Becoming a Brahmachari

Baba says, ‘It is not difficult to become brahmchari, but it is essential to check that you are a Brahmachari in the steps of your mind, words and deeds.’ 

There are many ‘brahmcharis’ in the world, that is, there are many who remain celibate right from childhood. But here, Baba says, I have to be a Brahmachari. To take the vow of purity does not just mean celibacy; that’s the extent of purity that sannyasis observe. But for those that belong to the clan of Shiva, for the mouth-born creation of Brahma, God says, every word you speak has to be filled with the vibrations of purity like Brahma. Each word of yours has to be like an elevated version. They cannot be ordinary, but uniquely spiritual. Every thought you have must be filled with the importance of purity. Every action you perform should be seen as an action of a karma yogi. Every action must be filled with yoga.

Let the sanskars that Father Brahma made his own, which he reminded everyone of at the time by renouncing his body: incorporeal, viceless and egoless, be the natural sanskar of you Brahmins too, says Baba. Only then can you be called Brahmacharis. Let your sanskars and nature have the newness of being equal to those of the father. Don’t excuse yourself by saying: ‘this is my nature’, but let your nature become the same nature as the father’s. Before you perform any action, speak any words or think any thoughts, first check whether they are equal to those of Father Brahma. Then, think that thought, speak that word or perform that action with your physical organs. Don’t say that you didn’t want to do that, but it just happened. Father Brahma had the specialty of only putting something into practice after he had thought about it or spoken about it beforehand. Those who follow father Brahma in the same way are Brahmachari.

Although Brahma Baba was in an ordinary body, he was seen to be most elevated. Baba says, ‘Follow the father.‘ Even though you may be doing ordinary work, let your stage remain elevated. Let your face show the influence of an elevated life. Let everyone experience seeing the father in every action you do. This is known as being Brahmachari.

Father Brahma had special love for the murli. That is why he became a murlidhar. The future Shri Krishna is also shown playing the murli (flute). So to love that which the Father loves is a sign of true love. This is known as loving father Brahma, that is, to be a Brahmachari.

On the basis of having faith and spiritual intoxication and of knowing that everything is predestined in the drama, Father Brahma made use of everything in a worthwhile way within a second. He didn’t keep anything for himself, but used it all in a worthwhile way. An example of the practical proof of this is that even on his last day, he used his time, thoughts and body in a worthwhile way. So, to be a Brahmachari means to use everything in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to use it for an elevated purpose.

Just as father Brahma was constantly cheerful and yet remained mature and sincere, just as he maintained a steady balance between the two, so you too must follow the father. Never be confused about anything or allow your mood to change in any situation. This is to be a Brahmachari.

Father Brahma’s favorite slogan was “Achieve greater glorification through less expense”. So now demonstrate this. Let there be less expense, but let the attainment from whatever you spend be very beautiful. You need to be able to accomplish a lot and yet have less expenditure. This means that you mustn’t use a lot of your energy or thoughts. You mustn’t use many words but through the few words you speak, let there be greater clarification. Let your thoughts be few but powerful. This, Baba explains, is known as achieving greater glorification through less expense, that is, as being an incarnation of economy.

Father Brahma practically demonstrated belonging to one Father and none other. In the same way, those who are becoming equal to the father have to follow him. Just like the Father, have the determined thought to never get disheartened but always remain happy in your heart. Even if Maya tries to shake you, you must not fluctuate. If Maya adopts a form as big as the Himalayas, at that time, do not try to find a path, but just fly above. For those who have a flying stage, the mountain will become like cotton wool within a second.

One clearly experienced the personality of purity through sakar (corporeal) Father Brahma. This is the sign of the experience of tapasya. In the same way, let this personality be experienced by others through your face and through your form. Father Brahma is a symbol of being a karma yogi in the corporeal form. No matter how busy someone may be, no one can be as busy as Father Brahma! No matter how many responsibilities you have, no one has the same responsibilities as Father Brahma! So, just as Father Brahma remained a karma yogi while fulfilling his responsibilities and considered himself to be the one who is doing and performed all actions as karanhar – he didn’t consider himself to be the one inspiring (Karavanhar) – similarly, follow the father. No matter how great a task you are performing may be, think that you are dancing according to how the Dancing Teacher is making you dance, and you will never become tired or confused, but remain ever-happy.

So check, says Baba. Is there purity in my every thought, word and action, that is, am I following Brahma baba at every second, in every step? To observe complete purity means to be a Brahmachari.

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