The power of blessings

Baba says, ‘The power of the blessings of many souls is the way to make progress. The more you benefit others by donating to them the jewels of knowledge you receive from the Father, the more blessings you will receive from many souls.

Blessings, Baba says, are a very big treasure. When I am full of blessings from everyone’s heart, I never have to labor; the blessings push me forward. Blessings are an instrument to make me obstacle-proof because every action, word and thought will easily and automatically become yogyukt and yuktiyukt. Such is the treasure of blessings.

So who can receive blessings? Baba says those who donate the jewels of knowledge received from the Father receive blessings. So does this mean that those who give lectures, or conducts workshops are the only ones eligible to receive blessings? no. To donate knowledge is not just through words alone; in fact, the impact is a lot more when I donate the knowledge through my actions, through my vision, my attitude, through my very being. To donate knowledge is to give blessings to others and when I give, I always receive.

And so Baba says, ‘from Amrtivela till night, just do this task: I have to give blessings and receive blessings.’ If I can do this, it enables me to make progress in my own effort. How so? Because when giving and receiving blessings is my goal, then divine virtues and powers have to come automatically. For example, when someone says something hurtful, then because I’ve made giving and receiving blessings my goal, it means I automatically have to imbibe the power of tolerance. When I see shortcomings, I have to merge, I cannot gossip or criticize. Giving blessings, Baba teaches, is not about placing my hand on someone’s head; rather, it is to have a vision and attitude of forgiveness and mercy.

When that co-worker that always leaves me out at the office is having a bad day, rather than think: ‘serves him right’, if I can go out of my way to lend a hand, that’s donating the Father’s knowledge to them in a way that they understand. Souls, Baba reminds me, are not looking for lecture, they are moved by experience. When I make giving and receiving blessings my goal, my attitude is not: ‘I will change when they change’, ‘how many times do I need to bow down? do I have to die all the time?’, ‘when this person leaves, things will be alright’. These are sanskars of the old world, Baba reminds me, you have to divorce these sanskars that have caused you and others sorrow. Baba knows me, He’s seen what I’m like and He hasn’t stopped blessing me no matter how long I take to change, no matter how many times I fail at something. Let me follow Father and let go of the attitude of judgment. Let me bless through having patience, through maintaining faith in others, through good wishes. ‘What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong but don’t keep the feelings in your heart’, teaches Baba. This is blessing myself and others. When I keep ill feelings toward others in my heart, it hurts me more than anyone else. It takes away my peace and joy and more importantly, breaks my connection with the Father. Baba says, ‘never let go of your good wishes for others, no matter what’. To do this is to donate knowledge and bless.

And so, to donate knowledge, I first need to be an embodiment of knowledge. Only then will the arrow of knowledge strike the target, teaches Baba. If all I have are points of knowledge in my intellect, then I am limited to speaking knowledge. Also the words will lack power, ring hollow and bounce off the other’s head. Besides, most people that need the donation of knowledge are not attending lectures or workshops. ‘Only the sound from the heart reaches the heart’, teaches Baba. Then, I don’t have to speak much at all, my very being serves. ‘If you can’, Baba says, ‘open a spiritual university cum hospital‘. This doesn’t always mean that I open a physical center- it’s great if I can. But when I can fill hope in the hopeless everywhere I go, when I can uplift those that are weak, when I can forgive when it’s hard, when I can cover the other’s fault, I become a walking, moving, spiritual university cum hospital. I am treating the spiritually wounded and teaching others how to be through my own example.

This is how the Father taught me – through His own example, and so this is what I allow to flow through me to others. Father shows son and then it’s the son’s turn to show Father.

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