The life-giving herb of Manmanabhav

Baba says, ‘We are studying this study with God to become deities, that is, to claim a royal status. This awareness is the lift-giving herb which makes you conscious from being unconscious’.

This is a spiritual pilgrimage, Baba reminds me. Pilgrimages are long, arduous journeys and require a single minded focus on the destination and a determination to get there. People return from those pilgrimages, but the one I’m on is a one-way journey and continues unto my last breath. My destination is heaven where I reside as a deity, as royalty. It is a very high destination, and thus, the pilgrimage to get there is equally hard. If it weren’t, everyone would get there and become king! But only a handful do. ‘Remember‘, Baba says, ‘that you are one those handful‘. It is this awareness that serves as the life-giving herb that rejuvenates me when I get weary on the journey.

Sometimes, I feel overcome by the old sanskars within me, by the darkness and allow thoughts of: ‘I am not qualified’ or ‘I didn’t know I am like this’ or ‘I’m sure God doesn’t approve of me’ get in the way and make me weary. Sometimes, it is the fact that circumstances around me aren’t changing. I have a lot within me that I want to share with the world, I want to serve in Baba’s task but it’s like I’m stuck. Everyone else seems to be doing great things, making their fortune except me! That wait and the feeling of ‘maybe I’m falling behind’ can make me weary. Sometimes, while serving or at home, there is a clash of sanskars and that causes bitterness and sorrow. That burdens me and causes me to be weary. While there are many different reasons to be weary, the remedy to regain my joy and zeal and enthusiasm is the same. Baba says, ‘Manmanabhav!’, remember Me and your inheritance.

When I remember the Father, I automatically remember the inheritance. He is not just my Father but at this time, He also becomes my Supreme Teacher and gives me the knowledge of who I am- not just that I am a pure, peaceful soul but also what type of soul. I am a deity soul, a world sovereign, a master of heaven. And what’s more, this is not the first time that I am claiming this inheritance! In fact, I have claimed this inheritance from the Father countless times, cycle after cycle. I am merely repeating what I have done many times before.

And so, Baba says, ‘children, as much as possible, remain ‘Manmanabhav”. In other words, just remember! I fall or become weary when I don’t stay in remembrance, when the awareness of what the Father has reminded me of fades. I usually start the day on a high after my meditation and Murli but then when I get home or get to work or meet other people outside, the awareness starts to fade. Then, because my intellect is free, I get caught up in what she/he said or did. I dwell on worldly matters and allow it to make me bitter. Then, that’s what I talk about with others too. Baba says, ‘Don’t talk about worldly news, otherwise your mouths will become bitter. Continue to give one another jewels of knowledge. You have aprons full of jewels.’ I keep my apron or my intellect full when I churn the knowledge. ‘Always remain busy in churning the knowledge’, He says, ‘it should continue throughout the day. Just as a cow chews the grass it has eaten, so you too have to do the same’. Maya only interferes when I allow my intellect to be free. When I churn the knowledge, I also automatically remember the Teacher. I am studying with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, in order to become a deity and claim a royal status! This awareness keeps me rejuvenated and safe from Maya.

Sometimes, I hear Baba speak of this and think: ‘this is not for me. I don’t need any life-giving herbs, I would never wilt or become weary’. Baba cautions against such arrogance or over-confidence. Storms of Maya, He points out, makes even very good flowers fall. The history books are full of stories of great ones that fell when they became arrogant and didn’t take the precautions to keep themselves safe. The Father says, ‘when you don’t stay in remembrance fully, Maya causes obstacles. Now, forget everything including your body. I am a soul, child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Simply practice having this awareness.’ Let me heed His advice and practice.

And why not practice because what He is reminding me of is all good news in a world that is full of bad news. I am Your Father, He reminds me, and I am the Creator of Heaven. I have brought heaven on the palm of My hand as a gift for you! I am the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness for All. I come to liberate the whole world from sorrow and take everyone back home. You Brahmins, the handful of souls, then come into heaven. You become the masters of heaven and rule! That awareness rejuvenates me and protects me from being influenced by the negativity in the world.

Even a physical father looks after his children so well!, how much more does the Unlimited Father look after His children!, asks Baba. For as long as the pilgrimage lasts, the obstacles of Maya will continue to come. She will continue to try to make me weary so that I leave the pilgrimage and go back to the old world. In other words, she will try to make me ill but Baba, my Father, is right here with the medicine to revive me back into good health! It isn’t that Hanuman brought the life-giving herb from the mountains, Baba clarifies, you simply have to remember the Father and the inheritance.

On this spiritual pilgrimage, God is not just my Father and Teacher, He also becomes my Guide and stays with me every step of the way. He is familiar with the path and all it’s obstacles – where the slopes gets slippery, where the rocks are- and He is also familiar with the ways to avoid or overcome those obstacles. All I have to do is stick with Him. Baba says: O My traveler children, do not become weary! Remember the Father and your destination.

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