Being generous-hearted

Baba says, ‘Generous-hearted children are generous like Baba, the Innocent Lord. They continue to benefit others. They have an interest in making donations.’

The basis of support for service means an image who uplifts the self and uplifts everyone else. To the extent that I am an image that uplifts the self, I will become an instrument to uplift everyone else. To uplift means to do service. But to achieve success as an image of support and an image of upliftment for the world, I need the specialty of being generous-hearted. To be generous-hearted, Baba teaches, means to constantly have a generous and big heart for every task.

Be generous-hearted, Baba says, in making everyone move forward with your good wishes for everyone: ‘whatever is yours is mine and whatever is mine is yours.’ I can do this because at the end of the day, everything belongs to the one Father. And so, I don’t get stuck in the limited ‘I and mine’- I did this, this is my idea, I deserve credit, this is my project etc. Everything is the Father’s and so everything is mine already. When I am generous-hearted, I become a child with rights. The more generous-hearted I am, the more rights I claim. And so Baba says, be generous-hearted in having this unlimited attitude.

To have a generous-heart is to have the heart of a bestower. ‘Have a generous heart in being the great donor of virtues, powers and specialties that you have attained from the Father‘, says Baba. To donate the wealth of knowledge with words is not a big thing, but I have to donate virtues and become co-operative in giving virtues. To make someone virtuous with your own virtues, to be co-operative in filling souls with specialties is what it is to be a great donor and generous-hearted. To be so generous-hearted, to have such a generous heart is called ‘following Father Brahma’.

Such generous-hearted souls will have three particular signs, explains Baba. They will always be free from – jealousy, dislike and criticism (or taunting). This is what it means to be generous-hearted, He explains. Jealousy distresses me, and also distresses others. Just as anger is referred to as a fire, similarly, jealousy also works like a small fire. It burns me from the inside and affects others too. Dislike will not allow me to experience having pure and positive thoughts for others or for the self, explains Baba. Dislike means to make the self fall and also to make others fall. In the same way, to criticize – whether as a joke or seriously- causes sorrow in such a way that it is as though I push the one I criticize as they move along. It means to kick them. When someone trips me up and I fall, then, because I am hurt, either lightly or seriously, I lose courage. I continually keep thinking about my hurt and as long as I am hurt, I will keep remembering the one that hurt me in one way or the other. This is a big karmic account, this is no ordinary thing, explains Baba.

When I have a limited heart, it’s mine vs yours, there is body conscious comparison and competition and as a result, there are all the related feelings of jealousy, dislike and criticism. But when I have a big heart, I experience everything to be mine and everyone to be mine. We are all brothers, children of the same Father and so there is no competition, just giving and sharing. Therefore, says Baba, when someone has a generous heart, they experience an abundance of success in every task whether with the body, mind, wealth or relations. There is great benefit. On the other hand, those with a small heart never have a overflowing treasure-store or kitchen. I may have big ideas but because I consider them ‘my ideas’, service companions who might even want to help me will then cite ‘circumstances’ and back off. This is therefore not known as a having a big heart, explains Baba.

Generous-hearted children are generous like Baba, the Innocent Lord. They keep giving to any task of the yagya- big or small- generously because they experience it to be the Father’s task and therefore their task. They give their bones to this sacrificial fire like Dadichi Rishi did. Only those who donate at this time accumulate charity.

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