Fulfilling the responsibility of love

Baba says, ‘Many know how to love, but only a few know how to fulfil the responsibility of love and this is why you are a handful out of many.’

To fulfill the responsibility of love means that the one I love is my world, says Baba, there should be no other soul. To fulfill a responsibility means to do it fully and completely– even in my thoughts, there should be no other soul. It’s a high destination indeed, says Baba, not everyone is able to reach there, only a handful do.

All children have passed in the subject of having love for the Father but they become numberwise in fulfilling the responsibility of love. All have one aim but the qualifications are different. Everyone says that the Father is their world but when it comes to practical life, this is not the case, He observes. To make the Father my world is to have all relationships with Him alone. But if I have 75% relationship with the Father and 25% with another soul, then too, Baba says, I cannot be in the list of those who fulfill their responsibility. No matter what the situations of my mind, body or those in connection with me are like, don’t remember any soul even in your thoughts, He teaches. Some say: ‘He is a jealous God..’ but God has no jealousy, that is a vice. Rather, this direction to not remember anyone else has more to do with the deep philosophy of Karma. When I have the awareness of any soul even in my thoughts, then an account is created of that second; this is the time to settle, not create new accounts. It is only with God that I cannot create negative karma; besides, He is the Ocean of Love, my Father, my eternal Beloved; wouldn’t I rather remember Him anyway?

Whatever relationship I forge with anyone else- brother, sister, friend, whatever- then because it is distributed, that relationship with the One would be definitely reduced and with that, my attainment. This is why I then have trouble having yoga because I end up remembering that soul rather than Baba. Those who fulfill the responsibility of love are lost in love, they have completely lost all awareness of their bodies and relationships of their bodies. They are angels, explains Baba.

You can only become an angel when you remain strong under any type of compulsion, He says. Brahma baba demonstrated this in his practical life and became the first angel of God. No matter what the opposition from inside or outside the family, He remained steadfast with the Father. There were many who advised him: ‘let go of this need for purity and things will settle down; you will also have many more followers.’ but baba never wavered from God’s direction. When there were crises, including lack of food to feed the children, he still didn’t go knocking on doors of ‘brothers’ or ‘friends’; he trusted the Father of the children to come through. ‘He is in-charge‘, he said confidently and faithfully, ‘I am just the instrument.; He will take care’ and indeed He did take care.

Baba says, ‘The Father has promised those who fulfil the responsibility of love that He will also continue to fulfil the responsibility of love in order for any problem to be overcome right until the end.  But when I don’t have this promise of the Father in my awareness, I panic and seek the support of someone else. There is praise of the Father, not of anyone else that He is the One Who makes everything difficult easy. So at the time of need, follow Brahma baba and rely on the Father, not on any brother or sister, teaches Baba.

Sometimes, I don’t forge new relationships but the ones I have bother me. Someone I trusted betrayed me or caused me a loss. If I hold on to it in my heart, then my heart is no longer available for God. I lose connection with Him and have yoga with that soul. Not only did they cause me sorrow once but now, I allow them to hurt me continuously. Again, I make my account of Karma deeper. Maybe I go to Baba and He gives me the signal: ‘forgive and let go’ but I have trouble applying that direction. Rather I fume and think: ‘what Baba!? after all they did to me, You want me to forgive them? do You not care about me anymore…’ If Baba is my world, and I say that He is my one Trust and one Support, then why do I have trouble trusting the support He is giving me? He is asking me to forgive them not for them, but for me. He is asking me to break free of that bondage, that cage and become liberated.

And so Baba says, ‘let there be true love in the heart for the one Father and Maya will be destroyed.’ I have died alive and taken a new birth and adopted new sanskars, so there shouldn’t be any subservience to the old sanskars of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, etc. When I have a loving intellect for the one Father, then Baba says, I will finish for all time the old accounts of weaknesses, lack of power and sensitive nature from within. If I don’t and let it hang on inside me, then it becomes firmer and harder to get rid of. Don’t put aside the sparkling costume of light for the sake of the old, worn out costume, says Baba. Let go and become free. As far as any loss, when I follow His shrimat, that is, when I fulfill my responsibility of love for Him, He will make the wrong right.

He is the eternal Flame and I am the moth. I can dance around Him or I can have the courage to fly in and fulfill the responsibility of love. Those who fly in attain everything.

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