Become sovereigns, not servants

Baba says, ‘Those who are the children of the Father who is full, the children of the Ocean do not have to work hard like servants.’

You are Raj Rishis, says Baba. I am simultaneously a renunciate of the old world and a master of the new world. I have renounced the body conscious ways of constantly hustling for contentment and attained the rest of contentment. I have renounced the ‘I am an effort maker’ mind-set and attained the ‘I am a self-sovereign’ mindset. When I am a Raj Rishi, I am an easy and natural yogi because I have truly understood what it means to be a yogi.

Then, there is a spiritual sparkle on my face, a smile on my lips, a twinkle in my eye, a spring in my step irrespective of whatever may be going on. Why? because I am tuned in, I know the plot and so I rest easy. But when I don’t know what’s going on, then even when something little happens, I get worried, anxious, stressed, wondering what’s going on, what I should do etc. I jump off my throne of being a king and run helter-skelter. When someone sees the face of a self-sovereign or a Raj Rishi, they see attainment, they see fortune and when they see the face of someone who is struggling, fluctuating- sometimes on/sometimes off the throne, then they see…struggle and renunciation, not fortune. They see an effort-maker, not a sovereign.

My Father is God Himself. He is the Creator, the FortuneMaker, the Bestower, the Owner of the Treasure Store of all Attainments, the Ocean of Help and yet, if I have to make effort, if I have to run around afraid, then it means that I don’t know how to be the child. It means I still haven’t renounced the striving ways of the old world where I needed to earn my right to even be on this earth, needed to constantly prove my worth to be accepted. Baba comes and adopts me into His family and makes me the master of all His property, all His treasures. I don’t have to earn it, it’s already mine. But to experience myself as the master, I need to be soul conscious. If not, if I am body conscious, then I will begin to assess my worth, judge myself and think: ‘when I stop making mistakes’, ‘when I overcome that sanskar’, then, I will be worthy of being God’s child. The problem of course is that (1) I am a student till the end, there will always be something that I need to overcome and (2) I cannot overcome anything unless I take God’s hand and company. So I have the whole thing backwards and consequently end up depriving myself of the rest and comfort in being God’s child.

Sometimes, there is a situation and I get caught up in: ‘why me!’, ‘why did this happen?’ and then promptly get into: ‘Baba, please take this situation away’, ‘Baba, make this stop’, ‘Baba, get me out’. But when I know Baba accurately, I realize that if a situation has come, it is because He has allowed it to come. He has allowed it to come because that situation has something I need to move forward on my journey. This is what it means to be tuned in. So rather than ask Baba to ‘get me out‘, I instead hold His hand tightly and go through it with Him. I don’t feel the need to ask Him for help, I know this is His help, He is already helping me. There is no fighting the situation, no sighing and sulking, no worry or anxiety, there is only trust. I don’t understand it, I don’t know how long the situation will last or what the lesson is that I need to learn yet but I do know that I’m going to be victorious because my Father is with me. And I know that I will attain a new level of transformation, come into a new level of my destiny on the other side of it.

Sometimes, someone says or does something wrong and I take offense, I hold a grudge. I think that because they are wrong, they owe me an apology. I think that if only so-and-so would leave, then things would be okay, my stage would be okay. I don’t realize that I am giving my power away to the person, that I am making my stage dependent on them. When I am soul conscious, I don’t care about who was at fault, I become the peacemaker because I know the importance of peace in my life and for my journey. Peace is my birthright and I’m not about to give it away! I don’t base my stage on anyone or anything, I rise beyond sanskars and people.

For how much longer‘, Baba asks, ‘do you want to keep making effort?‘. The blessing of the confluence age, He reminds me, is not ‘may you always be an effort-maker’, it is ‘may you be full of all attainments’! Blessed souls who know to receive the blessing of all attainments won’t be caught up in carelessness and so they don’t have to make effort. This is the only time of ascension, at every other time in the cycle, I am descending. If you are going to become something, it has to be now. If you are going to attain something, it has to be now, He points out. Remain in the awareness of who you are, Whom you belong to, and of what is going on, He teaches and then, there is only attainment upon attainment. So, take benefit of the time of attainment. Become an embodiment of all attainments. Become sovereigns, not servants!

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