You are the Mother and Father

Baba says, ‘It is only to Him that you sing: You are the Mother and You are the Father. This is the praise of God, the Highest on High. Whom do you call the Mother and Father?

People of Bharat say: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. But who is actually the Mother and Father? They address Lakshmi and Narayan as the Mother and the Father; they even go in front of Radhe and Krishna’s idols and call them the Mother and the Father. Baba says, ‘they are the prince and princess; how could they possibly be anyone’s mother and father!?’ And even with Lakshmi and Narayan, only their children would call them mother and father. Then, there are others who consider Jagadamba to be the Mother but, points out Baba, she too has a mother and father. So, no, when people sing ‘You are the Mother and Father’, they are not referring to any bodily beings but rather they are referring to God, the Creator, as the Mother and Father. He is incorporeal and yet He creates the corporeal world! The world cannot be created without a mother. And since He is incorporeal, the mother cannot be incorporeal if there are to be corporeal children. He doesn’t marry anyone! So how then does He create children? The incorporeal One comes into an old world to create a new world but how?

The Father explains: I adopt you children through Brahma. This is why He is called the Mother and Father. It isn’t that children are born from a womb. How could so many children possibly emerge in that way? The Father explains: I adopt this body and then adopt you children through his mouth. This Brahma is the father, the creator of the human world, and he is also the mother through whose mouth I adopt you children. And so when some children say that they have a direct connection with ShivBaba, that doesn’t compute. Baba says: ‘I adopt you through Brahma, therefore, you truly definitely have to come to this mother Brahma first.’ It is only the Father’s task to adopt children in this way. Sannyasis cannot do this. They have seekers, followers and disciples; here, it is an aspect of creation. Baba enters the body of Brahma, and so it is the mouth-born creation who say: You are the Mother and Father. Therefore, this proves that Brahma is the mother.

Baba says, ‘The one whom I enter is also My son.’ And so on that basis, Brahma is both my mother and my older brother (Dada). This is why he is called BapDada because both the Father and the Brother are combined; and the Father and the mother are combined. This is so wonderful!, says Baba. A child cannot receive an inheritance from a brother or from a mother; it can only receive an inheritance from the Father. And so the mother reminds me: ‘you children now have to remember the incorporeal One, the Mother and Father. I don’t have any property.’ Even though it is the mother and brother that are visible to the physical eye, I, the soul must always remember only the incorporeal Father from Whom I receive the inheritance. When you come into His lap at Amrit Vela or when I am listening to the Murli or when I am sitting in remembrance, always remember that you are sitting before BapDada, not just Dada, says baba.

He says: ‘I was living in My supreme abode. Just as you souls come here to play your parts and become householders, in the same way, I have to come and become the Householder‘. Only when God becomes the Householder does He truly become the Mother rand Father, practically. And that happens only now, at this auspicious confluence age. In bhakti too, I used to call out, “You are the Mother and Father” but ‘I was not the Householder at that time’, Baba points out. And now that He is a householder, He isn’t one with two or four children; He is the One with the biggest household!

The Father says: ‘Children, forget everything about yourselves. Forget everything, including your bodies and your bodily relations, and have yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You children have been given the order: Remember Me, the Father! I enter this one and teach you Raja Yoga. There is no question of inspiration in this. Baba doesn’t work through inspiration. Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father. However, by your remembering bodily beings, time is wasted. When you connect your intellects in yoga with others, you are being disobedient to the Father. Effort is required in order to remember the Father. It is in this that mistakes are made’.

When I allow the dictates of my own mind or those of others to influence my choices and decisions, they become wrong and cause me and others sorrow and pain. I lose my inheritance of peace and happiness. And when I keep making mistakes, I sabotage myself because I lose my self-respect, dignity and honor. Then, I get exhausted and leave the spiritual path which is to say, I leave the Father and forfeit my inheritance. And so Baba cautions me daily: ‘be very, very careful about Maya’s tricks. Don’t remember anyone but the Mother and Father’.

It is He that is once again teaching Raja Yoga to make me constantly happy. He says: ‘since I create the new world through Brahma and you Brahmins, it is you that I would teach Raja Yoga.‘ Just as a doctor would give the knowledge of medicine, so, too, the unlimited Mother and Father, the Creator of heaven, gives me teachings on how to become the master of heaven. There isn’t any other knowledge where God Himself teaches and He does so in order to make His children into gods and goddesses. In the golden age or heaven, Lakshmi and Narayan are called a god and goddess. Surely, the Heavenly GodFather made them that way! ‘The Father is now giving you children divine directions through which you become like them and remain constantly cheerful.‘, says Baba. I receive these directions through the mouth of Brahma and so in that sense, Brahma is also the Post Office! C’mon, tell the truth, is there a more wonderful or entertaining knowledge?

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