Being a trikaldarshi

Baba says, ‘The children who are knowledge-full and trikaldarshi never get upset.’ 

When I am watching a thriller, I squirm in my seat when I don’t know what’s going to happen next: ‘Will he die or will he get through this!’ But if I already know the plot, then others squirm while I sit back and relax. There are no questions or worry, I already know.

At this most auspicious confluence age, God comes and reveals to me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world drama. In other words, He reveals to me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of my story. I am originally a pure deity soul, the master of heaven for half a cycle, then mid-way, I forget who I am and fall prey to the vices. The world descends to being hell as a consequence of my descension. Now, He has come to remind me of who I am and enable me and the world to return to our original glory.

When I continue to spin this discus of self-realization in my mind throughout the day, that is, remain in this awareness of my elevated part in the drama, then I remain constantly carefree and happy. But when I lose this awareness, then I get caught up in the current scenes of the drama which may not be as good. Because of the lost perspective, I look at just these few isolated scenes and decide I don’t like the whole story: ‘This is just my karma!’, ‘this happens to me all the time’ etc. No, my karma is excellent! I am one of a chosen handful of souls that become self-sovereigns and then world sovereigns, the masters of heaven! The other billions of souls don’t even know what heaven is but I do, I used to live there! Sure I stumbled a bit along the way and now, there are a few things I need to settle. So there will be a few insults, a few betrayals, maybe an illness, maybe a loss in finances…but so what! God is here now, he has adopted me and made me belong to Him practically. He calls me the jewel of His eye! He has taken responsibility for me and is saying: ‘simply follow My shrimat and let me take care of all your burdens.’ Not just does He take care of me now but He is once again establishing heaven for me and by following His shrimat, I become the master of heaven!

When I can stay in this awareness then all I can say is: ‘wah drama wah!’, ‘wah my fortune wah!’. There are no more questions or complaints, just a full-stop.

Similarly, when I am a knower of the three aspects of time, I also pay attention to every thought, word and action before I think, speak or act. I no longer go along with any random thought that drops into my head, don’t just speak whatever ‘I feel like’, or do whatever ‘I want to’. I now know that at this time in the drama, there is transformation happening- this is the only time when I ascend to my original stage of a completely viceless, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely righteous soul. God Himself is here and is giving me directions for how to think, speak and act. When I am clued in, that is, when I am aware, I follow His directions without mixing into it my own dictates. I don’t say: ‘one has to know the news of the world…’ and then proceed to read the paper page by page. I don’t say: ‘one does have to compromise a little in this world, give and take a few bribes…’. I don’t justify my anger with: ‘I didn’t mean to get angry but the situation was such that I couldn’t help it’. I don’t get careless in my journey and think: ‘no one is perfect yet, everyone does this, not a big deal…’ This is not being sensible, says Baba. The main qualification of a sensible person is to be trikaldarshi and the know the three aspects of time in advance before doing anything. I will ask myself: ‘is this thought/word/action becoming of who I am and of this present time?’, ‘is it elevated, for world benefit or is it going to bring me down?’

Sometimes, I become trikaldarshi in the wrong way. As soon as something happens, I think: ‘what to do, it happened like this last kalpa, it is happening now and it will continue to happen..’ This is the wasteful way of being trikaldarshi, points out Baba. The right way is to have the awareness that I was victorious in the last kalpa and I will be victorious once again. Then, on the basis of this faith, whatever actions I perform will not be wasteful or unsuccessful. So rather than curse myself after the fact, let me be a spinner of the discus and do everything based on the faith of who I am and the three aspects of time.

And so Baba says, ‘The children who are knowledge-full and trikaldarshi never get upset.’  Because when I am trikaldarshi, I am already victorious. I am working from a place of victory rather than for victory. When the questions of ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ come, they come along with answers! So there is a full-stop. I am the fortunate soul, the child of God, who knows the past and the future. I am the Brahmin soul who is to become an angel and then deity. It is a question of today and tomorrow. Nothing new!

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