Becoming sensible again

Baba says, ‘The Purifier Father has come once again and is teaching you Raja Yoga.  He comes and makes you senseless ones sensible.’

When a child is given a lot of wealth by his parent, the intention is that he/she will use it wisely, invest it and grow it even more. What is not expected is that they will lose it all! but that’s exactly what God’s children do. My Father had given me a huge inheritance, I was given heaven – a place abound with purity, peace, happiness and prosperity but by the end of the cycle, when my Father comes to meet me, I am bankrupt, 100% insolvent. Naturally, He asks: ‘I gave you so much wealth. You had countless wealth. Where did you lose all of it? What did you do with it? How did you become so insolvent? I left Bharat as ‘The Golden Sparrow’, what has it become now!

Of course, I am not sensible enough to know the answers to any of His questions. I scratch my head thinking: ‘Yea, what did I do with it all?!’ So, He goes on to show me. It was 5000 years ago, He reminds me, when Bharat was heaven and I was the master of that heaven, a deity in the golden age. Then, having taken birth after birth, 84 to be precise, I forgot who I am and fell prey to Ravan or the vices. It was Ravan, my Father points out, that robbed me blind taking advantage of my amnesia.

But my Father is not someone Who takes His children being robbed lightly. He comes and teaches me Raja Yoga or ‘spiritual warfare’ to stand up against Ravan and take back what belongs to me. The Father says: ‘Now make effort and definitely become the masters of heaven. This old world of Ravan has to be destroyed.’

The reason Ravan was able to rob me was because I forgot who I am. And so Baba says, ‘now remember!‘ He teaches me to hold and spin the discus of self-realization, to see my elevated forms throughout the cycle and remain constantly in the awareness of who I am. Ravan works by injecting wrong thoughts into my head; he tries to get me, for example, to focus on my circumstance or a wrong sanskar to convince me that this is my lot in life, that I’ve made too many mistakes, that I’m beyond repair etc. etc. His job is to make me feel weak and condemned. My job is to choose to focus on what God is telling me about me, which is the truth, and ignore Ravan’s lies. I believed him long enough, I was senseless then. Now, I am sensible.

Something else I simultaneously do is avoid making too many mistakes and giving Ravan the opportunity to make me feel guilty or regretful. Baba gives me Shrimat and the codes of conduct for exactly this reason- to protect me from performing wrong actions. I have directions for every aspect of my life. But sometimes, because of the wrong conditioning of half a cycle, a particular direction may seem wrong to me: ‘why should I forgive this person when they have hurt me so much!?’ but even though I may not fully understand, if I can trust Baba knowing that everything He is telling me is for my benefit, then I obey anyway. I have followed the dictates of my own and others’ minds for long enough and I know where that got me. Now, I am sensible enough to follow only God’s directions.

In fact, He says, let’s make it even easier. Before you think, speak or act, simply ask yourself: ‘is this something Brahma baba would do?’ and then simply follow Father Brahma. Every single test or situation that I have or will face, baba faced in his lifetime. All I have to do is copy him. In the past, I would have analyzed the life out of every situation, tried to reason it, complain, theorize…Baba says, ‘situations are more sensible than you!; they come and go but you hold on to them forever.’. Well, no more! Now, I am sensible enough to take the easy path and simply follow.

And sometimes, situations are indeed big and can seem overwhelming. But I now remember who I am and Whose child I am and so no matter what comes, I am not afraid. I belong to the Father and He is responsible for me; He will take care of me. What’s more, I’m aware that this confluence age is also most benevolent and that no matter what a situation might look like from the outside, there is benefit inside. And so I am sensible enough to not let it overpower me, I simply hold God’s hand and watch Him bring me out stronger, more faithful, more courageous and resilient.

When I see someone do something wrong, I don’t come to a standstill in my own journey by judging them: ‘but what they did was wrong!’ or trying to fix them. I realize that this is Ravan’s bait to try to distract me from my own journey. If someone is creating obstacles, my job isn’t to try to fix them, but instead I have to take a high jump and keep on moving. I realize that I am not the Purifier, God is. I am sensible enough to work with God on my own purification and not worry about what someone else is or isn’t doing right. I am sensible enough to not allow their behavior to sow bitterness and resentment inside me and break my connection with God and bring me to a stop. Instead, I am merciful just as my Father is to me; I learn to see but not see, hear but not hear and simply have good wishes and pure feelings for all, no matter what.

When God gives me a signal to change something about me, I am sensible enough to obey promptly. I don’t get careless and think: ‘everyone does it, it’s not such a big deal’ or ‘I will change when they change’ or ‘it’s the negative atmosphere that forces me to behave that way’. I realize that my destiny is way too important to be dependent on people or circumstances or the atmosphere changing. It doesn’t matter what happens outside, I have to change.

When I see someone being praised, in the past, I would allow that to make me feel jealous and inferior. But that was because Ravan had convinced me that my worth and value came from other people’s approvals and praise. But now I know that my worth comes only and only from the fact that I, the soul am a child of God. And no one can take that away from me. So I join in the applause, and lend my kudos to a job well done. Similarly when I am praised or defamed, I remain unmoved by either because again, who I am doesn’t change. I am sensible now.

In other words, to be sensible means that I re-awaken my truth based on what God is teaching me and free myself from all the falsehoods of Ravan. Each time I follow God’s direction, I reawaken my truth in that area and defeat Ravan in that area. The more I keep doing the right thing, it becomes a sanskar or my natural nature. ‘Knowledge is the seed and remembrance is the water’ says Baba, ‘through this study of Raja Yoga, you once again become sensible and reclaim your lost sovereignty of heaven. Then, in the future, you don’t need to take advice from anyone. You yourself become sensible and once again rule the kingdom of heaven.

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