Say, ‘Yes, present’ to the Father

Baba says, ‘When you say “Yes, present” at every moment and to every direction of the Father’s, to every step of the Father’s shrimat, every power also says “Yes, present” or “Yes, master, I am present”.’ 

Every child, Baba says, has love for BapDada in their heart. When asked, each one says: ‘Baba is my world’. While love of God is the greatest treasure, there is along with it the treasure of all powers that I also receive from the Almighty Father. He doesn’t give everyone different powers or in different quantities; He gives everyone the same and equally. And yet, every child, Baba observes, is numberwise when it comes to claiming a right to all the powers. Why is that?

Turns out, the degree to which I claim a right to all the powers is directly proportional to the degree to which I love Baba. How so? I know I have claimed a right to a particular power when it shows up when I want it to. It says: ‘Yes, my lord, I am present’ at the time I order it. I should be able to invoke any power I want according to the time and the situation. Instead, if it shows up sometimes or if it shows up late, then that would indicate that I haven’t yet claimed a right. For example, maybe a co-worker or a family member made the same mistake for the 11th time. The power of accommodation showed up the first ten times but now, for this 11th time, it fluctuates a bit. Why? because the underlying thought I have is: ‘how many times do I have to put up with this!’ Sometimes, I hear something inappropriate and I blurt out something in anger. Then I think: ‘I wish I hadn’t said that. I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t help myself…’.

Baba says, ‘the Father has given you the powers as inheritance. Have you made it yours?’ Every power should always and easily present itself before me, not after the time has passed. This, He explains, is having a right to all powers. It has to be natural, it has to be my nature just as how the physical organs obey my order- the hand and leg move when I want them to.

The method to claim a right to the powers, i.e. to ensure they always and easily obey my orders is: to always and easily obey the Father’s Shrimat. Unless I make up my mind that I want to do something, I cannot expect a power to show up. If I need the power of accommodation to show up, I cannot think: ‘how much longer do I have to put up with this!’. In no murli does Baba ask me to keep score nor has He said that I only have to tolerate and accommodate x number of times. When something is my inheritance, when it is mine, then, it is always mine, always available. If I need it 100 times, it is there because it belongs to me. But if I choose to obey Baba sometimes and disobey Him other times, then because I won’t invoke the power during those times that I disobey, it won’t show up.

The basis for following Shrimat always and easily is love. When I love someone, I have no trouble doing what they would like me to. If God is indeed my world, then, I have surrendered my intellect to Him. I no longer think for myself, I simply obey the Father’s directions. There is no more of: ‘but what about what they did to me…’, ‘but why should I apologize, it wasn’t my fault…’, ‘I’ll change when they change…’, ‘everyone does it, what’s the big deal..’, ‘I wouldn’t have said what I did but the situation was so big that I had to…’. There are no more ‘if’s, ‘but’s or ‘when’s, there is simply obedience. I have surrendered the body conscious ‘I and mine’ – what ‘I think’ or ‘ I feel’- to Baba and decided to live my life according to His teaching. I surrender because I love and I love because I have faith in Him, in His love for me. I have experienced His unchanging love for me countless times in the form of forgiveness, in the form of unconditional acceptance, in the form of respect, in the form of honor. I trust that He is on my side. So I obey.

Sometimes I think: ‘well, I want to be tolerant but I don’t think I am a tolerant person. I just don’t seem to have tolerance in me’. This is Maya trying to deceive me into thinking that I am incapable of doing something Baba is asking me to. Everything that the Father has, He has given to me as inheritance. It is a gift, I don’t even have to work for it. It IS in me. And when Maya tries to stop me from obeying Baba with thoughts of: ‘but why should I forgive them..’ etc., let me say with faith: ‘because I love Baba’ and ‘because God never asks me to do something for others that He hasn’t already done for me.‘ He expects to see flow through me only that which He has already given to me.

Baba says, ‘have mercy on yourself, follow shrimat.‘ Unless I follow Shrimat, I cannot regain my lost inheritance, my lost self-worth. It is only by once again aligning my thoughts, words, and actions with the soul’s original qualities will I be able to feel worthy, will I be able to respect myself again. Unless I respect myself, I cannot respect others i.e. I cannot summon the powers. Without being powerful, I cannot help Baba change the world. ‘Become those who are always merged in love with the Ocean of Love’, says Baba, ‘and you will always have a right to all powers. You are souls who are loved by the Father, so become equal to the Father. Always stay in your self-respect and gives respect to every soul. Become one who uplifts everyone like the Father and transform the world.’

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