Remember Me

Baba says, ‘Remember Me. By remembering bodily beings, you accumulate sins. I am the One who gives you the inheritance. I am the Father of everyone. I come and take you into liberation and liberation-in-life.’

The main thing, Baba tells me daily, is remembrance. It just takes effort to remember the Father, there is no other difficulty. It is remembrance that gives me the power I need to transform tough sanskars and reform my behavior. When I step inward and touch base with my own truth and connect with the Father, I heal, all my burdens are lifted, all the waste is destroyed because I gain the right perspective. There’s a difference in perspective when standing atop a mountain vs. being at its base. From the top, all the stuff below looks tiny, insignificant and what I see instead is unlimitedness, beauty, freedom. But when I’m below, every little situation looks big because my vision is limited, it’s all I see.

And so Baba teaches me to pay attention to the quality of my remembrance.

Practice stabilizing yourself in the seed stage, He advises. At Amritvela, when you sit, first spend some time in stabilizing yourself in the awareness of a point, and then you can have a heart-to-heart conversation, He says. But often because I find it hard to stabilize myself for a long time in the awareness of a point, I give up quickly and switch to the second stage of having a heart-to-heart conversation or I start to churn the knowledge. But, says, Baba, it is essential to have that stage. He says, ‘remember Me in the home‘. The home is the highest point, it is the mountain top. When I go home and remain combined with the Father in the seed stage, I experience a sense of peace, calm, silence, a love and acceptance that cannot be explained in words. It tugs at my original sanskars and pulls them to the surface and I go back into the world recharged.

‘It is because you are lacking in this practice that your sanskars don’t change’, He points out. ‘If you don’t remember Me, the burden of the sins of many births will not be removed. This is your greatest concern.‘ why? because my sanskars change when the burden of sin decreases. Unless this happens, no matter how many classes on dharna I might attend, Baba says, the sanskars won’t change. Even to stay in the angelic stage, I need to practice staying in the awareness of the point or in the bodiless stage. If I don’t do this, then I will find myself at the base of the mountain, caught up in corporeal feelings all the time- what he said/she said, what happened, why it happened, how could it happen, why did they do this etc etc. The more I remember negative or ordinary things, the more negativity or ordinariness I generate. ‘By remembering bodily beings, you only accumulate more sin’, Baba teaches me. The idea is to get to the mountain top regularly throughout the day and regain perspective.

After practicing this at Amritvela, Baba says, continue to practice it throughout the day. Your hands may be working but let your intellect be connected with Me at home. It is now the time to return home and so the more you should be remembering the home, He reasons. I am a dot, the Father too is a dot. And finally, remember the dot of the drama, He teaches, this specific practice helps to maintain the awareness of the point. While in the midst of an activity, practice pausing and checking your thoughts. If they are wasteful or even ordinary, practice applying a powerful brake or a full-stop. Make the point of the drama very firm in your every task, He teaches.

By having such a stage – I am a dot, I remember the Dot and I know to apply a dot- the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars, and you will not experience punishment from Dharamraj at the end, Baba teaches. He is the Purifier. I had called out to Him for half a cycle to come and purify me. He is here now. It is His job to purify me, help me transform and the only co-operation He asks from me is that of remembrance. Sometimes, I get into the wrong mindset and think that I have to purify myself and try to do it in my own strength: ‘I have to become very sweet, I have to become very happy’. This approach doesn’t work. Even if it is something He has asked me to do, I still cannot do it without His help. ‘No one, apart from the Father, can take away your sorrow’, says Baba. Let me learn to partner with God, let me recognize that He is in-charge of my purification and all I need to do is stay open and co-operate. I can only stay open to God when I don’t allow myself to feel condemned by His words. When in the Murli He says: ‘you must become very sweet, you must reform your behavior’, if I think: ‘here we go, another thing wrong with me. I am such a mess, when will I ever transform’, then I feel inferior like a bhagat, withdraw from God and consequently remain stuck in mediocrity. He isn’t condemning me, He is telling me what He’d like to work with me on next. All I do is agree with Him and say: ‘Yes, Baba, got it. I am here, I want to be what You’d like me to be’. While those doctors cure illnesses of the body temporarily, Baba comes to give me a nature cure which is permanent for half a cycle.

The more I remain in the awareness of the three dots, the more I help Him and see change. When my intellect is constantly remembering what He has told me about me, I am helping Him. When instead of being caught up in the wrong spinning, I spin the discus of self-realization, then I am helping Him. When I stay connected to Him, He can work wonders in my life. It is only through constant remembrance that you will be able to wash away the strong sanskars you have had for half a cycle, He teaches. Practice this, He says, and make remembrance a habit. Then, you will keep moving ahead. You will become the king-of-kings.

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