Godly success through the right method

Baba says, ‘Those people with occult powers show temporary miracles whereas you achieve Godly success by using the right method.’

When I follow the right method, there is always success. Not only is the task accomplished but I also receive power through it. There are other ways to achieve success too, however. I can have someone else perform the task on my behalf- then too the task might be accomplished but I don’t receive as much power because I didn’t follow the right method. Some people wander toward those with occult powers for quick resolution of issues they are facing but occult power is impressive only for a temporary period, until the spell lasts. If the person leaves or the spell weakens, I lose my success; it’s dependent success.

At this confluence age, God, my Father comes to make me successful by teaching me the right method or the right principles to do anything. This is why I become an embodiment of success not just for the present time but for the whole cycle. Just as God is eternal, so too the Godly methods and their success is eternal. The main principle, for example, that I learn at this time is that of purity. I become pure by staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance where I first learn about and then consider myself a soul and connect with the Father, the Supreme Soul. Through His remembrance, my sins are absolved and I become good as new! Even while living in the household, God’s remembrance gives me the power to remain pure, not just celibate but completely pure- in my thoughts, words, deeds, vision, attitude… everything. Through following His directions for my life, I make it a righteous life and a life means for all time, not just for sometime.

Sannyasis too become pure but they don’t become pure through the right method, through the Godly method; they become pure through hatha yoga or force. Many employ drugs to cool down their sense organs and attain peace and purity. This might seem like success but it gives them no power because it is dependent on something external. When the drugs weaken, so does the purity. Also, they remain pure in a jungle away from the world, they lack the knowledge or the power to remain pure in the midst of the world because they never did follow the right method. And so, while I become the master of the world, while I experience self-sovereignty, while I experience liberation-in-life by breaking away all the bondages, they achieve none of this. They continue to thirst for liberation, they continue to long to be taken away from the world so that they can find lasting peace and freedom. Baba says, ‘running away is not freedom; true freedom comes from learning to perform pure activities.’ While they continue to look for peace, I learn from God that peace is my very nature, the garland around my neck. I learn from Him how to simply touch base with my true self and thereby experience my own peace.

Once I learn the right method, no one can stop me from attaining success and neither can anyone take that success away from me at any time. I have claimed it permanently. And so Baba, at this confluence age, teaches me to become an embodiment of each and every point of knowledge that He gives me. To become an embodiment is to claim it and make it mine forever. It becomes my natural sanskar. This is the journey I am on, it is a pilgrimage, He tells me, where I am purified. And the memorial of this on the path of bhakti is that devotees observe purity for the few days that they undertake physical pilgrimages. They however return from those pilgrimages and go right back to their old ways; I, on the other hand don’t return to the old world from my pilgrimage, I go home with the Father and then come to the new world, having transformed into a deity.

‘So is this a miracle you achieve through staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance?’, Baba asks. No, it is not. Miracles are temporary, that’s what is achieved through occult power. Here, it is not a question of miracles, I follow Shrimat. I don’t chant mantras to bring forth miraculous powers; rather, I become powerful through following Shrimat. I follow Godly directions and learn the right way of doing things; that transformation that I bring about with help from God is what gives me power and confidence. In the beginning of my journey, I had to speak a great deal to get anything done. As I’ve made progress, I notice that I don’t need to speak as much. Later, Baba says, your thoughts will have enough power to carry out a task. You will be able to inspire anyone simply through your thoughts. Even though I may be far away from them, I will be able to touch their intellect through the power of purity of my thought and inspire them to act. But I will do all this not as a ‘miracle’ but as service through my mind for world benefit.

But for me to get there, Baba says, I will need to get all other things out of my intellect and only keep His shrimat there; nothing else should be mixed in it. Wasteful and ordinary thoughts are not shrimat, He points out, they are dictates of your own mind. So when you have such an intellect in which there is nothing but shrimat, you will then receive the powers, He tells me. This is why there is so much praise of the Shaktis, He explains, it is because you carried out your duty of world service at this time in the corporeal form using the powers you attained through Shrimat. This is why there is a greater awareness of the duties and memorials of the Shaktis. Day by day, there will be less and less memorials and worship of the form of deities, while the worship and praise of the Shaktis will increase, He explains. You will be revealed while being praised in this way. And when the Shaktis are revealed, Shiv, is revealed through them.

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