective remembrance with others in order to serve but that’s different. But do I remember just for me as well? Do I take time to be myself, do I let go of this costume that I’ve on for service, do I let go of this location I’m in for service, do I let go of the burden of responsibilities and….just return to being me, the incorporeal being, the soul, the child of God? It takes just one thought, one second to let go and connect with the Supreme Father. That one moment, that second energizes me for hours. How? because it returns me to the right perspective. This is just the world stage, I’m just here for service, I’m just playing a role here…this is not me. I am a soul- a pure, peaceful soul. I am the child of the Highest-on-High, the Almighty Authority. This is His service, it will get done, I simply have to co-operate. I am the child, I just hold the hand of the Father and follow His instructions. I don’t have to think, burden myself, carry the weight of ‘how something will happen? how will it get done? when will it get done?’ etc.

You are not yogis just when sitting down, you are karma-yogis, Baba reminds me. Your remembrance must be constant, then you won’t tired because you won’t feel alone. You won’t feel that you are carrying the weight of whatever you are engaged in.

Baba is not just available when I visit the supreme abode, I have to do that, that’s important. But He is also present here with me, in my task, in my situation when I remember Him. He is bound to fulfill all relationships I remember Him in. Whatever the need is of the time, remember Me in that relationship, He guides. I am the Father, the Teacher, the Guide, I am also your Friend, the Beloved, the Companion. He is longing to be part of my life, every moment of it but He does not impose. I have to invite Him in. But often I get careless and think: ‘but I am Baba’s anyway. Who else is there?’. That is not remembrance. Just as it isn’t sufficient to simply say someone is my best friend but then I never call them, never check on them, don’t know what’s going on in their life…in the same way, it isn’t sufficient to say ‘I am Baba’s’, I have to connect. Only then will I actually experience His love. That love is the alchemy that heals and transforms. It fills me with power to overcome any and all obstacles, outlast the opposition, pass through any circumstance because I don’t experience myself to be alone. I experience Him holding my hand, taking me across.

You are My long-lost and now-found specially beloved children, and you are residents of the eternal land, the supreme abode. Come and sit with Me, I will remove all your tiredness.

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