I have won the lottery

Baba says, ‘At night, when you have time, remember the Father with love and imbibe divine virtues and you will win a lottery for 21 births.’

This is the confluence age, the time of the great meeting of the souls with the Supreme Soul. To become God’s child and belong to the Brahmin family is to win the lottery. Only a handful out of multi-millions win this lottery.

Before I became a child of Baba, I was an orphan in Ravan’s world fending for myself. Ravan taught me all the wrong things- he taught me to hustle for name and fame, he told me that I had to keep chasing and keep accumulating to stay relevant, he told me that the rule of the jungle is ‘the survival of the fittest’- so whatever I needed to do to get ahead was fine…even if that meant mistreating and manipulating others. The more I did what I was told, the unhappier I got. I couldn’t figure it out…

…until Baba came and turned the switch on. He reminded me of who I am and of my powers and virtues. He told me my full story- that I was a deity in heaven for half a cycle and then, how, midway, I forgot who I am and got taken advantage of by Ravan. He bankrupted you, Baba told me. Now, it’s time to take back all that you have lost. All you have to do, He says, is remember Me alone from your heart and follow My Shrimat. If I can do this, He guarantees that I will stay safe from Ravan and reclaim my lost sovereignty. Yes, there is sovereignty of heaven in the future but that depends on how well I claim my self-sovereignty here. To the extent that I am victorious here, I will attain an elevated status there.

The foundation to claim my fortune is to know deeply in my bones that Baba is my Father. If all I am doing is just saying ‘Baba, Baba..’ without the recognition and acceptance, then that’s not beneficial.

To enable me to reclaim my fortune, Baba corrects me when I am doing something wrong i.e. something according to the conditioning of half a cycle in Ravan’s world. All He is doing is being my Father and showing me the right way to do it. But if I haven’t accepted Him as my Father, then I will feel condemned and shrink back rather than change. ‘Many don’t have faith’, says Baba. ‘Although they come and listen to a murli, it doesn’t sit in their intellects that Baba is their Father, that they have to claim their inheritance from Him and also follow His shrimat.’ Baba is my Father and loves me more than I can ever know. Nothing I have done or will do is a surprise to Him. He knows my journey and is here to help me, let me recognize Who He is and relate to Him as a child.

On the flip side, I think I can continue to live life on my own terms and go to God when I get in trouble. Then, I have yoga for four hours to receive His help and the moment the problem is solved, I push Him aside. God is not a dump for my problems neither is He a consultant I hire to help me when I want and then send off. He is my Father! He doesn’t take my problems without taking me first. As His child, it is my duty to follow His directions for my life. Then, He becomes responsible for me. The Shrimat is for my protection anyway, it’s to save me from getting in trouble in the first place …so why wouldn’t I want to follow? And when I do end up making a mistake, I won’t have to ask for His help, He will already be helping me. Let me recognize Who He is and relate to Him as a child.

When storms come which they will, if my relationship with my Father is not firm, I will shake and go into the spinning of waste: ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘can this too happen?’, ‘I never had this happen before gyan!’ etc. But when my relationship with the Father, with the Beloved is firm, then I don’t shake, I go through the storm with Him on my side. I take from the storm the gift of the lesson it comes bearing and allow it to strengthen me, to move me forward on my journey. But I will never have that maturity, or that courage until I have faith in Who is with me.

At this great confluence, you can claim as your birthright, as many treasures as you want without incurring any expense, says Baba. I cannot claim the treasures from God without a deep bond with Him. He is giving me treasures daily right from the moment I wake up. At Amritvela, do I celebrate a beautiful meeting with Him, make myself unshakable by filling myself up with His love? At Murli, when He signals to me as to what I need to do, do I receive it with as much love and follow through? Throughout the day, as my Guide, He prompts me about what to say/not say, what to do/not do; He teaches me to see but not see and hear but not hear. He teaches me to forgive quickly, to let go of bitterness and resentment. Am I able to hear and follow His promptings? The basis for all of this is love and love is based on relationship. Else, I will feel as if I’m having to labor or even suffer. Ravan will do his best to convince me that Baba doesn’t love me after all, or he will try to get me to be afraid of situations and problems. Either way, his goal is to take me as far away from my Father as possible and make me alone again. I have been an orphan for long enough, let me not go back to being one again…especially after having found the Father.

This is not a lottery where I buy the ticket now and the winning number is announced later; I am already a winner! I get to draw as long a line of fortune as I want, it is up to me. All I have to do is say ‘My Baba’ from my heart and become seated on His heart-throne. And just like that, in one second, I become the master of all His treasures. He is giving me His world, to be able to receive it, I have to feel ownership toward it and for that, I have to be the child. Then, I enter into a new special world which is in the Father. One who lives in this world is always swinging in the swings of attainments and happiness. I always live free from waste, beyond the mud of body consciousness and continue to fly like angels- liberated in life. I constantly play with jewels and remain beyond a stone intellect and stones. I enjoy the company of the Father, the Mother, the Beloved, the Companion- I never eat or walk or do anything alone. I don’t ever worry about what I have to do in any situation- I have guidance; I also don’t have to worry about how something will turn out- it isn’t my responsibility.

Baba says, ‘Thousands will come, but not a single one has the faith that He is their Father and that they have to follow His directions. First of all, you should see the face of your Mother and Father. However, some don’t have that faith. Maya is very powerful. It takes a lot of effort to free you from that powerful Maya.’ 

When I don’t have a relationship with God as my Father, that is when I feel like an orphan, then, I don’t want to live in this world anymore, it’s just too hard. That’s when I pray for eternal liberation from the cycle…I don’t ever want to come back and be ‘stuck’ again. With just one change, with having a relationship with God, I go from stuck to liberated-in-life. All I have to do, Baba says, is to make the Father my world and stay in that world. If I can do this, then it is guaranteed that I will reach my destination of sovereignty. My Father will get me there.

To win the lottery of belonging to the Father is not a small thing!

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