Use everything in a worthwhile way

Baba says, ‘when the Father comes here directly, use everything of yours in a worthwhile way.’

The special method for constant success is to use every second, every breath and every treasure in a worthwhile way. No matter what type of success you wish to attain, Baba teaches, whether in your thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships, if you wish to experience every type of success, then continue to use everything in a worthwhile way. Don’t let anything go to waste, instead pay attention to use it in a worthwhile way for the self and for other souls, and you will automatically continue to experience the happiness of success. Brahma Baba demonstrated this practically through His life: until the end, Baba continued to correspond with the children and spoke the elevated versions through his lips; even on his last day, he used his time, thoughts, and body in a worthwhile way. He demonstrated that to use everything in a worthwhile way means to use everything for an elevated purpose, to never let anything go to waste.

When I use everything in a worthwhile way now, I don’t just attain success for the present but I also to accumulate for the future. In this Brahmin life:

  • Those who use their time in a worthwhile way, claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom for the full period.
  • Those who use their breath in a worthwhile way will be able to remain healthy for many births, and never experience any breathing problems or heart failure.
  • Those who use the treasures of knowledge in a worthwhile way become so sensible that they don’t need to take advice in the future from any advisers for many births. They themselves become sensible and rule the kingdom.
  • Those who use all their treasures of powers in a worthwhile way, that is, those who use them practically become full of all powers. They will not lack any power in their future kingdom. All powers automatically give them the experience of being unshakeable and guaranteed success that is free from all obstacles.
  • Those who use all their virtues in a worthwhile way become such embodiments of virtue that, even in the final period, their non-living images are portrayed as “deities full of all virtues”.
  • Those who use their treasure of physical wealth in a worthwhile way remain prosperous for 21 births.

Therefore, use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success, teaches Baba.

‘Well’, I think, ‘I don’t really have much in the way of talent or education or wealth, all I have is a college diploma, all I know to do is housework and I only have enough wealth to get by’. That’s all that Sudama had, Baba reminds me. All he had was a handful of rice and a lot of self-doubt. He was embarrassed that he had so little, something so insignificant in worldly terms but he took that handful of rice and set forth on his journey anyway. That handful of rice was returned to him multi-millionfold by God.

Yes, all I have is a little education- let me use that little handful of rice to serve in God’s task. Let me learn the knowledge He is teaching me daily and then buzz that knowledge to others in my family, in my community. All I know to do is housework- let me do it with love, in remembrance of the One. When I am preparing meals, when I am eating, when I am cleaning, let me talk to Baba, let me get to know Him. He says, ‘let your hands do the work but let your heart be connected with Me’. Remembrance is the greatest service, says Baba, because it is what transforms me and my transformation inspires others to come to the Father and claim their inheritance too. All I have is a little wealth- when I budget for the house, let me keep God first and ensure I have a portion, however tiny, set aside for His task. God doesn’t see the amount or the type of work or the education, He sees my heart. He sees the honesty, the courage, the faith I have in Him, the love I have for Him, the obedience I have for what He says. He takes that little handful of rice and blesses me multimillion fold.

‘I am the Lord of the Poor’, He says of Himself. ‘The poor receive the return of whatever they give according to their courage. Whatever status the wealthy receive, the poor also receive the same; the two are equal. If a poor person gives one rupee out of the hundred rupees he has, and a wealthy person who has a lot of money gives one hundred rupees, both receive the same fruit.’

The key is to use whatever little I have, then I will see it grow to beyond my imagination. Even on the path of bhakti, Baba reminds me, they have the system of donating wealth and using it in a worthwhile way, then it grows. So, don’t just check to ensure you haven’t wasted anything but also check if you are using all your treasures in a worthwhile way, He teaches. Even your Godly sanskars, Baba says, use them in a worthwhile way and all the wasteful sanskars will automatically finish. This means that unlike sanyasis who renounce and leave for the mountains, I stay in the midst of the world and serve. Even when everything is wrong, I keep the right attitude, the right behavior. When others are rude, I am merciful. You have the Godly sanskars in you, but don’t simply keep them locked in the locker of your intellect, says Baba, but use them and attain success! The more I use a sanskar, the stronger I make it, the more confidence I build, the more power I accumulate. And then just like that, I become a worthy instrument of God to serve in His task. I claim my full inheritance.

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