Rup and Basant

Baba says, ‘only jewels should constantly emerge from the mouths of you children. Baba is Rup and also Basant. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and He rains knowledge.’

Words have power. When I speak words, they have the power to either heal or hurt, build up or tear down; Words can cause families to split apart, give rise to poor self-image, cause insecurities that stay with people all their lives. And so Baba stresses: ‘be careful of the words that come out of your mouth.’ ‘For that‘, He says, ‘keep your heart clean.‘ Whatever is in the heart will come out of my mouth.

So often, I speak something casually and then say: ‘I didn’t mean it’ or ‘I was just kidding’ but the damage is done. How many times throughout the day do I complain: ‘this is just killing me!’ or ‘this just makes me sick…’ or ‘I’m sick of this weather…’ or ‘I’m just sick and tired, sick and tired, sick and tired…’ and then I wonder why I feel sick and tired! I also speak negativity over others, for example, I don’t think twice before I say to my kid: ‘you will never change.’ The more I speak disempowering things over myself or others, the more disempowerment I bring. It’s bad enough when I think this way, but when I speak it, it’s as if I’ve just sealed it with a curse. Sometimes, there is the slightest inconvenience and I start to murmur and grumble. My co-worker has a juicy piece of gossip and I can’t help but partake in it and share my opinion as well.

Baba says, ‘only jewels should constantly emerge from the mouths of you children.‘ When I come to Baba, my first promise is: ‘Baba, whatever is mine…even this body, is Yours’. In fact, He reminds me, I made this promise even before I met Him, during bhakti. So by that promise, this mouth belongs to God and it is to be used for one and one purpose only: to glorify God. I cannot call myself a child of God and then sound like everyone else.

Just as how nonsensical or negative words have destructive power inherent in them leading to a lifetime of devastation, the words of God have creative power inherent in them that changes lives- and not just in an incremental way. God’s words transform the most impure and unrighteous human beings into the purest, most righteous deities…in a second. They grant salvation and liberation-in-life in a second. Such is the power inherent in His words. But how does that happen? because He is the Ever Pure, and because He Himself is the perfect embodiment of those words. ‘I am Rup (embodiment), says Baba, and then I am also Basant (rain)’. Because He is the embodiment of the words He speaks, they are packed with power when they leave His mouth and they touch the hearts of the ones who listen.

When He offers a correction, I feel that instant connection that He is speaking to me personally. The words bring about realization, a repentance and a deep desire to change. And at no point do I feel that He is insulting me or condemning me because there is ONLY love and honesty in His heart. Sometimes I come in dragging myself on the inside – maybe I’ve become overwhelmed by my circumstances or a situation- but then I hear the Murli and He has just the right words for me and as He speaks them, I actually experience the courage, the encouragement, the strength build up inside me and just like that, I dust myself off and get back in the game. And then there is God’s vision about me, about the world, about nature- and the whole time, He is speaking about non-existent things! I am not yet the pure deity, the master of the world but that’s what He’s talking about all the time. The world is nothing like heaven but heaven is what He’s talking about all the time. Nature is in upheaval but He gets a kick out of talking about how beautiful nature is, about the fruits and flowers and about how lions and lambs live together in peace. He talks about all of these things like He can see them in front of His eyes because He does! Yes, He also sees the hell we live in, in fact, He is very aware of it, but He is focused on the fact that He and I are changing hell to heaven- it’s a guarantee!, He says. I, on the other hand, can’t stop talking about my circumstances as if they will never change! What I instead need to do is follow Father and speak change: ‘God is my Father, He is Truth and He has told me about my incredible destiny and therefore, based on His word, this circumstance has to change- it is a guarantee!’

It isn’t that God Indra showers rain. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and He rains knowledge.

The rain comes down and it does something – it waters the seed and then, we have a harvest. The rain of God’s knowledge cannot be fruitless, something always happens when it is spoken by someone who is an embodiment of those words first, like Him. This is why 10 people could speak on the same topic and 8 of them have no impact on me whatsoever and 2 of them touch me deeply. And so Baba says, ‘churn the knowledge first’. When I churn the knowledge, I am looking for the hidden jewel in each word, I am looking for the realization. Then, God in partnership with the drama, always helps me apply that realization in a situation so that I experience it, bring about change- in myself, in the atmosphere, in the situation…whatever. Then, when I shower the rain of knowledge, that is, when I relate the knowledge, I am actually sharing my heart with others and that always bears fruit.

Sometimes, I speak His words but I do it to impress others with how much I know. Baba says, ‘even a five year old can recite the knowledge, the difference is when you become an embodiment of it.’ Sometimes, I become a teacher everywhere with everyone whether they want my opinion or not. God is God, and I am not. It is my job to be His instrument when He needs me to, not think of myself as a savior. Sometimes I share the experiences I’ve had with Baba to show off that I have this connection with Him – let me not cheapen my relationship with God, my intimacy with God by using it for popularity. Let me be careful about my motivations for sharing the knowledge. If I am using Him and His knowledge for the wrong reasons, it will not just lack power but I will lose my connection with God and all my joy.

God’s word is the life-giving herb, the fragrant musk – it changes, saves, enables, encourages. It is sharper than a double-edged sword and cuts away the strongest bondages. His words are alive and bursting with power. Baba says, ‘You should have the intoxication of this knowledge. Then, your behavior will automatically become royal and very sweet words will emerge from your mouths. There will also be a lot of love for one another.

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