Through Brahma

Baba says, ‘Give your news to Baba through Brahma.’

Shiv Baba is incorporeal just like us souls. But unlike us souls, He doesn’t have a body of His own and so has no organs to see with, hear with or perform actions with. He therefore has to take the support of a body to interact with us. He takes the support of the body of Brahma; He sits next to the soul of Brahma in his body and sees through his eyes, hears through his ears, speaks and teaches through his mouth etc. This is a fundamental thing to understand and bear in mind when I interact with Shiv Baba.

Yes in every murli, Baba says, ‘remember Me alone‘. Shiv Baba alone is the Creator, the Purifier, the Surgeon. It is He that creates the new world, it is He that purifies souls and takes them back home, it is He that prescribes remedies for all illnesses. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher and the Satguru; it is He that I receive my inheritance from. All true. But He cannot do any of that without the support of Brahma. He says, ‘tell me everything, tell me all that’s bothering you so that I can help you’. He tells me that using the mouth of Brahma and He cannot hear what I tell Him without the ears of Brahma and I cannot receive His advice without Brahma. He says, ‘write to me daily‘ but how do I write to an incorporeal being?

Baba says, ‘You have to write to Shiv Baba through Brahma. You can address your letters as: To Shiv Baba c/o Brahma.‘ But when I am body conscious, I think: ‘well, why should I have to write to Baba through any body? I want to speak to Him and interact with Him directly. Why should anyone else hear or know or see? I have direct access to Baba!’

Yes, as a soul, I am always a child of Shiv Baba but it is only now at the confluence age when the Father comes into the corporeal world in a corporeal body that He adopts me and makes me His child in a practical way. This is the only time that He and I interact with each other, meet and speak and relate. All of that is possible only because of Brahma baba. I have access to Shiv Baba only thanks to Brahma baba. Do I have this appreciation and gratitude for baba? Have I recognized the very special role he plays along with God? Just as Shiv Baba is my eternal Father, Brahma baba is also my alokik father; He is in fact the Father of all People. All the people of the world are his children. By this, Shiv Baba is my Grandfather. A child receives its inheritance from the grandfather through the father and so I cannot claim my inheritance from Baba except through Father Brahma.

It is sung that a loving intellect at the time of destruction leads to victory and an unloving intellect leads to destruction. To have a deep bond with Brahma baba just as I do with Shiv Baba is to have a loving intellect and to ignore Brahma and think I can have a direct relationship with God is to have an unloving intellect that has been taken over by Maya. When asked, everyone says: ‘I have unlimited love for Shiv Baba, He is my world.’. But I can only love Shiv Baba through Brahma! How so? I love Shiv Baba because of Who He is, because I have experienced His nature. He was only able to express Himself and give me His experience through Brahma. So how can I love Him without Brahma? Then there are others who say, ‘I remember Shiv Baba anyway’ but Shiv Baba is in Brahma’s body! Baba says, ‘only when you write a letter to Shiv Baba through Brahma would Shiv Baba understand that you are truly remembering Him.’

‘I take the support of this one’s chariot, that is, his throne’, says the Father. ‘This is fixed in the drama. Every cycle, I take the support of the same chariot, it cannot change. He is a very experienced chariot‘, Baba points out. ‘He was a jewel merchant and this here is the business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Only when I enter this chariot every cycle can I carry out this task.’ The Father creates Brahmins through Brahma, just as Christians are created through Christ. ‘I sit here and tell you the story of this one’s births. The first birth is that of Shri Krishna. I come at the end of the last of this many births. I tell you all of these things accurately. If anyone asks, tell them: Brahma is definitely needed first, because only then can Brahmins be created through him. The physical Father of Humanity is needed. The Father of Humanity cannot exist in the subtle region. Brahma, the Father of Humanity, is needed here.

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