Real silence

Baba says, ‘To remember the Father is real silence whereas the rest is artificial.’

The power of silence is the most elevated power. When someone is tired of doing something, they prefer to sit quietly for a few minutes; they want to experience silence. Those few minutes refreshes them and then they feel ready to resume their task. Silence enables focus and concentration, it enables me to think clearly, experience a sense of peace and calm. In fact, the thing that people crave the most in the world today is real silence, a little peace because they understand that in peace is embedded happiness and contentment. They try to achieve silence through external means. They say: ‘two minutes dead silence’ in a classroom, for example. But while there may be silence externally, the intellect continues to wander in those two minutes. ‘Not a single one‘, Baba points out, ‘can maintain true silence.

Only when I am in remembrance of Baba, is it real silence, is it true peace, says Baba. This is the real peace that gives instant fruit, the other is false. Why? because I am not even aware of the original religion of the self. The self also does not know about it’s Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and so who else can give me peace and power? The Father, the Ocean of Peace, is the only One Who is the Bestower of Peace for the whole world. They try to have peace conferences where they discuss military diplomacy; they think by surrendering weapons, there will be peace. But the problem, Baba points out, was never the weapons, it is the peacelessness and anger in the souls. Unless that root is addressed, there cannot be peace in the world. At this time, only God can establish peace in the world and He comes at this auspicious confluence age to establish the land of peace and happiness.

The power of silence now has to be known and experienced in an even deeper way. The more powerful you become with this power, the more you will continue to experience the importance and greatness of the power of silence.’, He says. In this world of sound, I find it easy to come into sound but the Father teaches me that the power of silence is much greater than the power of words. The facilities of the power of silence are also elevated – they are pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes. I use the power of words to give the introduction of the Father to souls but it is only with the power of silence and through the language of the eyes that I can give the experience of the Father to souls. Through silence, I can clearly show the sparkling image of the self and of the Father in the center of my forehead. I might use words to describe the pilgrimage of remembrance but through silence, my face, Baba says, will automatically give others the experience of the different stages of remembrance. At that time, they will experience the seed stage or they will feel that they are experiencing the angelic stage or they will automatically experience a variety of virtues from my powerful face. ‘This is what real silence can achieve‘, says Baba. With words, I can only reach those who can hear me but with the power of real silence, I can reach souls who are far away. ‘This is also what is known as the power of yoga‘, teaches Baba, ‘through which I can transform the attitudes and vision of souls.’

But just as the instruments of science will only work when there is an accurate connection with the main station, in the same way, only when I have a clear connection with the Ocean of Peace can I experience the power of silence. And so the Father says: ‘Children, become bodiless, consider yourselves to be souls. You are imperishable. Sit in the original religion of the self.‘ No one else other than Supreme Soul can say this because no one else talks to souls.

The basis of bodilessness is solitude and introspection. To be in solitude means to stabilize myself in any one powerful stage. ‘Stabilize yourself in the seed stage, stabilize yourself in the stage of a lighthouse and a might-house, through the angelic stage, give others the experience of the subtle stage’, teaches Baba. If I were to concentrate on this stage for even a second or a minute, then this stage for even a minute can give me and others a lot of benefit. ‘You just need to practice this’, says Baba. ‘Do you follow traffic control?’, He asks. This too is a system of Brahmins, this too is a discipline that has to be followed. So by keeping the aim of practicing remaining in solitude, with deep love in the heart, find time to do this, He instructs. In those couple of minutes of traffic control, let me check my thoughts – are they connecting me with the Father, or are they wasteful or ordinary thoughts? Let me stabilize myself in one of the powerful stages and charge myself up. Those few minutes are a critical investment that sets me up for the next hour.

Only when I maintain a stable and powerful stage constantly can I be an instrument of service for Baba. So now, according to the time, there is a need for this practice, He says. Although you have all facilities for service, there is still a need for you to serve with the power of silence because the power of silence is the power that gives an experience. Mostly, with the power of words, the arrow only reaches the head, whereas the arrow of experience reaches the heart, He teaches. So now, accumulate this power of real silence and become an instrument that gives other souls the experience of the Father and the inheritance.

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