Don’t become weary

Baba says, ‘O traveller of the night, do not become weary!‘ Your days of happiness are about to come!

As we go through life, one challenge we all have to face is with weariness. To become weary means to lose a sense of pleasure. I could have the job of my dreams, I worked hard to get it, now weariness has set in and I no longer enjoy it as much. Maybe I’ve been working on something a long time, but not seeing results, doesn’t seem like my work is paying off – that causes weariness. Sometimes, I think I contributed the most to something, I went out of my way to help someone but they didn’t even as much as acknowledge it!- that causes weariness because I think, ‘so much for being helpful!’.

But really, when I dig down deep, the common theme in all instances is body consciousness. I base my happiness, my zeal and enthusiasm on outcomes, expectations, and desires. Baba says, ‘it is body consciousness that makes you weary‘.

When Maya can’t take me out all at once, her plan B is to wear me down. At a certain point on the spiritual path, most of us suffer from battle fatigue. I have been standing for a long time, believing for something to happen – am still trying to get that loan, still battling that illness but there is no sign of change. My mind will give excuses- I’m too tired to fight, I’m too tired to stretch to next level, I’ve been doing it for so long etc. If I dwell on these thoughts, I will let weariness creep in. I will become more tired, more negative, more weary. Weariness doesn’t come on its own, I have to open the door. It is especially at these times, when it feels like it’s been too long, that I have to stay strong in faith. Let me remember Who my Father is, Who is in-charge of my life. If I am in a situation, it is for a reason- let me learn what I have to, let me settle what I need to, let me stay in faith.

Maybe I’ve been doing the right thing but the wrong thing keeps happening but let me continue to keep a good attitude, keep taking care of my responsibilities. The principle is: when I give into weariness, I lose my strength, the energy I need to move to my destination is being drained out. Weariness will come but I mustn’t let it in. Let me not allow battle fatigue keep me from my destiny. When it seems that every thing is coming against me, it was taking a long time, now there is this new problem, there is this illness, the situation at work intensified, business went down….let me stay encouraged, it is a sign that victory is near, a breakthrough is on the way. It may not happen overnight but I’m in this for the long haul. That is why Baba calls this a pilgrimage. The Father says, ‘O traveler of the night, don’t become weary, your days of happiness are near!’

When those negative thoughts of weariness come: ‘Baba, this is the final straw, I can’t take it anymore, I am done’ or ‘I would never have these challenges if I was really meant to be a sovereign, I must not be cut out for this’, if I give in, that’s the end of the story.  ‘To become tired means to become body conscious. Yes, there is no doubt that there will be obstacles of Maya, but you mustn’t become tired of this’, He says. Instead, I have to recognize that what she is telling me about myself is a big lie. No, I’m not tired, no I am not defeated. I have to dig my heels in – I have come too far to stop now. I have to encourage myself to stay in faith. I can talk myself into defeat or talk myself into victory, I can talk myself into weakness or talk myself into strength. When I speak to myself in the right way, courage comes, vision comes, enthusiasm comes. Every time I say: ‘this is too hard’…strength is leaving; every time I say: ‘I cant do this anymore’…I’m getting weaker; every time I say: ‘why did this happen’…discouragement is coming. Let me not give life to the lies of Maya. If I am sick, let me not think or talk about the sickness, let me think and talk about health. Let me not dwell on how tough things are, let me instead dwell on the fact that God is with me, He will always cause me to triumph, He will renew my strength. If He has me here, there is something good even in that illness, I’m settling something that would otherwise take a long time, or be harder. Let me stay in faith.

Staying in faith, or waiting is not meant to be passive, it is meant to be active– it means being positive, keeping a good attitude, it means not focusing on the problem, it means believing that the impossible is going to be possible. What causes my strength to be renewed is when I live with this expectancy, have this hope that He is working in my life, knowing that he is in control and that he can open doors that no one can shut. It is believing in my bones that He will never abandon me, that He will get me to where I need to be. When I live life this way in faith, when I get my mind going in the right direction, then God will give me rest. ‘You have a current of peace‘, He reminds me. I don’t have to go through life weary. Nothing that has happened – the setbacks, the mistakes, the betrayals, the illness – has stopped God’s plan for my life. It is all part of the plan, He knows how to get me to my destiny. He is not tired, He is not weary, let me not be either. I might not feel up to par but let me take a hold of His strength, His faith.

Sometimes, I don’t need a miracle from God, its not a spiritual problem, it’s just a physical problem. I simply need to take care of myself, get back in balance. I’m so busy fighting battles in my mind but it’s because of how I am or rather not taking care of myself. I have to take care of myself spiritually and physically. They have to be in balance. I could be working out at the gym for hours but not taking care of myself spiritually, not connecting with myself and the Father. If I’m not sleeping well, then I can’t expect to feel my best the next day. It’s often just as simple as getting some sleep, starting to eat better…maybe stop eating sugar all the time, too many cups of coffee in a day! The body is the temple of the spirit – let me not put junk in it. I cannot be here without my body, I cannot remember Baba, I cannot claim my inheritance. Let me take care of what God has entrusted me with. Always thinking of what I have to do next, always planning… the mind just needs a break, the body needs to relax. Let me ensure I have a balance- Baba says, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest and 8 hours for spiritual effort. Let me follow His advice, let me not wear myself out.

At the end you should leave your bodies in happiness and in cheerfulness; that’s all!, says Baba. When you have such a stage, you will become worthy of being threaded in the rosary of victory. There is Shrimat for everything, you don’t even have to think and burden your mind. Come to the Father: “Baba, what should I do in this situation?” Baba will then tell you everything. If you want to ask anything, just come to Baba. Why are you afraid? Just ask Baba at every step. By following shrimat, you earn multimillions at every step. You earn multimillions with every second that passes. You earn so much wealth.

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