He is the Stick for the blind

Baba says, ‘consider yourselves to be Raj Yogis and remove all your attachment to vicious relationships.’

Vicious relationships are relationships based on the vices- whether, on lust or greed or attachment. They are selfish relationships where I seek to be the central focus and expect everyone else to cater to my needs. Of course, everyone at this time is impure, has the vices in them and so everyone is looking to get something from others who themselves don’t have to give. As a result, there are a lot of people that are emotionally unhealthy. I am wounded in my life by what has happened to me in the past- in this life but also in the last half of the cycle. I take this baggage and get into relationships and I don’t know how to function.

It gets to the point where I cannot seem to even have a normal conversation with others, especially certain people in my life that are close to me. We start to talk about something simple and before you know it, it’s changed into a full-blown argument about something completely unrelated- then, no one is sure about what we are talking about, why or how we got here! And then I say: ‘we just cannot seem to have a normal conversation about anything anymore’ I feel sad and alone, like no one gets me.

Baba says, ‘There are many bondages of sorrow. Only at the time of sorrow do people call out to God: Come and liberate us from this bondage! You call out very loudly because you cannot find any other way. It is like a maze that, no matter which way you go, you cannot find the way out. Then you become tired, and you cry out.’

He comes as the Stick for the Blind! That is, He comes to guide me into the truth – into the truth about me. When I have bad behavior or emotions that I cannot seem to control no matter how much I want to and no matter how much I try, there is a root of that behavior somewhere. It is not something at the surface that I can easily pluck and throw away, it is a deep root that only the Gardener knows about and knows how to pull.

When I cannot seem to have a regular conversation with others and emotions fly easily, God might show me, for example, that the root is a sense of rejection. When I am ‘rejection based’ or someone afraid of rejection, then when someone doesn’t agree with me, I feel rejected. I don’t know how to separate who I am from my opinions. Someone might disagree with my opinion and still respect me and love me. But when I equate acceptance of my opinion with acceptance of me, then when someone disagrees with my opinion, I feel insulted, or I feel that they think I’m stupid, or I feel disrespected. And then almost immediately, my defenses go up to protect myself, I blame the other person to deflect the pain off myself and it all goes downhill from there.

Baba says, ‘consider yourself a soul, a Raja Yogi and remove all your attachment to vicious relationships’. At this confluence age, I meet my true, eternal Father from Whom I had been separated for a long, long time. He has found me now and He says, ‘simply remember Me alone, have all your relationships with Me’. He is teaching me the right way to live, the right way to relate such that I won’t hurt myself and others. When I relate to Him, I see and learn from how He relates to me. I see how He doesn’t agree with a lot of what I think and say but how that never affects His love for me. I am never rejected by God, His love is accepting, true, selfless and pure. ‘Separate your who from your words and actions’, He teaches by example.

He is reminding me that it isn’t another human-being’s job to keep me fixed and happy, my happiness is my responsibility. Everyone is hurting and struggling in various areas – the last thing they need on their plate is responsibility for someone else. Only God is able to be responsible for His children. Only He can give me my lost inheritance of peace, love and happiness. Let me stop relying on people for my value and go to God. I have to protect my peace and happiness by realizing deeply in my bones that I am loved, I am valuable, I am one of a kind, I am handpicked and a chosen child of God. That’s who I am- a child of God. I am not defined by the relationships here in the physical world, those are just the roles I am playing in the drama. My one and only true identity is that I, the soul, am a most beloved child of God. That never changes at any point through the cycle. It was, is and will always be who I am.

Until I have this foundation firm, everything else will come crumbling down no matter how hard I work at it. He is the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru and He comes to establish the religion of truth. The foundation is who I am and Whose I am. It is through making this foundation firm, that I help the Father change the old world into the new world. Unless I have this deep conviction of who I am and Who the Father is, until I experience His love and acceptance of me, I will always feel rejected by myself and by others, and consequently, I will shut myself to transformation.

You are pure gold, Baba reminds me, you just got a little alloy mixed in you along the way. He, the Goldsmith, is here now to remove the alloy and return me to my pure state. Removing alloy requires that the gold be melted in high temperature- in the fire of remembrance. Let me step inward to touch base with my original truth, not the junk on the surface, but with the real me deep inside and then move upward and connect with the Father. His mere remembrance has the power to purify the most impure souls and return them to their pure state. ‘Maya makes you forget who you are and the Father’, Baba points out, ‘but then you remember Him with a lot of love and you become alert again’.

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