I am the child of the unlimited Father

Baba says, ‘Only when you have the faith that you are the children of the unlimited Father can you children feel supersensuous joy. The mercury of happiness rises with just this one aspect. This is a point for permanent happiness.’ 

I cannot earn God’s love or try to deserve it, I can only receive His love by faith. The experience of God’s love begins with faith. Only upon receiving His gift of love, can I experience supersensuous joy, peace, and confidence even in the worst of situations. I can’t explain it but I feel light even when everything around me is heavy. He is the Bodiless One, and yet I can somehow experience His loving arms around me when I need comfort, or protection. It is only through knowing God and experiencing His love that fear, worry, anxiety and the pain of rejection are removed; when I forget Him, I get anxious again.

God is not just a concept or a distant relative who lives high up above, He is my Father. I am His child. He has nothing bigger on His mind than my welfare, the welfare of His most beloved, long-lost and now found child. This is a fact, not just a nice idea. Like any good father, He wants to fill my life with joy and blessings except He is the greatest Father and so His blessing for me is a life of victory, of liberation, of unlimited happiness. He has set out to bring, for me, heaven on earth. And for further proof that He is indeed invested in me, I need to look no further than how I became His child- He adopted me. In other words, He chose me to love and to cherish and to care for. It wasn’t an accident, He isn’t stuck with me, He chose me.

He loves me unconditionally, on purpose. He loves me — not just people in general, but me personally. He cares about my life and wants to be part of it, every moment of it- not just for a short while but eternally. When I realize this deeply in my bones, I feel valuable, that I have a purpose. Then, it isn’t easy for Ravan to load me with guilt, condemnation every day: ‘if God loves you, then why do you have these problems?’, ‘if God loves you, then why hasn’t He helped you yet?’. The worst thing I can do is start listening to Ravan’s heartless commentary, to his lies. Let me make a decision that I am going to start renewing my mind today by immersing myself in what God is saying about me; by believing and repeating out loud to myself- God is my Father, He loves me more than I can imagine, He is on my side, He has a great plan for my life. Without this foundation of His love, I can conquer nothing.

He is for me not because I’m good but because He is good. God will never love me any more than He does right now. ‘Well, surely when I improve..’ I think I can earn God’s love if I can behave a little better, get past that anger He’s been telling me about. Yes, He wants me to improve myself…for me, not to earn His love. As my Father, God loves me just as I am, but He also loves me enough to not let me stay how I am. He wants to see me grow and change for the better. He wants the best for me because He loves me, not in order to love me. I can only receive Him into my life by faith, not buy Him with good actions. The sooner I believe that He already loves me unconditionally, the sooner I will have the courage to face fear and live the life that He wants me to live. Baba says, ‘the Father isn’t insulting you, He is cautioning you’. He doesn’t condemn me when He offers correction, I shouldn’t condemn myself either; only then can I change. If I am fearful, each time He says something, I will shrink into a corner thinking: ‘there’s another thing I have wrong in me’. Let me realize this is my Father Who loves me dearly, not a lofty lord keeping score or looking down on me.

God is love. He loves me not because I am lovable all the time, I am not! He loves me because He is love, it’s all He knows to do. His is a perfect love, a pure love that wants or needs nothing. And it is only this pure love that roots out all fear. If there is a fear of any kind – of loneliness, lack, abandonment, rejection…whatever- it is there because I am lacking the knowledge about the love of God. Let me get to know Him, as He truly is. I might know of Him intellectually but it isn’t firm yet. The more time I spend with Him, remembering Him, the more I will get to know Him and my relationship with Him will become firm. And no, just because I am God’s child, I am not exempt from facing storms; there will be storms. But that’s what faith is for. Faith is for the times when nothing makes sense, everything hurts and I’m hanging on to my One trust and One support for all I’ve got. Hard times are the times that bring me closer to God, teach me to lean on and rely on Him, help me experience His faithfulness.

He never promised me a trouble free life but He did promise me that He would never forsake me, betray me or abandon me. He promised to go through the fire with me. People may let me down but God never will. He says, ‘give Me all your burdens‘. I still have the situation but I get to give Him the burden and feel the weight of the situation lift off. Maybe I made a wrong decision; well, He knows every decision I will make before I make them and He still loves me. The truth is that God will never stop loving me, no matter what I do. When I am in the lowest pit, He still has His eye on me and His arm is not too short to pull me out of that pit. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it doesn’t matter what it feels like, I dare not give up thinking God isn’t with me because He always is. He comes through, suddenly, in a way that is unexpected at the exact right time. The situation might have been meant for harm but He uses it to strengthen me, teach me, increase my faith and then, He WILL get me through. Even though it might feel hard, let me cherish these times of intimacy with God.

His word is true and He changes lives and gives me a life worth living. Yes, the change takes time and it won’t be easy but God offers His guarantee: ‘Remember Me and all your sins will be absolved.’ Let me realize that I was very ill for 63 births, thanks to Ravan, and had no medicine and so I became diseased. No one was able to look after me and the illness therefore became deep rooted. This illness is such that no one, apart from the eternal Surgeon, can help me become free from. The Father says, ‘It is now the time for everyone to be free.’ He WILL purify me, He WILL change me, let me be patient and work with Him.

There is nothing powerful enough to separate me from His love. Even though it might not feel that way, God is doing so much for me all the time- caring for me, making things happen for me, keeping me out of harm’s way- and a lot of times, I don’t even realize or think about it. God’s love is so much more than a warm fuzzy feeling, His love is a powerful force, protecting and comforting me. Being in God’s love is a position of not just joy but also safety. His remembrance is a canopy of protection over and around me that Maya cannot penetrate. Let me experience this security and fill myself with peace and comfort.

‘You must never forget that you are the child of the unlimited Father‘, says Baba and further, He suggests that I remain engaged in service as a way to always maintain my enthusiasm and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Let me churn the knowledge, immerse myself in His versions. Let me relate to Him throughout the day, let me get to know Him and share my experience with others. When I stay busy in this way, I will never be separated from Him and that, is the greatest fortune.

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