Don’t waste a single breath

Baba says, ‘remember the Father with every breath during these invaluable moments of the confluence age. Let not a single breath of yours be wasted.’

To have remembrance of the Father in every breath is to surrender the self completely. The visible sign of such complete surrender would be the cheerfulness on the face. This is why the faces of the deities are always shown happy, cheerful; it is a memorial of this time.

To be able to stay in remembrance in every breath requires the power of tolerance. Throughout the day, situations and people come my way and Ravan works through them to try to snatch away my inheritance of happiness. When I allow him to get the better of me, I think thoughts of weakness such as: ‘why did this happen to me!?’, ‘how could they do this!’, ‘what will happen now!’. But the mantra Baba has given me is Manmanabhav, belong to Me in your mind. When I am Manmanabhav, I don’t allow these thoughts of weakness to take over, instead, I stand firm in the awareness of who I am, Whose I am and the drama. I think different thoughts: ‘whatever is happening is good and what is to happen will be the best’, ‘God is my Father and He is responsible for me’, ‘my life is in His hands, He is the Protector and Benefactor, He will take care of things’. The stage of my mind does not fluctuate and go up and down, instead, it moves in a straight line on the rails of the drama and Baba.

This is surrender; I don’t use my treasures of thoughts, time and breath without shrimat, that is, wastefully or even ordinarily. This is why on the path of bhakti, there is the memorial of remembering God in every breath. But even before before surrender, there is another step and that is renunciation. When I become Baba’s child, I die alive from the old world, that is, I renounce the old world and all it’s ways – the wrong ways to relate to the self and others, wrong intentions, the old nature and sanskars – and live by the new divine intellect I have received. But dying alive is not a one time thing, I have to die every day and while it sounds harsh, it isn’t. To die alive from the old world is to choose life, is to choose happiness, is to choose love and contentment.

This is why this Brahmin birth is a birth of congratulations at every second and every moment, says Baba. Instead of stress, anxiety and heaviness in every breath, I have this music of happiness playing in every breath. Of course, Ravan will work overtime to get me to feel offended over something and if I take the bait, it turns into bitterness and resentment and then before I know it, into a full blown case of unforgiveness. Then, I carry the heavy weight of this burden in my heart. ‘You have to get to know Ravan so that you recognize him from a distance‘, says Baba. When I learn to recognize his sneaky ways, I learn to resist him right at the onset by immediately and deliberately switching over to what God is telling me. ‘A complete renunciate is free from all bondages and burdens‘, Baba teaches, ‘and would be a multimillion times fortunate soul that creates his fortune at every breath, in every thought‘.

To use every breath, thought and second in a worthwhile way is to accumulate in my savings account and I can only do that now, at this auspicious confluence age. If I want to claim an elevated status in the golden and silver ages or even if I want to claim a status of worthy of worship in the copper and iron ages, I have to build up my account for both at this time. ‘So in view of this, consider just how invaluable your thoughts, time and breath of your short life of this confluence age are’, says Baba. Sometimes, I get careless and think: ‘it’s just 5mins or I just had one bad day’ but in fact, it is always a lot more than just 5mins or a day because I lost all that I had accumulated in those few minutes, then takes time and effort to get back on my feet again not to mention, time and effort Baba has to put in to help me when I should be helping Him. So it’s not just a day but a day in which you would have lost a great deal, points out Baba, so save that day or those minutes, don’t be careless.

God is here to give me my full inheritance. He is committed to bringing about complete transformation – from beggar to prince, from 100% insolvent to 100% solvent, from a stone to a diamond. Let me not settle for anything less. Let me not waste a single breath or a single second, let me remain constantly Manmanabhav.

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