Obey Shrimat

Baba says, ‘You children should accept whatever the Father says through His mouth. You have to follow shrimat.’

Where there is love, there is acceptance and obedience. I want to do whatever pleases the one I love. Baba, the true eternal Father, from Whom I had been separated for so long is now here. He has come especially for me, to liberate me from the prison of Ravan and take me back home with Him. He doesn’t do it by waving a magic wand but instead, He gives me directions on how to free myself from the prison. To the extent that I obey His directions, I will become free.

Right at Amrit Vela, think: I am an obedient child, teaches Baba. That sets the tone for the rest of the day. I have been given directions for every aspect of my life – how to wake up, how to go to sleep, how to eat, how to be a karma yogi, I even have directions for what thoughts to think. Baba gives me these directions to protect me from wrong actions that cause me to lose my self-respect, my happiness and result in guilt, heartache and regret. These negative emotions are how Ravan holds me captive and then it takes time and effort to free myself again. So Baba says, ‘simply follow Shrimat accurately‘.

But often, when I hear a direction, I think: ‘well surely, that’s not for me. Baba wouldn’t expect me to do that given my situation’. This is mixing dictates of your own mind into Shrimat, says Baba. Maybe He is asking me to forgive someone that has hurt me. I hear that and think that’s unfair! I find it too hard, maybe even unthinkable to forgive them. But Baba never asks me to do something that is unbeneficial to me. Unforgiveness is the door that Ravan uses the most to imprison me and so forgiving someone is not a favor to them, it is a favor I do to myself. I free myself to move forward on my journey. Also, Baba never asks me to do something without first giving me the strength to do it. The question is will I obey or will I prefer to stay in Ravan’s captivity? Maybe He’s asked me to work under the authority of someone who is less qualified and less experienced than me. Rather than obey, I try to find another department or role. Well that prevents me from overcoming the false ego or false pride- another way Ravan holds me captive. The more I obey Baba, the more I free myself from all the strongholds of Ravan and move forward on my journey.

Sometimes, I disobey because I’m worried about losing friends. Well, would I rather miss my purpose? If Baba is asking me to avoid certain company or certain places, there is a good reason for it. When I remember that this is God, my Father, telling me, I trust. If my friends leave me because I am following God and the purpose He has for me, then they weren’t true friends to begin with. Am I going to be Arjuna and choose God or will I choose the army like Duryodhana? That choice will determine if I can win the war against Ravan.

You don’t even have to think, says Baba, you just have to follow. I might not feel like doing it, I might not understand it, but I obey anyway. Don’t make additions to Shrimat, He cautions. When you sometimes follow dictates of your own mind and sometimes of others, you labor. It will burden you and you won’t be able to fly. Shrimat makes you light, it makes you equal to the Father easily, He says. I know all this intellectually, I know I’m ‘supposed to’ follow the instructions but often I get stuck in doubt: ‘what if I do this and come across as weak?’, ‘what if I do this and they take advantage of me?’, ‘what if I do this and I am unable to take care of myself?’ And because of this, I don’t forgive, I boss people around to try to show authority, I stay at a job where I need to compromise my values…I continue to violate myself through performing wrong actions. Baba says, ‘when you follow My Shrimat, you become My responsibility‘. Let me learn to obey and leave the rest to Him.

God’s directions are always elevated, following them only brings me reward….but, it may not happen instantly or in the way that I expect. God’s ways and His ways. Sometimes I think: ‘I’ve been doing all that Baba has asked me to and yet, my circumstance hasn’t changed. I still have that same grouchy boss or that bondage at home’. Maybe God isn’t looking to change the circumstance as much as He is using the circumstance to change me. If I get caught up in the questions of ‘why, how and when’, then I am checking myself back into Ravan’s prison. My duty is to simply do as I’m told and leave the rest to Him. I might not see anything change externally, but there is a lot happening internally. Let me dare to trust that He knows what He’s doing and resist the temptation to take matters into my own hands.

Baba says, ‘become a trustee.’ In fact, the very first promise you made to the Father was ‘Baba, this body, mind, wealth…whatever I have is all Yours’, He reminds me. Have you surrendered everything to Baba or are you holding on to a little something?, He asks. This is knowledge but it is also a business, He teaches. When you surrender everything with your intellect and become a trustee now, you receive a reward for it. To surrender is to free myself from all burdens. If I am holding on to control, then I will be battling in my mind and be disturbed. The doors of ‘I and mine’, Baba reminds me daily, are the doors of body consciousness that Ravan uses to come in and capture me. And so Baba says, don’t simply speak the words that you have surrendered, but do it in practice and let go.

Simply remember the term of being an obedient child who obeys God’s directions, He teaches. Think about whether something is according to the Father’s directions or not before you do it. You know that you will become elevated and the beads of the rosary by following the directions of Shri Shri, Shiv Baba.

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