Establishment and destruction

Baba says, ‘If destruction didn’t take place, how could the new world be created?’

Shiv Baba is the Creator and He comes into the old world to create the new world. But because of not understanding what this means, people of the world think that ‘Brahma Kumaris talk about inauspicious things’ when destruction of the old world is mentioned. ‘But unless the old world or the old house is destroyed, how would the new world or the new house be created?‘, asks Baba. There is only one world- it’s the same one that becomes old from new and is then made new again. ‘So this is good news, isn’t it?, He reasons. In fact, in bhakti too, people call out: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure’ and so they/us…everyone is asking for the same thing- the creation of a new world of peace, happiness and prosperity for all. The difference is that only a few understand what they are asking for and how Shiv Baba, God, comes and creates the new world. This is why they remain cheerful while others become afraid.

The new creation is always created by a mother and a father. Here too, God comes as the Father and He adopts (creates) the new world. He adopts souls that have become impure and degraded and through giving them sustenance, education and guidance, He makes them pure and elevated, that is, He makes them new again. He adopts me through Brahma and so Brahma becomes the mother. God also becomes my Teacher Himself and teaches me Raja Yoga through which I become the king of kings. ‘Just look at Lakshmi and Narayan’, says Baba, ‘they too became that through this study. The same applies to you.’ He teaches me about myself, the soul, including what kind of a soul I am, my qualities, my powers. He teaches me about Who He is and explains how, as His child, every one of His praise is mine. So, since He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, I have to be the same. Since He is the Ocean of Peace and the Ocean of Love, I too should be the same. God also becomes my Satguru; in fact, only He can be called the Guru. Why? because only He can grant souls salvation, no human being can.

Salvation is in the golden age‘, says Baba. When you follow God’s directions, that is, His Shrimat, you receive limitless happiness now and in the future. God is the Father, the Creator of Heaven and so He would surely make me, His child, the master of that heaven. Why would my own Father give me sorrow? It is Ravan, that is, the five vices that cause me limitless sorrow and therefore, it is the Ravan who is the enemy. But because of a lack of knowledge, that is, understanding, people in the world have embraced the vices and forgotten the Father. God comes and reminds me of who I am, Whose I am and teaches me how to defeat Ravan and claim my inheritance. Once I receive the light of knowledge from God, once He has got me going on my spiritual pilgrimage, He expects me to help my brothers and sisters get on theirs. ‘You are on Godly service, the service of making the world heaven by making everyone viceless’, He explains. We are an army and God, as my Commander, is teaching me how to battle Ravan. ‘You will conquer him and become like a diamond’, He assures me, ‘you have to have this courage and intoxication.’

This, is the Mahabharata war He is talking about, not the one shown in the scriptures! God wouldn’t teach me violence!, He is here to stop the violence and establish the religion of non-violence. He arms me with spiritual weapons, the powers, to defeat Ravan. He says, ‘Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.’ In other words, He asks me to remain soul conscious. When I am, then I automatically operate on the basis of my original qualities of purity, peace, happiness, wisdom and thereby, make my inner world, heaven. When I transform, I cannot help but relate my experience to others and inspire transformation in them too. Baba says, ‘Give the Father’s introduction and connect their intellects in yoga to Him.’ I do this not through words- people have been hearing lectures since the copper age; now, they need to see practical proof. To become that proof, that sample of the Father’s work, is the greatest glorification of the Father, the greatest help I can give Him.

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