Become egoless and incorporeal like the Father

Baba says, ‘Become egoless and incorporeal like the Father and help everyone.

The aim of this study is to awaken my truth, that is, to become a satopradhan deity. The process is incognito, it’s a transformation that happens in silence, internally. There is no external show, no prizes that are handed out; I do myself a favor and claim my birthright. It requires therefore that I remain incorporeal and egoless. Only when I consider myself a pure soul, a child of God will I be interested in this study and eager to claim my birthright; if I am body conscious, then I will be caught up in expectations, in ‘what I deserve’, in ‘proving’ myself, in ‘winning’ etc. And so Baba says, ‘follow Mother and Father and become incorporeal and egoless.’

The Father is the greatest Server because He remains so egoless. The one He enters is also egoless. Prajapita Brahma has so many children and yet his behavior is so simple; it is like that of an older person at home. Shiv Baba is the incorporeal One, He is egoless and He is incognito. He doesn’t feel that He should have great external show. When there is external show for someone, everyone comes to know about that person, their name is glorified. The Father says: ‘All of those are customs and systems of the iron-aged, body conscious people.’ Here, He simply comes and goes in silence. Baba always says: ‘No one should come to the station to welcome me. There should be no chaos. The Father says: Let Me remain incognito. Only in this way is there pleasure.’

Baba is the Highest-on-High and yet His activity is like that of the poorest of the poor. The Father is the Lord of the Poor and He only comes to meet the poor. Wealthy people of the iron age only go to meet famous, well-known people, but the incorporeal One loves poor people. He gives me a handful of knowledge so that I can become wealthy forever. It is difficult, Baba points out, for wealthy ones to remain on this path, they don’t have time nor do they care for this path of knowledge. They believe they already are in heaven. They interact with and help the government i.e. people in authority a lot to gain influence; they thereby become even more well-known because of that. They also give donations to charity and for that too, their names gets published in the papers. Here, Baba says, when a poor person donates something, it should be published in the papers. They, like Sudama, give a handful and receive a palace in return.

The Father is indeed the Lord of the Poor. He meets everyone! He doesn’t need to meet those who consider themselves already wealthy, He comes to make the poor ones wealthy. The Father is incognito. Only the poor claim their inheritance from the Father as they did in the previous cycle – through faith in the Father, in what He is telling them about their fortune and based on that faith, simple obedience. The wealthy on the other hand are unable to obey because they are caught up in: ‘what if this isn’t true after all?’, ‘what will everyone else think of me?’, ‘what if I am shunned by the society I am part of?’ etc. What’s more, the Father comes in an ordinary body and this too makes the wealthy uncomfortable to meet Him because they don’t want to be seen around ‘ordinary’ people. Even those who come and become children become confused along the way and start to say and spread wrong things.

They say, ‘surely God must be incorporeal‘. He is, so they are right about that. But surely, the incorporeal One must need a chariot i.e. a body to perform His activities! Otherwise, does He give the knowledge through inspiration, does He sustain the children through inspiration? In that case, why would anyone need to become degraded in the first place? No!, Shiv Baba too is bound in the drama and comes to play His role only once in the cycle at this auspicious confluence age. He sits in the body of Brahma and explains the knowledge to me, practically. But many become arrogant along the way, they open a couple of centers, Baba says, and then start to think that they too are as good as Brahma, that they don’t need Brahma and can have a direct connection with Shiv Baba. Baba says, ‘let go of this ego of body consciousness. When there is ego, only rubbish comes out.’ I am sitting here in the form of the Teacher, He says, how will I explain without the corporeal? In the scriptures, they mention that the demons created obstacles by throwing a lot of rubbish into the sacrificial fire of Rudra; that rubbish refers to the wasteful things that get said now, explains Baba.

They sing of the Creator who comes wrapped in a quilt (the One who sits in someone else’s body). Quite literally, the Father sits wrapped in the quilt of Brahma even in the cold. No one knows this Purifier Father, His greatness, His egolessness. He comes and makes so much effort night and day on purifying the children. He enables me to surrender my body, mind and wealth and create my own fortune for the new kingdom. When I imbibe this knowledge fully, I become the true Narayan from an ordinary human. Once He has made me this, the Father simply returns and stays at home; He has no desire to rule in the new kingdom that He establishes. He is happy to see the children happy and it is the same with Brahma baba. He too always put the children first and went on to become the #1 victorious soul. Even when he did the work, he hid himself and sent the children forward.

Baba says, ‘let go of all attachments to the body and bodily relations and simply remember Me alone’. I can only do that when I am in the awareness of who I truly am, a pure soul. Then, I don’t need or want anything. I already have what I needed: my identity of who I am and belonging, to the one Father. So rather than take, I am keen to give to others what I have received from the Father. I want to tell everyone the secret: ‘we aren’t each other’s enemies, we are all children of the same Father and Mother. It is Ravan who has been robbing us blind for half the cycle. He is our collective enemy. Come, join the army of God so that we can help Him destroy the kingdom of Ravan and establish the kingdom of Rama, of heaven.’

And so, to be incorporeal is both the first and last lesson. Along that journey that starts with knowing that I am an incorporeal soul to making that my natural consciousness, I become egoless.

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