Become God’s helper

Baba says, ‘Become God’s helpers. It should remain in your intellects you are doing Baba’s service.’

For half a cycle I called out to God: ‘O Purifier, come and make me pure. Liberate me from this sorrow.’ He is now here at this auspicious confluence age to liberate, not just a few, but all souls from the prison of Ravan and take us all back home with Him. However, only a handful of souls recognize Him and know Him; most of His children are still suffering captivity at the hands of Ravan. ‘I want them also to know that their Father is here, all they have to do is recognize Me and remember Me to be liberated, to be free’, He says.

When I realize and experience that I am a child of God, that He is my eternal Father and that He loves me unconditionally, I find my anchor. I stop hustling and breathe easy for the first time, I feel the pure, selfless love for the first time, I find purpose, value and belonging. The thirst of half a cycle is quenched and I am liberated from all my sorrow and suffering. ‘Now, it’s your turn‘, says Baba, ‘you have to give your brothers and sisters what you have been given.’ God works through people, He needs me to help Him help others- the more souls I can reach and impact, the better. This is in fact, the main characteristic of a hero actor or a maharathi soul- through them, many others are benefitted. The quicker the souls are liberated from Ravan, the sooner his kingdom is destroyed and the new kingdom is established.

One of the most foundational requirements to be helpful to God is a stable intellect. God works through me by touching my intellect- He gives me advice, prompts me on what to do at any given time, gives me ideas. But when I am caught up in my own mini-dramas of what he/she said, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘how could this have happened?’ etc., my intellect is not available to God, it is in fluctuation; I am up one minute, down the other. Baba says, ‘children remain occupied with their business throughout the day. They are caught up in many types of obstacle.’ The only concern you should have at this time, He says, is to awaken your truth i.e. to become Satopradhan. When I am caught up in obstacles, it signifies that I am still body conscious and haven’t become stable in my truth of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. ‘Spin the discus of self-realization’, Baba advises me. This immediately reminds me of all three and of this elevated time.

When I am aware of my role as God’s instrument, as His helper, I don’t battle obstacles. They will still come to me – all the same people, those scenes of the drama- but I won’t respond the same way as I have for half a cycle. When people oppose me or defame me, rather than feel insulted, I feel mercy. I don’t have to be told to feel mercy, it’s just what I feel automatically. Why? because I’ve been there myself, experienced all those emotions they are experiencing before I was liberated by Baba; I am aware that I am now helping Him liberate them. I know that it isn’t my brother or sister that is being the obstacle but that it is Ravan working through them or the situation. He is our collective enemy, not each other. So I stand strong, peaceful, stable and merciful. I become the mirror through which my brothers and sisters get a glimpse of God, I become the conduit through which they experience His unconditional love, and acceptance.

Spend time with the pictures‘, says Baba. When I spend time with the picture of the world tree, I realize that not everyone will be able to recognize the Father or connect with Him in the same way as me. In fact, for many, the closest they come to the Father might be through the glimpses they see of Him through me. That places the crown of responsibility, not of pressure, but of responsibility, firmly on my head. I am God’s instrument, His helper in liberating my brothers and sisters from Ravan.

When I do something, I do it in the awareness that this is my Father’s task and that He is the One getting everything done through me. Then, I don’t just do it with a lot of love but I find the task to be easy, I receive all the co-operation I need and there is always success in the task. But when I forget Who’s in-charge, I hit the obstacles of ‘I did this, so I should get credit’, ‘this was my idea…’, ‘why wasn’t I placed in front?’ etc. ‘When this is the Father’s task and He is the One getting it done, then where does the arrogance or the feeling of insult come from?’, asks Baba. A Godly helper always remembers both God and His service; the two are combined in their awareness but when I forget, I inadvertently separate myself from God and become just a helper. Then, everything feel hard, and I have to labor because my motives for doing the task change- they become selfish. So check this, says Baba. When I am obstacle free and liberated, I automatically liberate others because I don’t have demands or expectations, just love and co-operation.

So, right at Amrit vela, stabilize yourself firmly in the awareness of being the most beloved and serviceable child of God, says Baba. Experience His love and blessings to such an extent that you never doubt who you are and Whom you belong to; you always remain full. Then, throughout the day, in all your interactions and in all your tasks, stay in that awareness and you will remain constantly free from obstacles and experience the Father’s co-operation at every step. When I make myself able to receive, I make myself able to serve.

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