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Don’t have heart failure

Baba says, ‘don’t have heart failure‘. No matter how many obstacles come, heaven is definitely going to be established. Baba comes at the end of the cycle and reminds me of who I am and introduces Himself to me. He … Continue reading

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Follow Father

Baba says, ‘follow Father‘. Following is easy, He says. It’s something we are taught right from a young age- we learn to walk by following our parents footsteps, we learn to talk by following how they do it. When you … Continue reading

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The Father’s companions

Baba says, ‘I have come to meet my eternal companions‘. My children are my companions, my helpers because they are very loving. Because my children are so loving, the Father cannot do any task without His children and the children … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the days of your childhood

Baba says, ‘don’t forget the days of your childhood’. When we first come to Baba, in those early days, things felt easy. Anything I needed to get done, got done. I was able to concentrate easily during meditation, felt Baba’s … Continue reading

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