Become a trustee

Baba says, ‘You children have to look after your homes. However, even while sitting at home, you consider yourselves to be trustees, and so whatever you eat comes from Shiv Baba’s bhandara.’ 

At this auspicious confluence age, God comes and adopts me as His own child. I, the soul, am always God’s child but it is only at this time that I experience this relationship practically. When I am adopted, I receive a new name – child of God and a new family- the Godly family. I now belong to Baba. That means He is now responsible for me. That’s what’s on offer but how much of it I actually claim depends on me.

As a child, all I have to do is follow the Father’s directions. But for half a cycle, I’ve been used to following the dictates of my own mind which, would not be so bad had I not been body conscious. In the golden age too I know what I have to do, I don’t ask anyone and I don’t have the awareness of God but things turn out okay- because I am soul conscious. My actions are aligned with the values of the soul. But to get there, I need to become so naturally soul conscious now. I have had a lot of practice to make body consciousness natural, now I have to return to the truth.

The easiest way to get there is to remain in the awareness of being a child or a trustee, says Baba. Then, I have no problem following directions. If I don’t consider myself a child, then I think I’m all grown up and do life based on what ‘I think..’ and how ‘I feel’. I also think I have to shoulder my responsibilities, take care of my home, my family, my job….. When something happens, I think: ‘why did this happen to me?’, ‘what will I do now?’ etc. Baba says, ‘To be a trustee means ‘Yours’ and to be a grown up means ‘mine’. So check, who are you?’ I’ve tried the ‘I and mine’ method for half a cycle and so Baba asks: ‘what did you receive by constantly feeling ‘mine, mine’? ‘This is mine, this is mine’. What did you receive through this expansion of mine? Did you receive something or lose something? The more you said ‘mine, mine’, Baba points out, the more nothing remained yours. You made your body diseased, mind peaceless and there was no power left in wealth. Now judge for yourself, He says, do you prefer a life of a trustee or a life of burden?

A trustee doesn’t relinquish responsibility or family, they take care of everything based on directions from the master. They take care of everything with the awareness that none of it belongs to them. This instantly makes me light and detached. Then, no matter what happens, I am not plagued by questions of ‘why and what’; instead, I am able to easily apply a full-stop. I experience my household to be an alokik household. Everyone is a soul, not ‘my husband, my child, my mother…’ but a soul. They too are children of the same Father. He is responsible for them too, He has just entrusted them to my care. That means that any decision I have to make regarding the family, any crisis that occurs, any needs etc., I go to Him.

Sometimes, I don’t have a problem going to Baba when I need help: ‘Baba, I give this to You. Only You know what needs to be done here.’ Then after the issue is resolved, I return to living life on my own terms. Baba says, ‘you have to become the trustee. Only when you surrender yourself to the Father does it become Shiv Baba’s bhandara.’ God is not a dump for my problems, He is my Father. He doesn’t take my problems without taking me first. Only when I have surrendered my intellect to Him does He become responsible for me. If I think, speak and do as I please, then go to Him when there is an obstacle, then that’s no different from taking a dip in the ganges! Baba says, ‘I am the Purifier but no one knows what that means.’ If I want to become free from sorrow, if I want to attain my self-sovereignty, then I have to shed the body consciousness and become pure. Only the Purifier can help me identify and shed the various manifestations of body consciousness and so I have to follow His directions alone. Am I that surrendered? Am I a true trustee?

Always remain lost in the love of belonging to the one Father and none other’, says Baba. Where there is love, I am naturally surrendered. I want to do only that which pleases the one I am surrendered to. And why wouldn’t I want to belong to the Father and experience His sustenance? People in the world just speak of themselves as children of God, they simply say that God is feeding them but they don’t know who God is. However, for Brahmins, the Father is practically feeding me. Even if I am earning and accumulating through a worldly job, though I buy my food through that, I first put my earnings into the Father’s bhandara. Then, everything belongs to the Father. ‘Never forget this method’, says Baba, ‘otherwise you will think that you yourself are earning and eating from that.’ I am a trsutee. A trustee doesn’t own anything. It isn’t that ‘it is my earnings. They are eating from my earnings. I can do what I want with my earnings..’ These thoughts will never arise when I am a trustee. ‘Everything belongs to You. Nothing belongs to me.’ God is feeding you, Baba reminds me. You are receiving Brahma bhojan. Those who are true Brahmins automatically have this intoxication. And Baba guarantees that His children will never be hungry.

So why wouldn’t I choose to live the life of a trustee of God? Why would I want to live life on my own, doing what I think or feel is right, carrying my own burdens? Baba says, ‘you re children of the Betsower of Happiness. If there is the slightest wave of sorrow or feeling of burden, somewhere, there is a lack of trusteeship. You have become deceived somewhere.‘ Let me check and surrender every aspect of me fully to God. Then, all I have to do is follow and when I do, He guarantees sovereignty of heaven, that is, liberation-in-life.

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