The Innocent Lord

Baba says, ‘Shiv Baba puts right in a second anything of the children’s that has been spoilt. He makes unhappy children happy for all time.’

For half a cycle, I was a resident of heaven, a deity- full in all the virtues, no vices, completely pure, completely righteous, completely non-violent. Then, about mid-way through the cycle, Maya came and spoilt everything. She got me thinking, speaking and acting wrong; she caused me to give and take sorrow; she robbed me of my peace and caused me to worry and stress all the time. I used to freely share my gifts with everyone, Maya taught me to hoard and hustle for selfish gains. Bottom-line: I used to be so pure that I would be called worship-worthy; Maya corrupted me and made me worthless.

Baba says, ‘those who follow devilish dictates are spoilt‘. I followed devilish dictates because I forgot who I am. So then I let Ravan tell me who I am and how I need to be. Baba came and once again reminded me of who I am, He told me the beginning, middle and end of my story. I became spoilt because I forgot and followed Maya’s dictates. The Father says: ‘Now only remember Me and follow My shrimat’. When I do this, I get put right again. To remember Him is to remember my original self- the pure, peaceful, powerful soul. To follow His shrimat is to learn how to live virtuously and righteously again.

I had a whole half a cycle to become spoilt and so I’ve learnt every wrong thought, every wrong word and every wrong action. I know well how to manipulate for selfish gains, how to trick, and how to bully. I know how to kiss up to power and how to mistreat those who are powerless. No wonder He is called the Innocent Lord! It would take someone so innocent to be the instrument for such a radical transformation.

Every day, I come face to face with the Father’s innocence- when He chooses to see but not see my flaws. When He chooses to sing the praise of the one good thing I did all day and not condemn me for the hundred wrongs. When He chooses to only talk to me about how elevated I am, how pure and powerful I am even when I come to Him complaining about all the things wrong with me. When He refuses to define me by the mistakes I’ve made. When He seats me on His heart-throne even after and especially after I’ve failed at something He asked me to do for the thirtieth time. When He believes in me no matter what, when He is available for me all day every day, when He loves me without judgment and unconditionally.

Innocence is not naivete. It doesn’t mean that He doesn’t see my flaws or understand my selfish motivations or bump up against my stubbornness. He sees all, He knows all. But unlike human-beings who judge based on the external or on what’s apparent, God chooses to see the heart. He chooses to remember the journey I’ve been on, He chooses to remember that it’s Maya working through me, that she’s the villain. He chooses to keep only my original form in His vision even when my current may be nowhere close. Innocence is choosing to see the best, it is keeping an easy nature that accommodates shortcomings, it’s having good wishes and pure feelings that uplifts and empowers.

It is His innocence that breaks the spell of Maya by penetrating the heart and mind that she’s held captive for so long. It is His love that is the alchemy that heals and transforms. ‘No human-being can be called innocent. Only Shiv Baba can be called the Innocent Lord. Only the One, who puts right everything that has gone wrong, that is, the One who makes unhappy ones happy, is called the Innocent Lord.‘ His knowledge sheds light and helps me see clearly right from wrong. His loving remembrance fills me with the power to then bring about change based on the knowledge. In fact, His remembrance has so much power that it takes just this one short birth of this confluence age to put right everything that was spoilt over half a cycle. This is why the praise is that it didn’t take God long to change humans into deities. This is also why this confluence age is called the most elevated and benevolent confluence age.

He is the Unlimited Father, the Innocent Lord. He, the Ever Pure, comes from the pure world into the most impure, degraded world in an old, impure body….to serve. He makes beautiful those who have become ugly. He takes all the old useless things and gives me all the new things. All the praise is therefore just of the One, the most innocent of all, who gives only and a lot of happiness.

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