The story of Bharat, the birthplace of the Father

Baba says, ‘no one knows the beginning, middle or end of the drama, that is, they don’t know anything at all. You do have to know it.

It is sung: ‘the One Whose creation is so beautiful, how beautiful must He be‘. The creation reveals the Creator. This is the story of the beginning, middle and end of God’s creation; this is the story of Bharat.

Bharat is both the birthplace of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul and His creation. To create doesn’t mean that He created something that never existed; no!, the land, the rivers, the mountains, the trees…they have always existed. Creation refers to transformation– from completely impure to completely pure, from unrighteous to righteous. God’s birth is also not a natural birth through the womb, His is an incarnation; His name is Shiva and He incarnates or enters into the body of Dada Lekhraj, a jewel merchant, whom He names Brahma. Wisdom says that if God, the Creator comes, He would come when it is hell to transform it into heaven and so the title ‘Heavenly Father’ does not mean that God lives in heaven, rather it means that He is the Creator of heaven. And further, it is also understood that God must come at the confluence of hell and heaven, of the old world and new world. The present time is that auspicious confluence age and God is here, on this earth, and is carrying out the task of world transformation. Shiva, the Supreme Soul, Who is the Father of all, comes and liberates everyone from sorrow.

In the new world, there are only a few human beings and they are in Bharat. Bharat alone is the most ancient, the oldest, land of all. When it is the new world, Bharat was ruled by deities – they were full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless, righteous and non-violent. The king and queen Lakshmi and Narayan were the epitome of purity. Bharat was very wealthy, so much so that it is sung to this day that Bharat was the ‘golden sparrow’. Now, that same Bharat has become poverty-stricken, it is worth shells. In the new world, peace was the only religion, it was the land of truth and happiness. There was no quarrelling or fighting in heaven, there wasn’t even a trace of sorrow. At this time, there is so much sorrow! Only the Father, the Creator of Bharat, can make Bharat heaven once again.

Bharat was heaven for half the cycle and then the deity souls, having become overinvolved with the world, forgot who they are. They lost touch with their purity, their peace and virtues and gave in to lust, greed, ego and attachment. Divinity departed and paradise was lost. ‘This is the unlimited play’, teaches the Father, ‘what is new has to become old before it can be made new again’. The Father re-establishes heaven at this time by reminding the souls that which they forgot- who they are and Whom they belong to. He reminds them of their true religion, their virtues. He teaches them once again the righteous way of living- how to think, speak and act. When souls change back to being deities, the world changes back to being paradise again.

So what happened to Bharat between the time that deities forgot who they are and the coming of the Father at this time? For that next half of the cycle, as souls became unhappy and peaceless as a result of falling prey to the vices, they started to search for truth. The memory of God, the Father, resurfaced from the depths of the human psyche and souls started to call out in distress: ‘O Purifier Father! come and make us pure’. In response to this search, great prophet souls come to establish their own religions. Sannyasis, for example, adopted renunciation in order to help Bharat so that it could receive the power of purity. But, no human-being can grant salvation to other human-beings. That is the task of just the One Father. ‘It is now the end, everyone is now distressed and wants to go back home. Everyone comes to play his own part. Having played their parts, they finally have to go into sorrow. It is then the Father’s task to liberate you from sorrow and to take you into happiness.’ 

Only the Father, Who is Truth, can re-establish the land of truth. He alone is the Bestower of Peace and the Bestower of Happiness. It is only the Father that can give His children the inheritance; brothers cannot receive an inheritance from brothers! ‘However, by saying God is in everyone, they have confused themselves and lost the importance of the unlimited Father.‘, He points out. And so He comes at the darkest hour of the night of ignorance to dispel that darkness with the light of knowledge. This is why people in Bharat celebrate His birthday as ‘Shivratri‘- the night of Shiva. There are many false gods and gurus when He comes into this impure world, there are many rituals and customs, many religions, cults, sects and -isms. There is confusion and chaos, and as a result, extreme sorrow and suffering but just when it seems like all hope is lost, He comes! ‘I am the Seed of the human-world tree’, He teaches. A seed has the knowledge of the whole tree within it. The Living Seed, the Creator of the Tree, comes and reveals how what once was, can be that again. He comes to re-establish Shivalaya, the land of Shiva.

Having awakened your fortune, you have come here to change from human-beings into deities again’, He says to the handful of souls that recognize Him as He incarnates in an ordinary, impure body, in an impure world. Many of them are ordinary looking mothers who have been dismissed by the world as hopeless. God places the urn of knowledge on the heads of these mothers and says: ‘it is through you that heaven will be established. You mothers of Bharat are the Shiv Shakti army!‘ And He reveals to them the secrets of the beginning, middle and the end. ‘Now‘, He says, ‘remember!‘ There are many in the world who say that everyone should become one, that there should be unity. ‘But‘, reasons Baba, ‘how can there be unity when there are so many differences? You can become one only when you follow the directions of just the One.’ The Father is also the Teacher and the Satguru. He cares, teaches and comes as the Guide to show the way back to the truth. He is all three in One and following His Shrimat is the only way to become elevated. His teaching is His mercy through which the souls who receive it see a lot of happiness in the future. ‘If you decorate yourself with knowledge and yoga, you will become angels.’ says Baba. ‘This is the lake of knowledge. Continue to take a dip in knowledge and you will become the angels of heaven.’

Such is the greatness of Shiva! His knowledge and remembrance changes impure humans into angels, and hell into heaven. This is why there is a great pull toward Bharat, because it is the birthplace of such a Father and where heaven is created. The land of Bharat is remembered as the highest land of all. People have forgotten that Bharat is a great pilgrimage place. It is the birthplace of the Father of all human beings who gives peace and happiness. To not know the story of Bharat, therefore, is to not know the story of the Creator and His creation; it is to not know anything at all.

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