The Father is my world

Baba says, ‘“The Father is my world.” Have this awareness and you will become an easy yogi. Always stay merged in the Father’s love and He cannot then be forgotten‘.

To make the Father your world means you only have love for the One, you do everything for the One and all your relationships are forged with the One, says Baba. You have only the one Father in your awareness, in your vision and only the one name on your lips.

This is the characteristic of an angel. Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age to change me from human to deity. But I cannot make that transformation until I first change from human to angel. An angel by definition means one whose world is the one Father alone. I am in the body in name only and I interact with bodily relations but not with attachment because angels don’t have a relationship with anyone else but the Father. One minute I come into the body to act and the next moment I become detached from the body and immediately go up above. It’s like being in an elevator! One minute I come down, perform my actions and then press the switch and go up again. This is called being an easy yogi; an angel has such a practice. But if there is attachment anywhere, if there is a bondage, then that bondage prevents me from flying, it keeps me down, it’s like the switch is stuck. Check, says Baba, to what extent have you become an angel because that determines to what extent you can have an easy yogi life.

The struggle, the battling, the confusion all come when the intellect is being pulled in multiple directions. But when the Father is my world, then the intellect is connected to just the One. I only follow the Father’s instructions. The Father says something and I, the child, put it into practice; I step constantly only in the Father’s steps. The dictates of my own mind and the dictates of others don’t influence my intellect anymore, in fact, it’s as if other dictates doesn’t even exist, I am totally ignorant of them. Only the shrimat of the One should be in your intellect, says Baba. Only listen to the one Father, only speak of the things that the one Father has told you, only see the one Father, only walk with the Father, only think of the things that the Father has told you and only perform the elevated deeds that the Father has told you to perform. This is called making the Father your world.

This is the stage of a true bride, says Baba, ‘“I speak to You, I listen to You, I only speak that which You have related.”. Ask yourself, He says: Am I constantly wed? A bride never becomes separated for even one breath or moment. The words in the mind of a bride are: We will constantly stay together, live together and die together’. The face and image of the bridegroom is constantly merged in the eyes and lips of the bride. She hears only his words through her ears. On the path of devotion, they have the practice of constantly hearing soundless words (un-had shabd), and if they hear this sound even once after making a lot of effort, they consider their devotion to have been worthwhile. The customs and systems of devotion have been copied from your practical life of the present time, Baba explains. The one who is constantly wed hears the eternal great mantra “manmanabhav” echoing in her ears. She would constantly experience the Father repeating these words again and again and bringing back this awareness. While walking and moving around, she would constantly be hearing these imperishable words personally from the Father and would not hear the words of other souls even while hearing them. Such a bride would not bring another soul into her awareness even in her thoughts for even a second, He says. That is, she would never be subservient to any bodily being even in her thoughts. Attachment is something greater, but she wouldn’t even be subservient to anyone. In worldly life, too, for a bride to have thoughts of or to dream of another man is considered to be a great sin. In the same way, if a soul who is constantly wed is subservient to the soul of a bodily being in thoughts or dreams, that too is considered to be a great sin. To constantly have the “suhaag” (tilak of being wed) means to belong to the one Father and none other.

When you stay constantly merged in the Father’s love in this way, He cannot be forgotten, says Baba. When you are in the stage of being an angel, or a true bride, you don’t just experience an easy life, but also an elevated life of fortune, He says. When you think, speak and do everything according to the Father’s elevated directions, your life become elevated.

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