Trustees will follow shrimat

Baba says, ‘Those who are trustees will follow shrimat.’

To become a trustee is not like going to your aunty’s home!’, says Baba. There are many in the world who outwardly say that everything they have has been given to them by God and yet they become ill when someone dies or there is a loss. When they receive something, they become happy and when they lose something, they cry. ‘Since nothing is yours, why does it matter?’, asks Baba.

And so, it requires faith to become a trustee. I need faith that the cycle continues to turn and therefore this world has to change; I am going to the land of happiness and I need to have the super-sensuous joy of this knowledge. But to even have faith in this knowledge, I need faith in the One Who is giving me this knowledge; that this is God Himself, that this is the Creator Who has the knowledge of the whole creation. When I have faith, then I understand that there is no sense in being attached to this body and anything related to the body- the roles, the relations, the titles and possessions. Why? because, if a new land of happiness is being established, then surely, everything here will be turned to dust. There is only one world that becomes both heaven and hell. It is now hell and God is here telling me that He is establishing heaven.

Okay, so I get that the world is changing but how do I get past the attachments I’ve had for so long? I’ve received security and happiness, however temporary, from them for all this time. Do I leave it all, walk away? No, says Baba. ‘You are not sannyasis to walk away’, He reminds me. The Father explains: ‘My sweet children, become trustees so that your attachment can be removed.‘ This is what Brahma baba did; he didn’t leave anything, he brought everything with him but offered it all to God, for the service of God’s children. Shiv Baba then made Brahma the trustee of it all, His #1 instrument for service. And so He says, ‘follow father. Become trustees like Brahma baba and look after everything.’

He is the Purifier, it’s what He does. ‘You called out to Me: I longer want to live in this impure world. Take me to the pure world! Take me back with You!’, He reminds me. ‘But you didn’t understand the meaning of what you were asking.’ When the Purifier comes, the bodies definitely have to die, only then can He take the souls back with Him. When I have this understanding of the Father’s duty that He is here to carry out, then the sensible and wise thing to do is to hand over everything ‘mine’, including the body, to Him so that He can purify it and transfer it all to the new world. Baba says, ‘You give me all your old things, your worthless possessions and receive everything new- new body, new relationships- in the new world. Make me your Trustee and follow my Shrimat.’ The wise person thus lets go of all temporary attachments and attaches His intellect only to the Father.There should be love for just the One, He is the only one you should remember’, He says.

And so the mantra is: ‘Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’. To become the trustee is to become the child. When I make the Father my Trustee or Child in this one birth, He makes me His heir for the whole cycle. ‘Simply follow My directions‘, He teaches, ‘you may go abroad, do your business, do anything you want but simply follow My directions. You have to remain cautious, Maya will repeatedly make you fall but you mustn’t commit any sins. Follow shrimat at every step and become elevated.’ But to be able to follow His shrimat, that first step of becoming a trustee or child is foundational. Little children have no trouble obeying their father, they are happy to have him take charge and simply hold his hand and follow him. They don’t ‘own’ anything and so in a sense, they are ‘poor’ and happily so! Similarly, unless I transfer myself and everything ‘mine‘ to Him, and go from being a householder to a little child, I will have trouble following shrimat. I will continue to think of ‘my child’, ‘my husband/wife’, ‘my responsibilities’, ‘my money’. Now God says: ‘Give everything to Me. I will exchange it for you. I promise that when you follow Shrimat, I will make you so elevated.’ The pictures of Lakshmi and Narayan are proof! They became that through following His shrimat, through studying Raja Yoga from Him. Those who built the Lakshmi and Narayan temples themselves don’t know how Lakshmi and Narayan became so wealthy. The Father now explains: ‘The ‘poor ones’ who give everything to the Father here will become wealthy there. Everything of the ‘wealthy ones’ is to turn to dust.

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