Follow father

Baba says, ‘This Brahma will become the highest of all and this is why it is said: Follow the father. Follow the father until the end.’

The occupation of Brahmins is world transformation. But world transformation can only occur through self-transformation and that too over a long period of time. Wrong sanskars of Ravan have been with me for half a cycle and for them to be replaced by the right sanskars in one short birth takes all the practice I can put in. Lucky for me, I have the example of Father Brahma who had to make this same effort during his lifetime. Not only did he make effort but he made successful effort resulting in him becoming the #1 victorious jewel and the first angel of God. So what was the recipe of his successful effort? Baba summarized it in three words on his final day in the corporeal: Incorporeal, viceless, egoless.

Always be incorporeal in your thoughts, says Baba, detached from all and loving to the Father. Always be egoless in your words, that is, let them always be filled with spiritual sweetness and humility, let them be words of blessings. Always be viceless in your actions through the physical senses.

‘The main thing’ ,Baba says,is to consider yourselves to be bodiless souls.’ Throughout the day, while walking, talking and moving around, practice, says Baba, that you are a bodiless soul: ‘I, the incorporeal soul am speaking through this mouth.’ It isn’t that I experience bodilessness only during sit-down meditation. In fact, the quality of my sit-down meditation depends on the quality of the rest of my day. If I spent that time in the awareness of the body and bodily relations i.e. in all the limited ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, then when I try to remember Baba, I won’t be able to; instead, I will remember the events of the day. And so Baba says, even while your hands may be busy, practice connecting your intellect in yoga with the Father: ‘I, the soul am the child of the Supreme Soul, the resident of the Supreme Abode. I am here as an actor performing a part in this unlimited world drama. I am now returning home.’ ‘When you remember bodily beings, a lot of time is wasted and you are being disobedient to the Father’, says Baba.

To the extent that you remain in the incorporeal stage, you will also remain fearless, because fear arises out of the awareness of the body‘, points out Baba. Where there is fear, there is a lot of wastage and negativity in trying to protect that which I am afraid of losing- be it the body, limited wealth, possessions, respect, approval, title, roles, relationships, whatever. And so to imbibe the virtue of fearlessness, I have to become incorporeal.

This awareness of being an incorporeal soul is also the foundation for being viceless and egoless. When I consider myself a pure soul, then the virtues and powers of the soul automatically emerge. While walking and moving around, remain in this awareness of being a bodiless soul and while performing activities, practice remaining in the awareness of being an angel, says Baba. An angel always remains beyond the influence of action. An angel is a child, a humble instrument of the Father; it appears on the scene to perform the Father’s task and then promptly leaves; doesn’t wait for acknowledgement or applause. An angel doesn’t get caught up in right or wrong; it doesn’t debate or argue, simply reconciles, maintains unity and harmony. An angel is a detached observer, remaining beyond the questions of ‘why, what, how and when’; it simply trusts the Father and the drama.

And therefore, says Baba, the foundation for even stabilizing myself in the incorporeal stage is the consciousness of being an instrument. When I have this awareness, these three specialties of being incorporeal, viceless and egoless automatically emerge. It is in the absence of this consciousness that the many limited forms of ‘I and mine’ get in the way of right thinking, speaking and actions. So simply remember this one expression, says Baba: ‘I am an instrument of God for world service’ Then, you will remain in the stage of being incorporeal, beyond any corporeal thoughts and feelings; you will remain humble and egoless. On the flip side, when I say ‘I, I’, there is arrogance, wilting and sadness, Baba points out. It is arrogance that makes me lose all the ornaments of my virtues and become bankrupt. It’s as if you die even while alive, says Baba. So always keep this awareness with you, He teaches: ‘I am an instrument’ and remain safe from all wrong spinning and actions.

Just as the awareness of the body is natural, so too, now, the awareness of being an incorporeal soul must also become natural, says Baba. And that comes only from practice over a long period of time. It is only when I get this first lesson right, will I be able to wear and hold on to the ornaments of virtues and truly serve others with humility; only then will I be able to give everyone a vision of the Father through my being. This is what Father Brahma was able to do and as is Father Brahma’s sanskars, so are Brahmins’ sanskars! ‘You have already received the blessing of being incorporeal, viceless and egoless from the Bestower of Blessings, now put this blessing into practice‘, instructs Baba. In other words, make yourself an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance and an image that grants visions. Let anyone who comes in front of you see the jewel in the forehead, the intense power of your eyes and hear words of blessings emerging from your lips. Only then will revelation take place.

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