The benevolent confluence age

Baba says, ‘this is the beautiful, benevolent confluence age in which the Father Himself comes and makes impure Bharat pure.’

In the entire cycle, this confluence of the iron age and the golden age is the only benevolent and auspicious confluence age. Why? because it is the only confluence during which, with help from God, I ascend. In every other confluence – be it that of the golden and silver ages or that of the silver and copper ages or that of the copper and iron ages, I descend further and further down into impurity and degradation. I lose power, I lose virtues, that is, I lose my inheritance. In fact, starting with the first birth of the golden age, Baba says, by the time prince Krishna become emperor Narayan, he’s already lost a little of his shine. It is only now, in this short birth, that I rise.

God Himself incarnates at this time, in Bharat, to make His children pure again and to return to them their lost inheritance. This is the only time in the whole cycle that He comes. As the souls regain their purity, Bharat regains it’s purity; as souls reclaim their lost inheritance, Bharat also reclaims it’s lost glory. ‘Bharat is remembered as the golden sparrow’, says Baba, ‘I come to make it that again’. The first thing God does when He comes is adopt me and make me His child practically. As a soul, I am always His child but it is only now that I get to experience this and all other relationships- of God as the Teacher, as the Satguru, as the Child, as the Beloved, as the Companion. When He adopts me, I receive a new name- child of God; I receive a new family- the Godly family; I receive a new nature- the Godly nature of righteousness. I go from being an orphan fending for myself in the big wicked world of Ravan to belonging to God and having Him become responsible for me and guide me. I go from not knowing who I am and therefore looking for identity in limited relationships, roles and accomplishments to knowing exactly who I am. I realize that as a soul, I no longer have to hustle for limited things, I realize that the things I seek- peace, happiness and contentment- are in fact my inheritance that I receive only from my Father. Through receiving this identity and belonging, I therefore go from living a life of bondage to being liberated-in-life. ‘This is why this confluence age is called the Diamond age’, says Baba.

The alokik father, Father Brahma, is also experienced only at this time. It is in his body that God incarnates. It is through him that God sustains me as the Mother. It is through his mouth that God speaks to me and reveals to me the secrets of the whole cycle. In other words, this is the only time at which I know of all the ages; I know the whole story- it’s beginning, middle and end. It is through Father Brahma that God teaches me Raja Yoga, through which I return to my lost sovereignty. In other words, it is through Father Brahma that God gives me my inheritance. And so Baba says, ‘this is a small age, but, out of all the births, this age of the confluence is very, very fortunate.’

Do I experience being at the confluence age? or do I experience myself still in the throes of the iron age? Come to think of it, the world population is at its max at the confluence age, and yet only a handful of souls know of and therefore receive the attainment of the confluence.

Only if I experience being at the confluence age do I realize and make the effort needed to become the golden aged deity. If I am still caught up in the fruitless struggle of the iron age, in the hustle, then, I miss participating in the greatest task of establishment of all time- the establishment of heaven and the deity religion. ‘Remember your aim’, says Baba, ‘you are at this confluence age to imbibe divine virtues and become deities.’ When I remain in this awareness of who I am becoming, and through Whom I am becoming, I experience super-sensuous joy. ‘This is the praise of only this time‘, says Baba. This is why to simply remember this auspicious time is to be Manmanabhav because it automatically reminds me of everything else- my aim, the Father and the inheritance.

To be Manmanabhav is to accumulate my treasures for the whole cycle – there is no wastage or mediocrity. This is a short age and a short life in which I have accumulate for the whole new cycle. For the first half of the cycle, I simply experience the fruit of my effort here i.e. draw on what I have accumulated here; there is no earning. So how long I experience heaven for and the extent of my sovereignty depends on my account of accumulation now. Then from the copper age onward, there is the temporary account of devotion in which I do something and instantly receive and use up the fruit. So again, there is no accumulation, just earn and use up. The ONLY time therefore to accumulate in my imperishable account so that it continues for birth after birth is now. This is also why this time is the most elevated time in the whole cycle, says Baba. When I accumulate and overflow with treasures, I am able to help God with sustaining others – like the Father, I co-operate through tolerance and accommodation, I empower through hope, courage and encouragement, I remain in and inject zeal and enthusiasm. This is why this age is also the age of charity; it is when I transform from being a sinful soul to a charitable server. ‘Only charitable souls live in heaven’, says Baba, ‘those sanskars of charity must emerge now’.

And I am never alone in this journey of transformation, God is right there with me. In fact, it is only in this age that the Father plays the part of being the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings. This is why this age is also called the age of blessings. In this age, because of love, the Father becomes the Innocent Treasurer and He gives me multi-millions in return for one. In every other age, I reap only as much as I sow. But now, in return for one step of courage, I receive multi-millions in return! ‘From devotion, you receive the temporary fruit of your faith and devotion, whereas here you receive the fruit of the inheritance and blessings’, points out Baba.

Therefore’, He asks, ‘do you continue to take every step while being trikaldarshi and knowing the importance of this time, knowing the attainments and knowing the account of accumulation? Do you remain aware of how elevated even one second of this time is, compared with other time? Do you understand the account of how much you can earn in a second and how much you lose in a second? Yes, you have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, but have you claimed a right to the imperishable inheritance and the special blessings?

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