Make this the year of tapasya

Baba says, ‘Tapasya means that whatever thought you have, it will be filled with determination. Tapasya means concentration and determination.’

All children have the same elevated aim, Baba points out: to become equal to the Father. The aim is powerful but the difference comes when it’s time to put the aim into action. Some children remain stable in the stage of being equal at the level of thoughts, some even stay stable in their thoughts and words, sometimes, they even reach action but things fall apart, He observes, when it comes to relationships and connections. Whether it is relationships for service or even relationships with the family, that’s where the percentage is reduced. To become equal to the Father, Baba explains, means to remain in the stage equal to the Father in thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships at the same time. This is a rosary, He reminds me. It isn’t enough to be ready, that is, equal to the Father individually, the beads have to be close together to form a rosary.

And so Baba says: use this as a year of Tapasya to become equal to the Father in all four areas. This, is true surrender. To allow myself to not get along with people, to allow myself to be irritated or frustrated with them, or with my own sanskars, or have preferences of whom I want to work with and whom I’d rather avoid etc., -this, Baba says, is not surrender. This is living life the old way. Tapasya means to use the heat of determination to become strong and mature, He explains. Have the determined thought that no matter what, I will become a conqueror of obstacles and embodiment of solutions.

Repeatedly have a spiritual conversation with yourself with the tapasya of determination, He says. Remind yourself of the aim of being equal to the Father, remind yourself of who you are and when you have the realization, then come into action in your re-incarnated form, He says. At this time of the confluence age, it’s not just the re-incarnation of the Father, but the transformation of a soul is also celebrated as a new birth, as a re-incarnation, He says. The thing that helps with this a lot is that you have to especially increase the stock of pure thoughts by being introverted, He explains. When pure thoughts increase, waste thoughts end and my pure thoughts bring about transformation in others. If they are angry, they will calm down; if they are irresponsible, they will become aware; if they are prone to gossip, they will learn to become introverted. When you don’t like something about someone, don’t distance yourself from them, rather inspire them to change, He says.

There isn’t a greater treasure of pure thoughts than in the Murli. To churn and become an embodiment of every point is to accumulate power within myself. I was body conscious for half a cycle and those sanskars continue to bother me when it comes to thoughts, words, actions and relationships and connections. I have just this short time to replace those sanskars with the pure sanskars. Baba says, ‘practice is needed over a long period of time…in this short period of time.’ In other words, no time to waste. And so my practice cannot be careless, it has to be with determination and concentration. This, is tapasya, He explains, it is to practice with determination and concentration. Anything ordinary would not be called tapasya. Use this year to accumulate within yourself all the eight powers, make yourself full of all the treasures, He says. Because soon, He explains, it will be time to become bestowers and bestowers of blessings to give everyone in a short time. So use this time to become full.

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