Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other

Baba says, ‘You have to become a destroyer of attachment. Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. ‘

The first lesson is the answer to ‘Who am I?’ and it is also the last lesson. The journey in between is one of realization. As I realize the truth, I shed everything that I’d been holding on to that is false and temporary. And this indeed is a journey as opposed to an overnight thing because I have been holding on to false ‘I’s and ‘mine’s for half a cycle – it’s where I got my sense of value, belonging and security, however fleeting. So when Baba comes and gives me the knowledge of the true ‘I and mine’, I believe it but I’m still afraid to let go of the false. It’s almost as if I still have one hand grabbing on to the false supports even as I’m stretching to grab on to the truth with my other hand.

Baba says, ‘Become a beggar and I will make you into a prince like this one.’ To become a beggar is to strip away all the false supports – the bodily relations, the possessions, accomplishments, status, religion…everything. It means that I die alive to the old world. This is what Brahma Baba did. As soon as he received the signal from Shiv Baba to surrender everything he had, he did. He did not leave anyone or anything and move to the mountains like a sanyasi. Rather, He brought everything he had and surrendered it or used it for the Father’s task. To the extent that you become a beggar, you can become a prince, explains Baba, or you can become a subject. It all depends on the level of your surrender.

Some people think: ‘well if God doesn’t need my money, then why does He ask me to give it?’ Indeed, God does not need my money to keep the lights on in His world! He needs nothing at all that belongs to or that has come from Ravan and his old world for the task of establishing the new world. Putting my wealth toward God’s work simply creates my fortune because it breaks my attachment to the wealth, it forces me to trust God and rely on Him. It removes the impure, selfish ‘mine’ and spiritualizes it. I learn to use it in a way that benefits me and many others. Baba says, ‘Keep everything with you, but use it as a trustee‘.

This is the same principle for everything else in my life, not just wealth. When asked, everyone says: ‘yes, I love Baba, He is my world’ but I don’t really know if that’s true until I’m tested. I know there is help needed at the center or in one of Baba’s projects, do I offer to help with my time and expertise or do I remember ‘other commitments’ that are more important? Throughout the day, I am caught up in ‘my son’, ‘my daughter-in-law’, ‘my house’ and hardly ever remember the One I claim to be my world! I always have enough to spend on the things of comfort for myself and my family but I think twice before I contribute to the task of the One that I claim gave me everything I have! Check, says Baba: ‘have you truly made the Father your world?’ In fact, your very first promise was: ‘Mine is one Baba and none other. Whatever is mine is all Yours’. Check, He says, if you simply speak the words or if you truly practice this in your life.

As long as I’m caught up or entangled in the many ‘mine’s, I will be unable to receive anything the Father is giving me. ‘Don’t clench your fist like a monkey, open it!‘, says Baba. And really, what am I holding on to anyway? to that which is false and temporary when the Father is giving me that which is true and new and permanent. Yes, it takes effort to unclench my fist but the trick is to spend more and more time with the Truth. ‘Remember Me and the inheritance‘, says Baba. This is the essence of this study. The more I spend time with the Father, churn His knowledge, spin the discus of self-realization, play with His treasures, then I find that I don’t have to labor or feel the fear in unclenching my fist. It will happen automatically!

BapDada has come to liberate all the children from laboring, He says. He comes to return me to my sovereignty, to liberation-in-life. To receive this inheritance is to arrive at the final lesson – realization of the true ‘I’ – the sovereign. The more fully I receive the inheritance, the more fully I realize the self, as I am, and become the sovereign. This is Raja yoga, He reminds me. You have to study with the aim to become a sovereign, not a subject. The Father says, ‘Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. You only receive your inheritance from the Father’. This is the easy way and the only way.

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