The Lord of the Poor

Baba says, ‘People celebrate the birthday of Shiva, but they cannot tell you anything about how He came or what He did.’ 

For centuries, sages and holy men have been trying to know God, to get a glimpse of God but they have failed. There have even been a few bhagats who have received a vision of their favorite deity, but the deity is not God. One can only know God through Him, when He Himself comes to give His introduction. Until then I might hear of Him from gurus who claim to know or read of Him in the scriptures but I won’t know Him until I meet Him personally, relate to Him and spend time with Him.

Baba is the Father of all souls, I feel this in my heart now. ‘You didn’t feel this during bhakti’, Baba points out, ‘here, you do because you are personally sitting in front of Him.’ He comes at this auspicious confluence age and adopts me as His own child. As a soul, I am always the child of the Supreme Soul but at this time, He comes and takes on a body to be my Father, practically. I understand from Baba that He will only come again at this time next cycle and that there is no need for Him to come at any other time. He doesn’t need to come between the golden and silver ages neither does He need to come between the copper and iron ages. He only comes at the confluence of the cycles. Why? Because, the Father is the Lord of the Poor, that is, He is the Father of the whole world which is poor and suffering. What is in His heart? I am the Lord of the Poor; everyone’s sorrow and poverty should all end.

Sorrow and poverty cannot be reduced except through knowledge.

No one can become rich just by being given clothes and food. On seeing the poor, yes, the Lord of the Poor would feel like giving them clothes but then Baba says, ‘I also understand that I am the Lord of the Poor not only for them; I am the Lord of the Poor Who purifies those who are completely impure. I am the Purifier.’ There are many in the world who can give money. In fact, they collect a lot of funds and donate to the orphanages. An orphan is one who has no lord and master, an orphan means someone who is poor. ‘You too did not have the Lord, that is, you didn’t have the Father. You too were poor because you didn’t have the knowledge’, Baba points out. The Father comes to make me wealthy forever. He teaches me Raja yoga through which I become the master of the world. There are many who are rich and who think that they are in heaven. Baba says, ‘this is not heaven, this is hell. This is an orphanage. No one here belongs to the Lord and Master.’ All of that which can be seen through these physical eyes, all the limited supports will be destroyed, Baba tells me, and so you must have unlimited disinterest in this entire old world. Baba is making me wealthy – for the new world.

When Baba has come especially to make me so wealthy, to transform me from an orphan into the master of the world, then, surely, I should want to follow His directions, His Shrimat. Lakshmi and Narayan are proof of His handiwork- they became that through this same study. This is why Raja yoga is so famous all over the world- it is the only study taught by God Himself, and it is the only study through which human beings become masters of the world! This is called easy knowledge and easy yoga. Why? On the path of bhakti, I was stumbling along for birth after birth and I received nothing. Here, I receive so much in one birth- hence, easy Raja yoga! And yet, Baba points out, this knowledge is difficult for wealthy ones. Unless I renounce the old world and all its trappings of name, fame, wealth, recognition, position and all the rest, I cannot belong to the Father.

And so the question is: ‘what is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’ If I truly consider Him as my Father, then, I will believe Him when He tells me that the old world is hell, that it is no good and turn my face toward the new world. But if I have no relationship, then, I cling on to the old. ‘Here‘, Baba says, ‘you receive strength from the Father.‘ The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul comes and establishes the path of purity. This is the path of the new world, of the golden age and the foundation for it is laid now by God Himself, the Creator the new world. Unless I know the Creator and take power from Him, I cannot become pure. Let alone at the level of thoughts and feelings but even at a gross level, it is because I receive power from God that I can live in a household and yet remain pure. Sure, there are sages in the jungle who remain pure but they do it through hatha yoga, through force which gives me no power. Baba comes and makes purity easy, He gives me power to remain pure right where I am. As I become pure, that is, let go of the vices of lust, anger, attachment, greed, and ego, I am able to enjoy my life, enjoy everyone around me, enjoy my work, everything. God says, this is the family path. I don’t ask anyone to leave their homes, relationships or responsibilities, I teach you how to do everything right.

He performs the greatest service and yet, He comes so simply in an ordinary impure body, in an impure world. Unlike physical fathers who expect their children to take care of them when they get old, the eternal Father wants nothing at all in return. Yet, some children, out of love for the Father, ask: ‘Does BapDada wear warm clothes? Maybe I can make some warm clothes for Baba to wear…’ Shiv Baba says: ‘I don’t need to wear warm clothes. I don’t feel the cold. I neither feel hungry nor thirsty. I am immune to all of that, even while doing service. I don’t eat or drink.’

Instead‘, He says, ‘become My helpers. Become pure. The Father needs the help of purity.’

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