Being a knowledge-full and trikaldarshi soul

Baba says, ‘Knowledge-full and trikaldarshi souls use every power, every point and every virtue under their orders.’

The first, most elevated treasure, Baba says, is that of the jewels of knowledge. I receive this treasure daily from the Father. But the children are all different in terms of what they do with the jewels they receive, points out Baba. Some simply receive the treasure, enjoy it and forget about it, some others receive the treasure, enjoy it and accumulate it and then there are those that receive the treasure, enjoy it, accumulate it and also increase it. You have to be the kind that knows how to make Baba’s treasures your own and then increase it, says Baba. The way to increase the treasure is to use it or apply it in my life.

Simply attending Murli and listening to the points does not make them mine. For that, I need to imbibe or merge them within me and then be able to use them for a task, at the right time. ‘Continue to churn the knowledge within you throughout the day‘, Baba teaches, ‘just as a cow chews on the grass all day long’. To churn the knowledge is to go deep into the point I hear and really experience it. When I do this, that point becomes part of me and then when a situation presents itself where that point is applicable, I am able to automatically use it without laboring.

But when I don’t churn the knowledge and simply hear it, then when the situation comes, I might remember the points but I lack the power to use it. For example, I might know the point of drama and when the situation comes, I even say: ‘this is just drama, it’s beneficial, this too shall pass…’, but my legs are trembling! or sometimes, I am in a situation and I will repeat to myself: ‘this is not right, I mustn’t do this, this is not knowledge, these are not divine virtues…’etc., and yet, I am being influenced the whole time. When I am able to imbibe the points and apply it in my life at the right time, I become an experienced soul in that area; I become an authority. That, Baba teaches, is how I increase my treasures.

And so don’t be someone that just listens, says Baba, because that is not beneficial to the self or to others. Even if I know the points by heart, even though they are all powerful points, if it cannot make me victorious at the time I need it, then it’s as if I didn’t have them at all. It’s bad enough when I cannot use the point in a situation impacting me but it’s worse when it involves others. Maybe someone is being rude to me and I know that it’s Ravan working through them, I even know that I need to use the power of tolerance but if it doesn’t show up until after the situation has passed, then, that’s not victory. Similarly, I know I have to use the power of accommodation when I see someone being clumsy and maybe I even manage to merge everything for half an hour but if a second later, I blurt something out, that’s not being a master of my treasures.

These treasures are my inheritance, they are mine, the Father has given them to me, they are my birthright. ‘You should have so much intoxication about your birthright’, Baba says. So use the treasures for a task, He says, you don’t use them enough. You remain happy that you received everything but you become numberwise in using them and enabling the self and others to experience attainment from them. Unless I experiment with the points I receive, I won’t know how to use them- just like with a new tool, I don’t know how to use it properly until I actually try it out. Maybe the first time I try it, I don’t do so well but I now know where and what is off. That’s how I know what to work on or correct the next time and then by the third or fourth time, I’ve mastered it. The drama helps me master my powers, virtues and all my treasures, and become an authority of experience by presenting me with various situations daily. Rather than see them as obstacles, let me use them as opportunities to practice.

The meaning of knowledge is not just to repeat points and to keep them in your intellect, Baba teaches. Knowledge means understanding.  It means the understanding of being trikaldarshi– that is, the understanding of doing something according to the time.  This, is called knowledge.  If someone is very sensible but, at the required time, does something senseless, such a soul would not be called knowledge-full. When asked, everyone says that they want to be a world emperor, a master, but if a virtue or power does not show up when you summon it, how do you expect to be an emperor!?, asks Baba. It is good to keep a high aim but don’t just leave it at that, also ensure that you are working on making the qualifications equal to the aim, He teaches.

So continue to churn the treasures of knowledge and accumulate them and then by being trikaldarshi, use them in your tasks at the right time to increase them. This is to move along with understanding at every moment, in every task and in every action. Then, you become content and can make others content. And where there’s contentment, there are blessings.

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