Say “good morning” to Shiv Baba

Baba says, ‘wake up early in the morning and definitely say “Good morning” to Shiv Baba. As soon as you wake up, remember Shiv Baba and not of any bodily being.’

In Bharat, there is a saying that if you see the face of someone good first thing in the morning, then your whole day will go well. On the flip side, when you see the face of someone not good, they say: ‘I don’t know whose face I saw when I woke up because the whole day was bad’. At this time, no one in the world is pure, Baba tells me, everyone has the five vices and give sorrow to each other in one way or the other. So if I wake up remembering a human-being, I am essentially not starting the day on a good note. The best of all, the Ever Pure One, is Shiv Baba. So as soon as you open your eyes, say: ‘Shiv Baba, good morning’, teaches Baba.

But in order to be able to do this, I have to pay attention to go to bed at night saying: ‘Shiv Baba, good night’. Whatever I remember last is also what I remember when I wake up. It’s as if I press ‘pause’ on the tape when I go to bed and it starts to play when I wake up. This is why, Baba says, never go to bed angry or bitter. Then, when I wake up even to just go to the bathroom, the mind picks up right where it left off, those thoughts flood back again and I can no longer sleep. Then, my Amrit vela is also ruined and so is the rest of the day. Sometimes, it’s anger, other times it’s greed or attachment that has me tethered to the old world or to bodily beings – I’m either lusting after limited attainments or I’m entangled in my relationships with friends, or family. Baba says: ‘Why do you remember that which causes you sorrow and takes you away from the Father? Continue to forget bodies and all bodily relations. Remember Me. I am the oldest Beloved.

This confluence age is about receiving my inheritance from the Father for the new cycle. At no other time can I receive it, only now. So keep the importance of this auspicious time in your awareness, He says, then it will become easy to remember the Beloved from Whom you receive the inheritance. This is easy yoga! The more I remember the Beloved, the more my truth awakens and the more the burden of sins that have accumulated as a result of half a cycle of body consciousness will cut away. It should be easy to remember the One you love Whom you’ve been calling out to for half a cycle, He reasons. Start your day with ‘Shiv Baba, good morning’, end it with ‘Shiv Baba, good night’ and in between, during the day, simply remember: ‘I am a soul, I am Shiv Baba’s child’. Easy!

In fact, this is the unlimited morning and night which no human beings know about.’, says Baba. In terms of the cycle, the whole of the confluence age is Amrit vela and so every moment of the confluence age is a good morning! ‘So you have found the unlimited Father during the unlimited morning‘, He explains. And sure, everyone in the world says, “Good morning” when they wake up but they say it to other sinful souls or devotees might say it remembering their favorite deity but your morning, Baba points out, is with God, and so it is a Godly morning! You go to sleep in the lap of God and then you celebrate the morning with God. Therefore, always remember both God and good, He says, having remembrance of God makes you good! If there isn’t remembrance of God, then there is remembrance of the old world and bodily beings and that does not allow you to become good. But when your intellect is constantly in remembrance of the One, your life itself is now good because your life is with God. It is a Godly life – your every second and every thought are good; your every deed is good because it is with the Father, not alone; you even eat with the Father, not alone. So always remember the unlimitedness of this good morning and this relationship between God and good and put it into practice in your life, He teaches. 

God comes when it is good morning and He also leaves when it is good morning because when Baba comes, it is Amrit vela and when He leaves, it is the golden aged day. However, He only stays during Amrit vela. The Beloved and I are together for a short while and we have met after a long while; let me not waste this precious time remembering useless things. Let me not allow Maya to divert my intellect toward anything else however important she might make it sound. Maya is my enemy, she deceives me out of my inheritance. Baba is my Best Friend and is here to help me reclaim what I have lost. ‘Your income for the future is very great’, He reminds me, ‘this income will be useful for cycle after cycle.’

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