Look after your children as trustees

Baba says, ‘You should only be attached to One, and look after your children as trustees. Remove your attachment from them‘.

A Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari means a trustee, says Baba. Although I might live at home, I am still a Brahma Kumar, not a household kumar or kumari! My surname changed the moment I died alive and became a child of Baba. You are now a Brahma Kumar and BapDada has not given anyone a household in their life of having died alive!, He reminds me.

There is one Father and all the rest are the children. So, consider yourself to be a Brahma Kumar as you move along. If you have the awareness of being a half-kumar or half-kumari, that is, of being a householder, then, as your awareness, so will be your stage, He cautions. Because of this, you must now finish the awareness of being householders. You are only and only Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You are carrying out the duties on the basis of the shrimat that BapDada has given you. To have the awareness that that is your family or your wife or your husband is wrong. Would you call it having died alive if you looked at your wife or husband with that consciousness or saw the household as your family?, Baba asks.

In order for everything to be taken care of, a trustee is appointed. You must also consider this in the same way, He explains. BapDada has given you this limited creation to look after as a trustee. It is not your creation, but you are just an instrument of BapDada to look after it as a trustee. A trustee does not have the consciousness of “mine”, He points out. “These are spiritual souls, not my children.” They may even be little children, but, just as BapDada sustained little children and made them instruments for Godly tasks, in the same way, for whomever, whether young or old, you have been made instruments by BapDada, for those souls, you should have the awareness that you have to make those souls worthy for Godly service and engage them in that, He teaches. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to be engaged in Godly service yourself and show them by example.

So check your awareness while living in your house, says Baba. Just as you come into connection and relationship with many souls of the Godly family, do you come into contact and relationship in the same way with the souls for whom you have been given a duty, or is there a difference? Just as you come into contact and relationship with brothers and sisters at the centers and have that spiritual drishti and attitude, do you also come into connection with the souls at home in the same way, or do you move along with your rights of the previous birth?, check this, He says.

According to the time in the cycle, according to the new birth you have taken, your stage and awareness have to be transformed, they have to be made elevated, He teaches, otherwise, if you are still caught up in your old way of living, how will you claim an elevated status? He asks. It is when you have the consciousness of “mine” that you give birth to Maya. And where there is Maya, there is sorrow and crying. By carrying out your household duties whilst remaining detached, you become constantly Maya-proof, and cry-proof, that is, you remain detached. Brahma Baba demonstrated trusteeship by his own example. He did not have the attitude, vision or awareness of the relations being lokik, even in his dreams. So, follow the father, He says. While living together, you also have to have the courage to move along with this attitude and awareness.

The way to make this attitude and awareness constant and stable is the pilgrimage of remembrance. There is no other method, He says. Only the fire of remembrance has the power to transform the old awareness, attitudes, and sanskars. Only when you have created such a stage will the non-gyani souls (those without the knowledge) living with you be able to experience from your activity, your words and your eyes, your stage of being loving and detached. Until now, while living in the midst of the world, you are not able to give people of the world the experience of your being detached and loving because your consciousness has not become that detached. Because of not being detached, you are not that loving either and so the relationships are heavy rather than sweet. Rather than enjoy them, you are entangled in them. So make your consciousness detached, that is, make it pure, says Baba. Become a conqueror of attachment. When you have attachment, there is sorrow. To remain constantly free from attachment means to remain constantly elevated and happy. To remain constantly elevated and happy is to claim the full sovereignty.

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