Baba says, ‘Liberation in life means to be liberated from the sorrow of Ravan.’ 

To remain free from the various bondages while living this life is the stage of liberation-in-life. Many think liberation-in-life is in the golden and silver ages. But there, I won’t have the knowledge or the awareness of either liberation-in-life or of a life of bondage. It is only at present that I am able to experience both what a life of bondage is and what liberation-in-life is, that is, I am able to experience the contrast. And so, Baba points out, to experience liberation and liberation-in-life is the greatness of Brahmin life, not of the golden age.

So ask yourself, says Baba, ‘do I want to experience liberation in the land of liberation? do I want to experience liberation-in-life in the golden age? Or do I want to create the sanskars of liberation and liberation-in-life now, at the confluence age? This is the difference between Brahmin souls and other souls in the world. I create these sanskars now with help from the Father, Teacher and the Satguru, others don’t. Everyone experiences liberation-in-life when they come to this physical plane but there is a huge difference between their experience and mine- my experience is so great, it is called heaven. They come into the old world. Why? because I make the effort to create those sanskars now and it is those sanskars that become natural to me in the new cycle.

So the question is: what kind of effort am I making? To the extent I make effort and imbibe Godly sanskars, to that extent, I will be liberated-in-life; it will determine how long I will experience heaven for. Is my preparation setting me up for a golden aged life? or a silver aged life? and for how long? The way to check this is to see if I am living a life free from bondage, teaches Baba. My life is lived in the mind and so check, says Baba, if the mind and intellect have become free from all bondages. As soon as I become a Brahmin, I become free from many things but are there still some things that are hard to let go?

If I have any type of bondage – of the body, of bodily relations, of the physical organs, of habits, of preferences, of nature, of old sanskars, then I am not yet liberated-in-life. As a Brahmin, my goal is to become Lakshmi and Narayan- complete in all virtues, completely viceless. That is complete liberation-in-life. But if I still say: ‘I didn’t mean to say/do that, but it happened…’, then, that shows that I am still in bondage to that sanskar or habit. It is holding me back from my full experience, I am still experiencing sorrow. As soon as I am born, Baba gives me a divine intellect and all the treasures and powers. I am aware of them but liberation comes from actually using them. The intellect is the stock room, says Baba. Don’t just keep all the points stored there, but actually become the form of that point, He teaches. You keep speaking and thinking but now realize with your heart what a burden this is and what it means to be light, He says. Keep the contrast in front of you.

I only receive the inheritance from the Father now, at the confluence age. He is giving me everything, it is up to me how much I want to take. Do I want to take everything and experience full liberation-in-life i.e. come at the very start of the golden age or will I be happy with just a little taste? It is my birthright, Baba reminds me, so why wouldn’t I claim it fully? Simply use the three points, He teaches: I, the soul am a point, the Father is a point and the drama is a point. I am not the body or the role or the relationship or the position or nationality or anything else, I am a point of light. When something happens, rather than get into: ‘why did this happen?’, ‘can this too happen?’, ‘what will I do!’ etc., let me learn to apply a point – a full-stop. No other punctuation of question marks, exclamation marks, commas are needed, He teaches. Just a point. Whatever has happened is good, what is to happen will be even better. Full-stop.

Another method, Baba teaches, is to give blessings and receive blessings. Do just this one thing and put everything else aside because everything is included in this. No matter what happens, what anyone else gives me, I have to give blessings and receive blessings. If I do this, all the virtues and powers are automatically included in it and so, Baba says, just keep this one aim. Of course, when I keep any aim, Maya takes note and comes in all kinds of forms. But no matter if I am confronted by anger or even if I receive bad wishes, I must remain unshakable when it comes to the promise I’ve made to myself: give blessings and receive blessings. This doesn’t mean I place my hand on their head, Baba explains, rather it means that I maintain my good wishes and pure feelings toward them. By doing this, I am not doing them any favor as much as keeping myself free from bondage. ‘Try this for a week and see‘, Baba says. Yes, Maya will come but for those with determined faith, Baba says, victory is guaranteed. The lack of success is from the lack of determination, so now, Baba says, claim your full inheritance with determination.

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