I fulfill your pure desires

Baba says, ‘I fulfil all of those pure desires of yours.’

Right now, it is Ravan’s kingdom over this unlimited island of the world, says Baba. Everyone is in the jail or the cottage of sorrow, waiting for Rama to come and take them away from to a place of comfort and rest. This place of comfort and rest is the same as the place of peace and happiness, it is the golden age or the new world. Only the Father can grant this salvation to devotees, no guru or priest or any other human being for that matter can protect and rescue human beings. Only Shiv Baba, God, is the Protector of devotees, only He comes and gives all His children the inheritance of the new world. He comes as the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, and also becomes the Lawyer because He frees me from m the punishment of the demons of death. No one goes to jail in the golden age, the Father frees everyone from jail.

And so Baba says, ‘all the pure desires of the children are now being fulfilled by the Father.’ When my pure desire to be liberated-in-life is fulfilled, I become happy for all time. An impure desire, Baba explains, is to become impure and vicious. ‘Become pure and become the masters of the heaven’, He teaches me. Only the one Father can make me pure from impure. Even sages and holy men are born through vice but deities are not. There are no vices in the new world; it is a pure world. Lakshmi and Narayan are completely viceless and Bharat too was then pure. Where there is purity, that is in the golden age, there is also peace and prosperity. Since the kingdom of Ravan began, souls have been coming down and now, they are worth nothing. Having lost all their purity, they have become completely unreligious, unrighteous, fighting and quarrelling amongst each other. ‘You are now becoming like a diamond through the Father‘, says Baba.

‘I teach you Raja Yoga to make you into the king of kings, the masters of heaven!’, He reminds me. You now have the aim and objective in your intellect, so now imbibe this knowledge well and claim your full inheritance. Only in heaven can there be rest and comfort, so now become the master of heaven. As long as you are impure, you can only be restless. The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav! consider yourselves souls and remember the Father and all your sins will be absolved.’, this is the only mantra I give you and the only one you need to claim your kingdom.

But many have a hard time accepting this direction to remain pure. They become upset and say: ‘How can I remain pure? I’ve never heard this before. Even sannyasis cannot remain pure at home, that’s why they leave home.’ They have a hard time believing because they don’t know that it is the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Who is teaching here. They say: ‘show me a scripture where it says that Shiv Baba enters the body of Brahma!’ Well, it is in the Gita: ‘I enter an ordinary, mature body. He doesn’t know his own births.’ God says: ‘I have come in an impure body to show you the path. Now, constantly remember Me alone and only follow My directions.’ God gives me good directions through which I become elevated whereas Ravan gives me bad directions through which I become degraded.

Some say that God is janijananhaar, that He knows everything inside everyone but Baba says, ‘what need do I have to know what’s in each one’s heart? If someone doesn’t remain pure and tells lies, he only causes himself a loss. So you must have mercy on yourself and study well.’

This is a race for souls, says Baba, those who remember Him more will become masters more quickly. This is a race of yoga and studying. Those who claim number one will receive the prize or scholarship of world sovereignty! It is a high destination but the reward is also high. Previously on the path of bhakti, I didn’t even know that I could become the master of heaven. The Father comes at this most auspicious confluence age and instills this pure desire in my heart. Baba says: ‘I have now come to fulfil your desire for heaven. Now instill in your intellects the desire to go to heaven. Study this study well and show everyone this path. Become sticks for the blind and enable this message to reach every home.

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